Diem Brown Released From Hospital, Fight Isn't Over


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Diem Brown found fame as a reality star on MTV and was willing to share her struggles with cancer with viewers. Diem first told the world that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and opened up about her treatment and recovery and how it made her feel.

Although Diem had fought a hard fight, it looked like she was recovering well and had beaten the nasty disease.

Unfortunately for Diem, her battle with cancer wasn't over and she was diagnosed with it again, and this time it had spread to her stomach lining and colon.

Last month Diem had to undergo two emergency surgeries to remove cancerous masses from her colon. The doctors were able to remove the masses successfully, but told Diem that the cancer was still present in her stomach lining and that she would have to undergo chemotherapy and possibly other treatments as well.

Before Diem can begin the chemo, she has to recover from her surgery and gain back the 25 pounds that she recently lost. She said that it hasn't been easy, but her friends and family have been extremely helpful and that she is thankful for their kindness. She also said that she is happy to be home.

"Being home makes me feel that much closer to normal," she told PEOPLE. "It's a big step in the right direction."

Earlier this week Diem's friends decorated her walker so it would be ready for her when she came home from surgery. Diem was delighted with it but says that one of her goals is to get to a point where she doesn't need to use it.

"My mind is not really on the same level as my body. My mind thinks I can get up and do anything I want, and my body doesn't really let me. It's frustrating to work though. Going back and forth to the bathroom feels like a marathon. It's like, 'Why is this taking so much energy?' I need a chair in the elevator! I hate that feeling."

Diem said that she knows she can beat the disease and is ready to start gaining back her strength so she can begin treatment. She said that she is focused on recovering, but admitted to being nervous about the long road ahead.

"What scares me most is thinking about how long the road is," she said. Although she has battled cancer twice before, "this one has kind of thrown me for a big loop, to realize how serious this is."