Did-It.com SEM Seminars

    January 31, 2005

The best of luck to Kevin and team’s launch of new SEM seminars, but could someone please explain to me what in the world they have done to their website …

From their press release:

Google, Yahoo Power Search Engine Marketing Strategies and SEO Secrets Revealed

If you want to kill your compatition in PPC search or simply learn SEM and SEO from the ground up. Did-it can help. Want to concentrate on power strategies for Overture and Google? these seminars are for you. Need more help with Search Marketing, call us.

Did-it.com Executive Chairman, Kevin Lee will be sharing proven best practices, tips and strategies in several educational and conference venues over the next several months including comprehensive two-day seminars on SEO and SEM as well as a Virtual Seminar Paid Search Advertising: Successful Campaigns Using Google and Overture

Do you want to get more out of paid search than you ever imagined?
Do you worry that your competition is going to win the search engine war?
Do you want an unfair advantage in PPC search advertising?

You can learn killer techniques, strategies and tactics from Kevin Lee, an acknowledged leading search engine marketing expert.

National Seminars Group has organized a two-day intensive SEM and SEO training course, written and presented by Kevin Lee.

ATLANTA, GA March 8-9, 2005
CHICAGO, IL March 10-11, 2005
DALLAS, TX March 21-22, 2005
ANAHEIM, CA March 23-24, 2005

If you want to learn SEM and SEO from the ground up the National Seminars Group SEO event is perfect for you.

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