Did-it CEO Resigns

    February 19, 2007

Why is it I get a strange sense of deja vu, while writing this news that Bill Wise has resigned from his position as CEO of Did-It?

Wise, who has worked with Did-It since January 2005 after being hired away from Ask Jeeves’ sales department, said his departure stemmed from a fundamental disagreement about the direction of the company. "I wanted to take the company in one direction. As CEO, and as a guy who really, really helped scale and create the brand that it has in the marketplace, that’s what I wanted to do," said Wise

Well, considering founders Lee and Pasternack seem intent on attacking SEO and have a strange affection for comical frogs, I’m putting my money on Wise having the best idea for taking the company forward.

As a side note, this was not a very well kept secret. A note to all Plaxo users, when you update your company name, email and telephone, ALL of your Plaxo contacts get an email automatically if you select to update them. I’ve spooked a few people in the past with an email asking "so, I just noticed you left company X", before they had announced it.




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