Didn't Preorder A PS4? Sony's Got You Covered


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The PS4 launches in two days, and the console is pretty much sold out everywhere. If you want one at launch, you're either going to have to face the scalpers or camp out in New York City.

Sony announced today that it will have 444 PlayStation 4 consoles available for fans who are willing to camp out in front of The Standard, High Line Hotel in New York City. The consoles will go on sale at midnight on November 15, but you can go stand in line right now. If you intend to purchase the console, Sony says that they're only taking credit card so all those who have cash stored in a shoe box are out of luck.

Of course, some people might not think a PS4 is worth camping out in New York City for the next two days. To help make it worth your while, Sony will also be holding a midnight launch event at The Standard for those waiting in line. Aside from the 30 PS4 demo kiosks, fans will also have the chance to play games with their creators and some mystery "industry luminaries."

Not content to celebrate the PS4 launch with just video games, Sony will also set up "a large art installation in the central plaza" that will "showcase interactive content and real-time art jams." The company will also be projecting "images depicting the creative process of developing video games" on the entire north side of the hotel.

Last but not least, those who show up to pick up a PS4 on Thursday night will also have a chance to appear on TV as Spike TV will be broadcasting the launch event in New York City live starting at 11 p.m. EST. The station will televise the first PS4 being sold in the U.S. so you might want to show up early.

If New York City isn't your thing, Sony will also be holding its man launch party in San Francisco. Check out our previous coverage for details on that event.

[Image: PlayStation Blog]