Did Ellen DeGeneres Buy A $26.5M Home?

    May 22, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Ellen DeGeneres is apparently riding high on the news that her day time talk show was renewed as she may have just bought a $26.5m mansion.

TMZ reports that DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, dropped $26.5 million dollars on a new home in Santa Barbara. As for the details, the house features over 10 square feet, has nine fireplaces, six bedrooms, six bathrooms and is spread across 13 acres. In short – this is the kind of house that you can only wish you had.

Of course, this is just the latest in a number of properties DeGeneres owns in the area. It’s reported that she owns homes in Beverly Hills and Hidden Valley.

In other Ellen news, the comedian will be reprising the role of fan favorite Dory in the Finding Nemo sequel – Finding Dory. We can only speculate that the advance from Disney for the 2015 film helped to pay for at least part of the new home.

  • http://YourReadingAndStudyCorner.com Dorothy Sittler

    In the light of all the homes that were destroyed and homeless or destitute people, I find this exceedingly excessive and unnecessary.

    • http://yahooo samuel

      who cares about a dike and her bitc! .

  • jan

    I am a young, vibrant and pretty 57 Y/O female. I lost my BEAUTIFUL DREAM HOME 2 years ago to foreclosure. I am unemployed and homeless, with medical issues and no insurance. I have been living in my car thru cold and snowy winter months in Colorado. I now stay (temp.) with a friend in a hotel, until the end of May when he will be moving to who knows where, since they have raised the monthly rates more than $350 dollars than what he was paying, and he is struggling to make it on his retirement social security income.

    We have 2 cats that I refuse to give up. I LOVE Ellen, and watch almost everyday. But will not be able to after the end of May because I will be living in my car once again. I’m happy for her that she has become so famous and now can afford to buy a 26.5 million dollar mansion, along with her farm and other properties she owns. I, on the other hand cannot even begin to start over and am facing bankruptcy. My credit is ruined. Before this recession, I had purchased 5 homes, each time moving up until I reached my dream home which I lost by no fault of my own. The banks screwed me and many others. I NEVER had a late payment in my life, now I am destitute living on the street with NO MONEY. I do not even have laundry money. I have a 13 year old car that is dead in the parking lot, and expired license plates because I cannot afford them. Even if I could, I cannot insure my vehicle. My 401K and savings is all GONE. I cannot afford filing fees to file BK.

    Most days are becoming more and more bleak as I don’t see a future at all anymore.

    Good luck on your show being renewed Ellen, I hope you have continued success.

    • ships58

      wow,talk about a shameful effort to get something out of a total stranger…. we all have hard times, we all have issues. That does not mean anyone owes anything to anyone else. Ellen has worked for her wealth and let’s face it, she got lucky in the lottery of life. She has also done many kind and wonderful things. If life is that hard, perhaps you need to go to a homeless shelter where they can give you the advice and help you need to put your life together. You will feel better about life if you take control. I have my own story, but you know, so what???? I wake up, I can breathe and I make a difference every single day. As the song goes “….I never promised you a rose garden…”

  • mary

    If society didn’t “glorify, condone, and accept this homosexual behavior, she wouldn’t be the millionaire she is”. I for one do not watch her show or buy any products she endorses or the company who uses her for promotion. I miss cover girl, but alas, I will not support any one or any company who approves of this lifestyle. And don’t send me hate mail, my grandson is gay and everyone knows I don’t approve. Its strange how some “religious” people who said they believed in every word of the Bible does a complete turn around, tries to twist the scriptures they once believed in WHEN THEIR KID OR FAMILY MEMBER comes out of the closet. They are hypocrites and deep down never were really true Christians.

    • koala

      This has nothing to do with her lifestyle – the woman is funny and is a damned good comedian………how she lives her private life isn’t our concern………how she entertains us is and she’s great at it! Get off your high horse Mary – God wouldn’t like you judging someone………..if it’s wrong he’ll do it when the time is right

  • Jan

    SHAMEFUL. People in Oklahoma just had their Homes DESTROYED. There are still families on the East Coast homeless from Hurricane Sandy. People in the Midwest are losing it all to a prolonged drought that is having domino effects on food prices squeezing people already struggling due to a sequestration that the rich politicians in DC allowed to go through. How about these phony celebrities really start doing what their mouths always talk about for ratings? This only exemplifies wasteful excess. While the majority of working Americans still struggle for basics these people use them as pawns simply for profit. To me celebrities are no different than those bloodsucking politicians. But now we know why Ellen spends most of her show being a glorified sales person for all the companies whose merchandise she pushes on her unsuspecting over excited audiences. Deception pays well. People really need to wake up.

    • koala

      Jan, while we all are saddened by what’s happening due to weather around the country…….do you really think Ellen DeGeneris hasn’t given back in many ways – evidently you don’t watch her show much or you’d see just a little part of what she does for people who need help. She’s worked to entertain us and she’s great at it – she’s very funny and she has a right to live and do what she wants!

  • cindy

    what she does with her money is her business, she has always been there to help others. gay or not she is a great entertainer. please leave her sexual preference out of it.

  • vivian

    Instead of spending so much money on just one house why not create a foundation for needy kids to get a proper education ………..something that keeps on giving how many homes can one have and how much wealth can one human being amass, for we will leave this earth just the same way we came with nothing

  • ships58

    I have read people trying to guilt Ellen into giving them things, people saying since she is gay she should not be so rich, and since others have tragedy or poverty she should not buy a house. I have even read comments that say that she should feel guilty about hurricanes and tornadoes. Wow. She bought a house. She did not rent a billboard to broadcast her business, the media did. It is their poor taste that glorifies wealth. It is their poor judgment that amplifies the gulf between the have”s and the have not’s. Ellen gives back to people all the time. She uses her show, her celebrity and her $$ to make a difference. I am glad she is able to do things that make her happy. Would I like a big ol’ house with a pool and no mortgage???? you bet your sweet asp, but that is what lottery tickets are for, not other peoples bank accounts. Dang people.