Digg Cuts A Couple of Features

Subtraction as Improvement

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Digg has decided to do away with a couple features, namely Digg Podcasts and Digg Spy. As Daniel Burka at Digg The Blog notes, subtraction can sometimes be a form of improvement, and Digg believes this is the case here. He writes:

The podcasts section experiment started almost two years ago. At the time, podcasts were relatively new and we saw them as a unique medium – different enough from audio or video to warrant a separate and custom-designed section of the site. That section was developed to differentiate between each ‘episode’ and the parent ‘show’, which could be ranked over a long period of time. Unfortunately, as we all learned, the podcasts section stagnated because the top shows dominated and there was little activity. This shortcoming is one reason that the podcasts section is used by less than a thousand people on a regular basis.

The podcast section has been rolled into the videos section, but what about Digg Spy?

Digg Spy is a feature that lets users view user activity as it happens, which once let users discover new content and other users as they were active. "As Digg grew, Digg Spy became less and less representative of the breadth of activity on the site," says Burka. "We began showing ever-smaller percentages of the activity on the site in order to keep the stream from becoming a blur. Thus, Digg Spy became less informative."

Big Spy

They still have a feature that they later added to Digg Labs called Big Spy (pictured above), which is basically a bigger and better version of Digg Spy, which pretty much rendered it useless, hence its pending removal.

Look for Digg to do away with these features over the next week or so. Will they be missed? I can’t say I used either much, but how about you?

Digg Cuts A Couple of Features
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  • Guest

    Who fucking cares – this is a stupid article.

  • http://bankaholic.blogspot.com/ Heartlander

    Who the hell actually listens to podcasts??

    I jumped on the bandwagon early, but in time we noticed that thousands of people promoted their "weekly" efforts, only to die off a few months in when it brought no listeners, income, or anything else.

  • http://www.idoblogs.com Brandon

    I didn’t know these features existed. Man, I’m going to miss them!!

  • http://www.JoeJepsen.com Joe Jepsen

    I was scared when I saw the headline.. then after reading, I would agree with the others. Didn’t even know digg had podcast or spy.  But then again, Digg is a liberal media tool that won’t even include the other people running for president in there election 2008 coverage. You know there are THREE black people running this year?

  • http://www.foursquareinnovations.co.uk/ Internet marketer Leeds

    I’m glad I read the comments as I was getting worried I’d be the only person never to have noticed the existance of Digg’s podcast feature. Maybe more people would have used it if they had realised that it was there?

  • http://www.sportsmanstube.com Hunting Videos

    I think this is a good idea. Sometimes websites get so caught up in their own bloatware that it really detracts from the core product. Good move Digg.

  • http://www.circleoffood.com/blog Mary Johnson

    I am a techie baby boomer and I listen to podcasts.  I am not into music.  I prefer podcasts to stay up on topics of interest related to business, marketing, sales, etc.  Makes best use of my time.

  • http://www.china-shoes-shop.com gucci shoes shop

    I’m glad I read the comments as I was getting worried I’d be the only person never to have noticed the existance of Digg’s podcast feature.

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