Did Google Maps Find Hitler At A US Navy Base?

    July 18, 2005

Not really, but the satellite imaging service did find something on a US Naval base that could cause some raised eyebrows.

Did Google Maps Find Hitler?

According to a tounge-in-cheek report from the Channel Register, an interesting aerial photograph discovery of a building called “The Seals Lair” was made at San Diego’s US Navy Exchange station: the office complex is in the shape of one of the most bastardized symbols ever: the swastika.

The Channel Register notes the building looks like Albert Speer, architect of the Third Reich, designed it. When you inspect the satellite image image in question, you can see what they are referring to. After this inspection, you also see it is unlikely that the US Navy will be making any modifications to building without turning it into a major undertaking, or even completely razing it.

Unfortunate design aside, it’s quite obvious the US Armed Forces does not support or condone any of the Third Reich’s actions. However, the building’s design does raise a question: didn’t anyone look closely at the building blueprints before it was constructed?

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