Digg Censoring News About AOL?

    June 26, 2007

The revamp of AOL News today is quite significant, and Reuters being first to break the news is a trusted source of information.

I thought it was strange that the story hadn’t been submitted to Digg, because it was already appearing on Megite.

Here is the story I submitted on Digg linking through to the original article on Reuters.

However if you do a search on Digg, the article just doesn’t exist…

I am not talking buried, it is as if the article has entered some kind of black hole of censorship.

Here is a search, and it includes buried stories.

AOL Digg Results

The 3 most current search results are about autos.aol.com that are 3 days old.

I know there is a little bad air about Digg/Netscape, but censoring every single story regarding AOL just isn’t fair game.

The Reuters news story is being syndicated far and wide, but the Digg story is linking to the original breaking news.

If Digg wishes to maintain relevance, and its insistance that it is the users who are filtering content, and not the owners, they need to have a lot more clarity about these stories that seem to disappear from the Digg system.

As for AOL News, I think it is a major step forward. I have a 7Mbps connection although it is via an international connection – the page loads much faster than news.yahoo.com and actually faster than my blog homepage (oops)

The code is quite clean and light, and there are interesting pictures throughout the page, not just in the top 3 stories.


*Originally published at AndyBeard.eu