Did Twitter Cost BrĂ¼no Millions?

Word of mouth spreads quickly on Twitter

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Early Friday morning it looked like Sacha Baron Cohen had done it again with his new film Brüno. With post-midnight ticket sales in the neighborhood of $1.6 million some Hollywood insiders were predicting around $50 million for the opening weekend.

Bruno Poster

Well, $50 million didn’t happen. Brüno finished the weekend with a respectable $30.4 million. But, $20 million is a pretty big gap… what caused such an erroneous projection? Well, TIME thinks Twitter is to blame.

Did Twitter cost Brüno millions? Tell us what you think.

"Brüno’s box-office decline from Friday to Saturday indicates that the film’s brand of outrage was not the sort to please most moviegoers — and that their tut-tutting got around fast. Brüno could be the first movie defeated by the Twitter effect."

With techsavvy moviegoers tweeting their opinions to literally millions of followers, the micro-blogging site can make or break a film in one day.

Days after the movie was released, Brüno is still a trending topic on Twitter. Users can’t seem to stop tweeting about the film. Sure, some of the tweets are positive saying how funny the film is… while others are incredibly harsh and could have contributed to the Twitter effect that was mentioned above…

Negative Bruno Tweet

Negative Bruno Tweet

Negative Bruno Tweet

It’s hard to say if Twitter cost Brüno millions at the box office. The film had already been under fire from The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) so it’s unclear how much impact Twitter actually had.

But, in any case this is a new trend we’re sure to keep an eye on.

Do you think Twitter can have a negative impact on the box office? Tell us.

Did Twitter Cost BrĂ¼no Millions?
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  • http://www.toyvibrator.net Toy Vibrator

    I’m not sure why Twitter is so popular. I used it for a while, but got bored very quickly… am I missing something ?

    • http://www.michiganwomensforum.com JoniGolden

      Many people start using Twitter and then drop it – there was an article recently on a study of Twitter accounts, something like 50 percent aren’t being used. If you can’t find a use for Twitter, you’ll drop it, so unless you can find a use for Twitter, something that either enhances your life or your business, I recommend not even starting. I use it for my business, but I can’t imagine how I’d use Twitter personally. My life just ain’t that interesting.

  • http://www.blogspot.com Edward

    I chose not to see Bruno based off all the negative stuff I saw on Twitter, also chose not to see Transformers 2 as well.

  • http://ayumusoft.com/ iPhone Games

    Bruno was great. I found Borat made me cringe more, but I think that was part of the initial shock value of this type of movie. It is too bad that people are taking Twitter this seriously.

  • http://www.bdrlondon.com Internet Advertising Agency

    It would be great if we could measure whether this was actually the case. I don’t think so as I saw more good reviews than bad. All PR is good is it not?

  • http://spiral-scratch.blogspot.com Liz

    I didn’t see Borat & won’t see Bruno but I was curious about how this film would be received and since it was trending all weekend on Twitter, I checked the recent Tweets about it every few hours.

    The comments definitely weren’t all negative, in fact, I’d guess at least 50% of people posting thought it was a hilarious film. It is definitely a movie people think is very funny or are offended by, you love it or hate it. Kind of like Borat only more so.

    So, while there was a negative buzz on Twitter, I also read quite a lot of Tweets where people say it’s the funniest movie they’ve seen all year (or ever!).

  • http://level343.com/article_archive/ Gabriella

    I have to agree with Liz, I didn’t see Borat nor am I going to see Br

    • sin

      Gabriela you have no sense of humor. I’m black and I laugh all the time at N. jokes by my white friends and viceversa. Go and watch it. Enjoy it. Don’t be so uptight. Life is too short.

    • Andy

      Making fun of gays etc is not my brand of humor either, but that’s not what this movie is .. it makes fun of people that think this movie makes fun of gays and other minorities. I guess you missed the point, like many people, especially those who feel qualified to comment on this post and others without actually having seen the movie. Do you really think Sir Elton John would participate in an anti-gay movie? Yes, he was in it. Which you’d have known if you’d actually seen it before passing opinions.

      As you rightly say though, this is about Twitter and other social networking and it’s effect – I think the scary thing is how a tool like Twitter can spread incorrect information based on opinions with no qualification, and how many people actually take notice of it.

  • value

    anyone who says Bruno was perverted and disgusting obviously has no appreciation for satire.

  • http://www.nathancheeley.com/ Nathan Cheeley

    I’m one of those who had plans to go see this on Saturday, but reviews posted by people in my social circle made me change my mind.

    It had more to do with the fact I know these people and we share the same sense of humor. Not in the fact that it was “over-the-top” or too offensive for comedy. Simply that it under-delivered.

    That’s not to say I will not be renting it eventually, but it does take a certain caliber of movie to get me to go out on an opening weekend.

    • http://brianwaynemiller.wordpress.com Brian

      Nathan hit it on the head. The advice that people are hearing via twitter are from real people. They’re your friends and you follow their updates for a reason – because you know them and generally care about what they have to say.

      So to say that Twitter cost Bruno millions may be slightly incorrect and misleading. Basically, the speed at which people share their thoughts on a movie is to blame, and right now, Twitter is the cool quick way to gauge friends opinions.

  • http://www.free-speed-reading.com/ Free Speed Reading

    Does twitter really do that much to the movie that a few reviews or blog posts don’t?

  • Abe

    I dunno how many people are like me but my twitter friends are very few people I know. On facebook people that I see once a month seem to always mention something I said on facebook when we see each other. I think you’re crying wolf a bit too early here. Facebook can destroy a movie faster than Twitter.

    • http://twitrounds.com twitter backgrounds

      I agree to the extent of not knowing all my followers but at the same time they have no reason to lie. I would believe their recommendation if they felt a movie wasn’t good. Twitter’s search allows for an easy search to get opinions from many people. Real-Time!

  • A Giant Slor

    Bruno was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It actually took me a while to come down from my laugh high. People who don’t like this movie are prudes or homophobes who don’t like the fact that the movie makes fun of them. That the movie might make them more uncomfortable with gay people is the homophobes’ problem, not the movie’s.

  • Bob

    Now, this is a movie that I would like to go see. This is the humor I’m talking about, not the dull, boring, and stupid American humor. When you get these big orgs pissed, that’s humor.

    Bhruno, borat or whatever his name is, is one of the greatest SOBs ever born! LOL! Well, after Roy D. Mercer whose prank calls are on youtube.


    Stop with all this Twitter, Facebook nonsense! People you are all sheep! Go see the movie if you want to, don’t sit home based on peoples opinions! It’s a shame really, people might be missing out on a really funny movie, but you’ll never know because you take the word of some yam on twitter.. be a free thinker!!

    And so what if it does suck after all, jeez $10 of your money and 90 minutes of your time… if you had that $10 and 90 minutes back would you of cured cancer? EXACTLY! So quit hanging on ever word of nerds on twitter.. FREE THINKERS UNITE, Sheep get slaughtered!

    • Guest

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

    • Guest

      you can be a free thinker and still read what other people had to say. based on some of the comments and descriptions of scenes in the film, it is not something i would watch. i might not’ve cured cancer with that $10/90 minutes, but i’m sure there is something else worthwhile to do.


        umm go see the movie, again you are listening to someone else and what their tastes in movies are!! By not seeing it you are being a sheep. Go see the damn movie if you are interested in it.

        Just don’t flat out say NO because some loser on twitter was offended by a joke in the movie!!

    • Guest

      SEEN THE MOVIE AND IT SUCKED! You’re a boxed thinker, the media’s got you wrapped around it’s finger!!!

      @SaraShanae BRUNO SUCKS! Don’t see it unless you like man on man porn, and enjoy watching a hard penis do the helicopter for a full 60 secs

      Bruno the movie sucked major ASS – topix http://bit.ly/1ln7Nk

      UNFUNNY: Bruno Sucks, and So Does This HuffPo Review. http://bit.ly/R7wb7

      @easton19 Save yourself come cash, you’ll be feeling gay after the movie, too much guy on guy action & a penis the size of the screen…

      Bruno Sucked I was disappointed & embarrashed cuz I convinced my wife to see it with me. She looked @ me I am a freak! http://bit.ly/pxdgO

      orangEBlog – BRUNO SUCKS

  • http://www.jimgatesblog.com Jim Gates

    It seems to be a great use of Twitter. The movie (testified by some teenagers I talked to who saw it) was disgusting. There were screen sized penises flashing up on the screen frequently. It should have been rated X or banned from a good society.

    • OMG!!

      Hitler thought the same way you do. Umm you just don’t get to ban things because YOU don’t agree with it. Read the Constitution one day, and maybe you’ll appreciate the freedoms we have, even if you don’t agree with them

      Do you really want to live in a place that bans everything because a few people don’t like it. Better watch out or they’ll ban something YOU care about one day!

      Who said it? I don’t agree with you but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it!! Too bad you don’t feel the same way

      • KyanWan

        I have no problem with a film like this being released. The ORIGINAL rating (go look it up on IMDB) was NC-17. Somehow, just somehow – it got dropped down a notch to R.

        NC-17 would have been a literal death-sentence, that’s why. With R – parents can bring kids & teens in.

        Needless to say, I’m involved with a Bruno mistake. All 3 teens who saw it – well, were disgusted as well.

        Now – MY problem here:

        Twitter this, Twitter that – what kind of TWIT thinks Twitter is the whole darn world? Twitter is the NEW WORLD ORDER! OMG Get out your tinfoil hat! This Twitter’s going to control our lives and install microchips in us then create a world government & make us all slaves!

        Please, people. Twitter is a distraction. These posts MAY bring you to some more information, but, the iPhone and Twitter do NOT drive society.

        IF they ever come to – say, have you ever heard of “an hero”? Well “an hero” will be me.


    • Pete Dashwood

      I have to ask myself why you would be “disgusted” by seeing a penis on a movie screen. I’m not gay and I don’t find penises or images of them erotic, but neither do I find them disgusting. Are you “disgusted” by female breasts and genitalia? I guess all of us have things that are turn offs and turn ons, but we can’t simply ban what we don’t like.

      I think your point about an X rating is maybe fair, but doesn’t it say a lot about our society when the display of body parts requires a shock warning? Isn’t it time we grew up? Nudity, in and ofitself, is not pornographic; degradation of women (with or without their clothes on), intolerance, and bigotry are all much more serious than a few penises being flashed about.

      SBC is an artist trying to make a statement. Societies that ban artists have traditionally declined into ruin. If you don’t like what he does, make your own conscious decision and vote with your feet. Banning him and people like him can never be an answer.


  • http://www.costaricapages.com crblogger

    I 100% agree — not that I paid much attention to the movie ads living in Costa Rica, but I had heard the concept before the movie was released. On opening day at least 3 of my non-related friends had left horrible reviews on their facebook pages, stating extreme disappointment. I loved Borat but bad news spreads fast and those 3 reviews were enough to make me not consider wasting money on Bruno.

  • http://www.bdv-unix-skills.co.uk vince stevenson

    Haven’t seen it yet but two of my young cousins thought it was hilarious. Two of my older colleagues thought it was disgusting. I will try and watch this week with an open mind. Rgds Vince

  • Guest

    This is ridiculous. No, Twitter cannot make or break a film. Please, get a sense of perspective. Not everyone will listen to Twitter and conversely, you can’t simply suggest that the film didn’t reach a figure “predicted” by unnamed “insiders” because of just one factor.

  • http://wordsforhirellc.com/blog Karen Swim

    I am not sure that I completely agree with Time that Twitter alone is to blame for the $20 million gap of Bruno. However, I do believe that social media absolutely plays a role. Word of mouth has always played a role in the popularity of movies; we simply live in a time when that word of mouth spreads faster. We can text to our blogs, facebook page, My Space, Twitter and more from inside the theatre so positive and negative reviews are circulating before we’ve pulled out of the parking lots.

  • http://www.laokay.com Steven

    I’m expecting Bruno to be nothing more than a gay version of Borat.

    Why would I pay to see that when I waited for Borat to show up on cable and was still disappointed with that movie?

    I think the whole theater experience is loosing it’s value. Prices are going up and up for tickets, while prices of DVD’s and BlueRay’s are going down and down.

    Who wants to pay for the gas, pay for the parking (at some theaters), and then pay for the tickets, plus refreshments?

    As less and less people go see movies in the theatres, the prices will continue to climb on it’s own, then you add the state of the economy into the mix and prices go up again.

    The only way I’d pay that kind of money is if there is a touch screen right in front of me where I can order up whatever I want and somebody brings it to me (yes I’d tip them, and yes I’d still pay $4 for a coke). Oh, and also only if the movie was an action-thriller type movie or a sci-fi type where you need a good sound system and big screen to get the whole effect of the movie. Screw it if it’s a documentary, drama/chick flick. There is no need to hear some girl on the screen cry over something in stereo, unless there is a big explosion that follows.

  • Nick

    Adventureland might have preceded Bruno as a film where viewer response was communicated rapidly over the opening weekend. That film was a miserable flop, totally the opposite of the FaceBook advertising for it.

  • albert

    this guy has not been funny since the Ali G show.

  • http://www.tooterbabies.com Guest

    If Twitter, Facebook, My Space, emails, blogs, etc. had anything to do with derailing this perverted film..then I say Thank GOD!

  • Guest

    Word of mouth plays a part in everything. We see its effect everyday, and if you are the kind of person who makes decisions based on critics than twitter or any other social network can very well have had an impact on Bruno or any other film for that matter. For the most part I think that the negative remarks probably had the reverse effect. It seems the more people say not to do something the more people do it and there were probably just as many people who went to see Bruno just to see what the all the hoopla was about. I personally try not to listen to any critics. Everyone taste is different what I like you may hate and vice versa. It may be a good gage but should never make your final decision.

  • http://www.hushcolours.com Jos


    I believe that instead of being influenced by others, people should take their own conclusions.
    Then decide if they enjoyed the movie or not.

    Kind regards,


    • Guest

      Hey Jose,
      I see you think people should make up their own mind.
      Me too.
      But you and I both know it won’t happen.


      The lemmings are running toward the cliff.

      You and I and a few others will stand on the side and cheer them on.

  • KyanWan

    I wanted to see this because of the Bruno char – NOT because I’m some SBC noob who – gasp – saw Borat and WOW! I NEED TO SEE SBC’S NEXT MOVIE! Hell no. I saw his old show on HBO – Remember that? “Da Ali G Show” – found it hilarious. I laughed my arse off.

    The Bruno segments were ten times funnier. He’d play (as in play-with) the most stereotypical stuff: “I’ve come to the gayest part of America – ALABAMA!” – and it was hilarity.

    I read some reviews of the movie, and some guy on IMDB put it perfectly – this movie is a couple good segments, followed by flashing of asses & well… you know – and it’s the size of the whole theater screen – where it gets to the point of disgusting.

    That’s not the old Bruno char we all loved and remembered – that’s some guy – climbing the stairway to being a porno, and he’s on the last step.

    It’s a shame SBC ruined this completely awesome character with this shock-humor stuff that he filled his movie with. He’s a brilliant man – he could, I am completely positive, he could have done so much better with this character. Bruno definitely had the potential to be a megahit – but the way he presented him with this farce of a movie …

    No way.

  • http://eprofitpros.com Mark Rogers

    I don’t think you can even fit enough words in Twitter to give a credible movie review. I think Bruno was designed to create the exact buzz it created, do you really think Ali G was saying I think everybody would love to see some penis right now? It’s like what Howard Stern did to make himself rich and famous, the negativity is what sold the 30 million in tickets. What did the movie cost to make, an old costume he had hanging in his closet, a few chip-n-dales willing to perform in a movie, and BAM, now he’s a few million richer. Personally I thought Borat was pretty gay (in response to one of the other reviews up top that said it was like Borat except gay), but I still laughed. Anybody that thought the movie wasn’t going to be gay hadn’t seen any of the promos. Personally, I’m slightly homophobic and feel sick when being shown Bruno’s butt cheeks along with some penis, I don’t care if everybody in the world gave it a great review, I still would never pay to watch that movie, it’s not worth the discomfort even if it were funny in some parts. Anyway, NO, Twitter did not cost the movie any viewers, anybody who wanted to see that kind of stuff went and saw it in spite of the negative buzz. I think because we have a black President now Hollywood thinks America can accept gay porn, too; well it can, but just not any more than it did.

  • http://www.kevinwebb22.com Kevin Webb

    the sad part is that people actually needed to check their Twitter updates to realize that this movie was going to be a dumb waste of time. Anyone with common sense could have figured that out on their own. One of the ways that technology has dumbed us down. We just sit around waiting for someone to tell us what to do.

    Common sense told me not to waste my time or money.


  • Guest

    Fortunately, I haven

  • http://angiemarion.blogspot.com Angie

    I never saw his first movie because even though I LOVE comedy, that brand of comedy is just stupid. Plus, when I saw him on the MTV VMAs, I knew I wanted no parts of this movie, just like his first one… what a waste of time!

    And yes, Twitter, Facebook, any social media can make or break anything. Just like WOM can!

  • Brunette

    the point has been lost from the start here: Bruno is designed to expose ugly, ugly truths which are epidemic. if you are AT ALL on the wrong side of said ugly truths, you will not only dislike the film, you will HATE the film.. and ‘warn the others’..
    however, if you understand what SBC (as an Artist) is trying to expose and happen to agree with his stance, you will Love his work. simple as that.

  • http://www.thedatabasediva.com Lori Feldman

    I am tired of Hollywood pandering only to the lowest common denominator in search of millions. If Twitter is really vox populi, then hopefully it can influence better quality movies being made as well as panning the bad ones. Even better, I hope the Twitter Effect turns great indy movies into blockbusters. Now that would be a game-changer. Twitter the movie disintermediator! The people decide what movies get made!

  • Smokin

    I do not believe twitter had any real detrimental effect on box office sales.

    However, saying that, does not mean that reviews, be it personal from a million different indivduals or a few professional critics does not have some influence.

    Word of mouth regarding anything, be it a film, a book, a supermarket may influence us all to some limited degree.

    If you are on the fence about a film then many negative reviews may push you to “the not see it” side but generally I believe people will see for themselves.

    It is also possible that too many negative reviews may actually make people want to see what indeed was so bad – when it was supposed to be so good.

    I myself have seen some great films that many loathed and many many more dire ones that many people loved. I think therefore if twitter really did have this huge influence then it would seem hard to believe that people are so easily led when what ultimately is just anothers personal preference.

    It is however a sad fact that “Marley & Me” a dire run of the mill film does incredibly well and yet others with some degree of talent never get heard of. Except for the rare exceptions.

    Comments on Twitter are no different from comments in a thousand other places on and off the internet.

    • http://www.leila21kgold.com Nasser

      has nothing to do with the movie. The movie is really stupid.

  • http://ac.essn.us Digi Rocker

    The dude has bad taste for comedy. He did himself in by trying too hard to be plum goofy. The difference between natural comedy and Bruno draws the line between crap and quality antics. Some folks may be up for it, most aren’t.

  • Guest

    With only mild anecdotal eveidence to support it, I’m calling BS on this.

  • http://www.andrew-brundle.com Andrew

    The movie took 30$ million. It did not take $50 million. So how then did it lose $20 million?

    I don’t see you you can lose money that you never had

    • Guest

      It was projected to make $50 mil… so it lost theoretical dollars.

  • http://www.familiesvacations.com/ Guest

    Sounds to me like Twitter has turn up some very good redeeming qualities. Or maybe all the twitters out there deserve an extra pat on there back. Also sounds like a positive impact on the box office for a change!

  • Digital Comment

    First, rather than admit the studio made a crappy moronic movie, they would rather place the blame on a social network – guess they must have spent $100 million in the promotion leading up to the film (The commercials were everywhere), so they over projected the box office revenue. The bottom line is that studios cannot go around making bad movies anymore without people warning others. Second, like it REALLY matters what Grandfather Time magazine thinks about popular culture. Where Time magazine is concerned, you could not find a more removed, distant, out of touch, Jurassic company ran by a bunch of old, fat, bald white males who have not a clue about anything (Except for Microsoft).

  • Guest

    Do people really have that much of a sheep mentality? Can people not make decisions for themselves any more? What a sad situation.

    In my opinion, people would value the opinions of people they know and trust. How do you know if people on twitter have the same taste/sense of humor as you?

    I am not defending the film, just commenting on the role of twitter in the situation.

  • http://www.felicitas-betzl.com Feli

    I really don

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    Why do we have to blame twitter? Why arent the people who wrote the review responsable?

  • Honey

    I’m no Sacha Baron Cohen fan. But, it’s pretty pathetic that people will base their decision on whether to see a film on the opinion of complete strangers they don’t know. What are they? Sheep? It’s bad enough when they allow critics to sway their views instead of making up their own minds. The future is looking bleaker by the minute my friends. What’s next? Using Twitter to decide who to vote for or what book to read or where to live? Sad.

  • TDN

    I thought all publicity was good publicity. Apparently the introduction of Twitter has changed this philosophy?

    What happened to the “good old days” when a movie didn’t bring in enough money because it just wasn’t good?

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I use Twitter mainly to socially market my safety and security web site so I know the micro blogging site has a lot of power.

    It’s possible that the negative comments of followers swayed some to skip the movie but there were probably just as many who made the decision to view it based on the postive tweet reviews so I wouldn’t go so far as to say it caused the gap in real and predicted ticket sales but anything is possible when Twitter is involved.

    I do hope, however, that movie makers learn a lesson from this. They can’t put crap out there and hope the word doesn’t get out before they make millions.
    Thanks, Jeremy.

  • http://www.holisticwebworks.com Alan

    I doubt if Twitter really cost this movie any money. Twitter is a form of social sharing. The tweets simply reinforced individual opinons about an over-hyper piece of crap. People were just excited to find, “Hey, it’s not just me… this is a bad movie”.

  • Charles

    Whats Twitter?

  • Bruun – oh

    Twitter didn’t do anything toward this sucky movie.

    It was a sad attempt at soft porn and frankly I’m surprised that it bilked as much money as it did from the pockets of mindless movie-goers.

    The $30 mil would have been better spent donated to a worthy charity.

    • Guest

      Ironically, the American’s spend more on porn each year than charity, so this is just in keeping. However, this isn’t porn, it’s satire. The bad reviews are, I guess, mainly from American’s who are incredibly uncomfortable with this kind of stuff, and their reaction is kind of the whole point of the ‘joke’.

      • Guest

        In reply to my own comment, I haven’t checked the fact about American’s spending more on porn than charity, but I heard it used on TV in a stand-up comic routine once, so hopefully they checked first ;) It could be wrong though.

      • Jonathan

        The US porn industry earned $13 billion in 2007, while US charitable giving was $314 billion in 2007.

        I don’t know where you get your facts, but judging by the other guy’s response, probably from some athiest anti-american. There are many good people, usually christians, agnostics, buddhists, etc. and we give a lot. I’m not really pro-american even, but you have to give credit where credit is due. America is a very charitable nation, even as a percentage of their income, and probably because of the few spiritual roots still left in the nation, while europe is an uncharitable wasteland (most of their “charity” is forced, comes from their governments).

      • Guest

        BANG ON MATE. Movie flopped in the US cos the majority don’t really get it. It has been well received in the UK.

  • http://www.oil-painting-online.com Kaia

    The movie is funny much and is worthy for watching again…

  • Lothar Of The Mountains

    I agree with… one of you guys, anyone that saw that movie and thought it wasn’t a gay parody was blind or really out of it. But that’s why it was funny. Just like Borat made fun of foreigners this movie made fun of gays. Who hasn’t seen humor in that culture? I’m not even gay at all, but think it’s funny stuff. Why would a homophobe watch this movie anyways? That’s like saying nazis would hate this movie. Or skinheads. It was obviously an outrageous comedy and that’s the only reason anyone wants to see it. Nobody is going to turn gay from watching it. The star of the movie isn’t even gay. People need to get with the times.

    As for Twitter, it’s slightly possible that a bunch of homophobes have nothing better to do but Twitter each other. Twitter rocks!

    • I’m keen

      Are you sure you’re not even a tiny bit gay Lothar? Possibly bi-curious perhaps?

  • http://www.Start-an-Internet-business.net Sally

    Well i haven’t seen that movie Bruno. I don’t buy any of the movie before i check the people reviews about that. The feedback i got about Bruno is not that much good. So i Canceled the program to watch this movie.

  • http://www.productoftheweek.info Craig

    I pity the people that went and then Tweeted about it.

    Couldn’t they tell it was going to be utter crud from the write ups and adverts ???

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