Dianna Agron Reveals She Has a Tomboy Style


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Dianna Agron is best known for playing the role of Quinn Fabray in the television musical sensation Glee. When playing the popular cheerleader, on the show, she is portrayed as a girly girl, but in real-life, Agron admits she is a total tomboy.

"I love the rain; it gives me a chance to wear jeans and a sweater. My style is total tomboy," she revealed to Britain's InStyle magazine. "I do love skirts and dresses when I want to feel feminine or if I'm dressing for the carpet. But I like finding a balance between feminine and masculine. My style in real life has just become much more casual."

Agron also posed in a photo shoot for the magazine, and called the chic outfits she was wearing "girly with an edge." "I loved all the clothes on this shoot. My favorite would have to be the Dior. It's so different - girlie with an edge," she explained.

Although Agron likes the more simplistic style, she recently traveled to the Louis Vuitton's factory in Venice Italy. "Fashion is art. Such incredible workmanship goes into every piece. At the Louis Vuitton factory I saw workers making shoes from scratch, and I even got to hammer a locket onto a heel myself! I used to see clothes and shoes as just, well, clothes and shoes. Not anymore," she said to Glamour magazine.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons