Digg is to Slashdot, as Reddit is to Kuro5hin

    March 29, 2006

After very careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my current understanding of Digg and Reddit can be expressed in the form of an SAT analogy and terms of a pair of “community” sites from the previous generation.

Digg is to Slashdot, as Reddit is to Kuro5hin

Yeah, I kinda gave it away in the title of this post, didn’t I?

Oh, well.

Now, I suppose you want evidence for this odd claim.

Unfortunately, a lot of it boils down to qualitative things: the “feel” of each site and the type of content that surfaces there most often. Slashdot and Digg are tech heavy, while Kuro5hin and Reddit seem to cast a wider net that captures more of science and culture (and occasionally some politics).

Slashdot and Digg both drive a lot of traffic and experience a lot of churn, while Kuro5hin and Reddit are a bit more stable and have smaller (but by no means “small”) audiences.

See also: Because You Asked which takes a cursory look at one site’s experience appearing on both.

Thoughts? What other similarities do you see, assuming you’ve been a user of or participant in each of them for a non-trivial amount of time?

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