Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors

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Diane Sawyer, like most news anchors and reporters, was exhausted last night. But Sawyer, who covered Hurricane Sandy in depth right before election night, may have taken too much onto herself, and it showed in a big way on air last night.

Sawyer is battling rumors today that she was drunk or high during her coverage of the election after she slurred her words, repeated herself, and mispronounced Obama’s name. Reps for ABC say she was simply extremely tired, which accounted for her propping herself up on her hands against the desk at varying points during the broadcast.

“Diane’s been up for days and she’s had many sleepless nights. She was covering the hurricane and then preparing for the election broadcast. If you knew Diane you’d realise she’s one of the hardest working people on television. She likes to cram things in, she likes to have every fact at her finger tips…and I think that came at the expense of the broadcast,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Sawyer wasn’t the only exhausted person covering the big night; Brian Williams seemed to have a bit less patience than usual during interviews, hardly cracking a smile all night and letting his professional news anchor guard down a little when he talked about “weed all over the ballots”. He also reamed Donald Trump, who was live-tweeting during the election results, saying, “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and peered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight.”

Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors
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  • MRyan

    She may have suffered a mild stroke and/or she could have an undisclosed illness, such as MS…remember Annette Funicello?

    • http://yahoo.com veronica

      i too think she should be checked for a maybe stroke

  • http://yahoo.com Dana

    Why is this even an issue? What about the fact that ABC took eight minutes longer than the other networks to announce and post Obama as the winner? Please someone confirm this I couldn’t believe it!!!

  • lueylaw

    Just another LIBERAL IDIOT all up Obummer’s butt.!!!!

  • Tammy

    Come on people, How rude can you be. Did it not occur to anyone that she may have been having a mini stoke. People jump to to many occlusions without having all the facts and not caring if feelings get hurt or not by spreading rumors. GROW UP

  • Deb Fild

    Yes. She was clearly drunk. The pattern of speech and excessive talking were clear indicators. However, before we judge, almost every individual has made poor choices in life. Myself included. I hope that whatever stressors are in her life she is able to deal with without a substance.

  • Milan Jackson

    My opinion, if she was drunk, a drunk Diane Sawyer is better than almost any other news person sober.

  • Lyndon Girvin

    The No Agenda Show featuring Adam Curry and John C Dvorak have been discussing this topic for several months. Diane is a lush.

    Check out noagendashow.com for information months ahead of the mainstream media.

  • Terri

    Why are people so quick to assume she was drunk? She is a professional woman and I am sure of all nights to get drunk she would not choose election night to drink!! She was either extremly tired or was having health issues.

    • darlene

      Thank you, Terri, for your insightful and very intelligent statement. Thumbs up to you!

  • JimmiP

    If any of you showed up drunk to work you would be let go on the spot. In the real world that is grounds for immediate termination.

  • Doran

    Yes, I think we have to wait and see what was wrong. My husband said last night that she seemed drunk, I wasn’t watching consistently enough to really notice, she just seem ebullient in the short clips that I saw. Looking at the videos today, there was obviously something wrong – and the most interesting thing is to watch the faces of the other newscasters and reporters. I’m surprised someone didn’t just help her off the air and let someone else take over. But please, wait and see what actually was going on.

    • Tammy Talmadge


  • Clayton

    I wish I had been there, I would do her I don’t care if she is a lush !!!

  • http://Yahoo.com Mary Ann Hitchcock

    Leave Diane alone. She has worked hard and was very tired. I dare say the same thing could have happened to you if you had lost as much sleep as she.

  • Pamela Phillips

    I totally believe Diane Sawyer was dead tired, because I too have been that tired and embarassed myself during a college presentation. Of course, I was extremely embarassed, but the professor observed just how tired I was – slurred speech, could barely stand up straight and I was confused when trying to make sentences. I ended up saying, “You know what I mean!” and the classroom broke out in laughter. It was a Senior Project and I had been awake almost three days straight, so I felt quite happy that the professor understood and she released me from class without finishing the presentation and I went home to sleep.

    Everyone is so quick to make this incident into something it is not which is extremely unfortunate for Sawyer, who will now have to defend what occured, as well as wonder if anyone believes her story. I know there are others out there who have been in this situation, so please give the woman a break!

  • Tammy Talmadge

    Clearly Diane Sawyer needs help whether it’s for alcohol/drug abuse or a physical ailment. It’s not an isolated incident. Everyone’s exhausted right now so that’s not a fair excuse. ABC needs to step in and get her help whether it’s admitting her to a hospital or a treatment facility.

    • M. Ellen Anderson

      You are an idiot, Tammy

  • http://pukekomekuto@gmail.com pukeko me. kuto

    Before the election it seems like Diane Sawyer is imagining herself walking with Mitt Romney to the altar or laying on the beach a’la “From here to Eternity” while being kiss by Mitt Romney. When she woke up Diane Sawyer couldn’t accept the fact that President Obama won the election.

  • Janice

    I don’t care about Diane Sawyer’s slurring, she is and always will be a great reporter.
    Drunk? I don’t think so! tired of all this Election business aren’t we all, who is going to miss all those calls from all those places we don’t know anybody from? Let’s don’t attack anyone else for we know not what was the underlieing cause? Have’t we had enough attacks on our American politaians, superstars etc?? Where is our tolerance and respect let’s not bash, let pray for our America!!!

  • Pamela

    Jokes are OK, but anyone who actually believes that Diane was anything but exhausted is a moron.

  • Bruce Arner

    This was no , just being tired, looks bad.

  • Faith

    Did anybody think about taking Diane to the doctor or ER? Diane is in her 60s, some conditions become more frequent or serious as age advances. There are many medical problems, some life-threatening, that need immediate medical attention. She could have been having a stroke in front of our very eyes, of the part of the brain that controls speech. A brain aneurysm can look like what was happening. Brain tumors can show up exactly like you saw her, and countless other diseases including irregular heart beats, diabetes with grossly abnormal hi or low blood sugar and so on. The responsible thing to do was pull her off the set immediately and go to the ER. All those conditions I described can rapidly start killing brain cells. If you get immediate care for the patient you can lessen how much permanant damage occurs, or save the person’s life. If there was a doctor around he or she should have been called to Diane’s side while at the same time someone should have dialed 911. Later everyone can have their debate. Pray that you or your loved ones are never in that kind of crisis while people are debating whether or not you should be fired, while the person is deteriorating and can’t cry for help because the stroke or whatever has robbed you or your loved one of all ability to speak. Maybe it was alcohol, that doesn’t change the appropriate response of the people around her, nor does age. ABC needs to ask themselves what should have been done in such a situation, and establish procedures for events of this kind in the future.

    I speak from my >25years of medical practice.

    • Diane McDowell

      Thank you for that!!!

    • Johanna

      I so agree with Faith! ABC should be ashamed of themselves, what if it had been a stroke? We all know the signs. What? The show must go on????? Diane is much too professional and focused on her work to ever imbibe on the air. Have some compassion people!

  • http://yahoo.com AJ Perea

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Edward R. Murrow once stated, “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his [or her] deception, the one who lies with sincerity.” During this campaign and debates, Romney has demonstrated that he will say and stand for whatever it takes, and wherever to win an election. But now he has demonstrated he will “do” whatever it takes, wherever to win, except answer questions of why he wanted to cut 49% funding for FEMA and privatize it! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: A few days ago in Ohio, he send out his campaign out to buy $5,000 in can goods from Wall Mart than ask supporter to be handed the can goods in order to take photos with him and Ryan while conducting a staged humanitarian event by pretending to “collect” food for suffering Americans of Storm! Just like Ryan went into a soup kitchen for the sole purpose of photo opt to be washing a “cleaned” pan! How cynical and hypocritical can you get? Do these morally bankrupt, desperate hypocritical characters without character think that any intelligent thinking Americans that values integrity will be fooled? And I will close by asking when will the DISCLOSURE of Romney’s income taxes appear? Regardless of the outcome with the re-election of the President, history will show this to be a scandalous and dangerous precedent to our democracy! What has happen to professional standards in journalism? As regular viewer, two glaring examples are John Dickerson, CBS and Erin Burnett, CNN that clearly lack journalistic professional objectivity to report the political news. I guess for us, Middle Class Citizens, will have to stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live or Stuart or Colbert comedy to get the factual truth in order whom to vote for Presidency of the United States! Shame on you, national free press media!



  • Cindy Rossow

    people who post crap about others and dont have all of the facts are just MORONS…!! and they probably watch the news very rarely… I dont think there has been a day pass that Diane has not been on the air…DOING HER JOB around the clock..!! for at least 2 weeks and maybe more…Diane you are an awesome anchor..!! And I hope you get some rest very soon..!

  • Colleen

    I slur when I have a migraine headache. I wonder if she had a migraine or possibly a minor stroke?

  • Tina

    Why did they just let her keep going on and on and on.. they should have cut to the other guys and let her take a dang break instead of looking stupid like that.. I’m sure she is embarassed.. whatever the chemical imbalance was, she is good at her job any other time… they about to put her out the door and let her give them a good reason to find a young hottie to put in her place.. what else? duh..
    get some rest girl.. you deserve it.

  • http://Yahoo Albert Coats

    You know what I say to you people who think she was drunk, get a life.
    I had to stay up almost 40 hrs once, just try that and see how good you talk. She had been up for more then 36 hrs and she was damn tired, give her a break!!!!!!!

  • nick

    Let me starts out buy sayins thisss iss never funny when someone hass
    a drinkinssss problems. Burp! I have had one fors likes 10 yearsss and its rellys nots funnyssss. Leave thisss old tart alonesss to fight hers demonsss.

    The old ssssstink Drunkenssss lushssssssssssss.



  • http://www.wellnesstalkradio.com Kris Costello

    Be careful about judging people, Multiple Sclerosis can also cause slurring of speech..just sayin….

    • derek

      cmon she was buzzed,i say give her a pass here we do love her.

  • Cathy

    Dear Amanda Crum,
    Next time get someone to proof read your work. You spelt realize wrong in the 3rd paragraph.

    • maggie

      “Realise” is how they spell “realize” in the UK, Cathy.

      • K Smith

        Speaking of proof reading…spelt is not a word. However, spelled is.

        • Danielle

          @K Smith…lol! absolutely! I cannot express enough how much I love when people feel they must correct someone’s grammar or spelling…only to prove that they themselves can’t spell either! haha…thanks for making me laugh.

      • Kevin

        Pairagraph iz spelt wif a F

  • Cathy

    Oh, and re-named in the 4th paragraph

  • Mrs. Davis

    Give Diane a break. She’s a pro, and has made few mistakes that I know of. I love Diane, especially on 60 Minutes. People who are driven, work-a-holics can over-exert themselves. I suspect that is what happened to Diane, and also to Obama during the first debate–he simply was worn out.

  • nick

    Hellos? I am stucks in cyberworld.

    Diane sewer, whos that’s? Drink the devilss rum. Thoses first cast
    the stones who thinkss they are better thens themselvessss, Burp! In thys holly tabernakels of thy placess of worship.

  • chris

    she got the money yooooooo who cares she can do her own detox!!!!

  • Andrea

    I know what it is like to work non stop and then some. Then some more. Then some more. I too have appeared to be “On Something” after working my rear end off. People like to point at the speck in someone else’s eye when they have a log in their own.

  • Allen Smith

    I’m conservative, but Sean Hannity is a sap.

  • Patricia

    I think the station should have taken her off. To allow her to further embarrass herself and the network was unthinkable. Doesn’t matter what the reason they allowed it to go on humiliating her and her outstanding news career. Certainly they could have had someone else step in to give her a break….
    almost cruel to have allowed her to continue like that

  • http://Yahoo.com Paula Kramer

    If I had had to listen to all the stuff she had to listen to last nigh, I WOULD have gottren drunk.

  • derek

    she was wasted and just kept rambling but i still love her.give her a pass here

  • Republican

    I got drunk after I got the bad news last night myself. She, however, could have had a slight stroke.

  • Lee Geiger

    I think that too many people feel that they are perfect, & Criticize Diane for slurring, She works very hard to get things perfect, she goes beyond human possibilities. Then some lazy person, that does not do anything, feels they have the right to criticize. There is a saying that the empty can makes the most noise, but the determined, do the most work.

  • Joe Blow

    What’s wrong with a drunk horny woman. We need more of them. Hopefully someone got lucky with her that night if she was drunk or stoned or etc. Can she be worse in the sack than Paris or Kim or Pam? Talk about lame in bed They should be embarrassed the world saw how lousy of a lay they were in their career launching movies.

    • w

      Wow…Joe…sounds like you need to go blow yourself.

    • nan


    • mc

      You grew up with NO respect for women, obviously.
      Holy cow….the though of some woman meeting YOU makes me sick.
      You are one horny bastard.

  • http://WebProNews stan kenosky

    For Diane Sawyer, I hope it was booze if not, she should be evaluated immediately for a brain aneurysm. Saw this same scenario 20+ years ago from a title agent at a closing. Everybody asked if she was drinking, I knew her well and really brushed it off, there is no way I said. This went on for a few weeks and then she was gone. She had a brain aneurysm.

  • Nestor

    Good for her! So she, many of us, takes a nip every now and then. Doesn’t make her or any other an alcoholic! Luv Diane Sawyer!!


  • S

    The MAJORITY of Americans wanted to drink after those results came in. Maybe she just got the news a little earlier than the rest of us.

  • http://facebook Paula Ashley

    How can people post negative comments about Dianne Sawyer being drunken and slurring her speach? I expect anyone going through all the reporting with little or no rest would be exhausted or may not even make to the end of any story or be completely exhausted.

  • cupcake

    ok, she’s not just slurring—-let’s call a spade; a spade!—she’s rambling and babbling too!! The jig is UP—she’s hammered!

  • http://yahoo mamabee

    when people who are diabetic don’t eat on time, their sugar level can
    drop suddenly causing slurred speech and they are not aware of anything happening until they pass out. Her sugar levels could have
    been off.

  • nan

    She sounds tired, not drunk. Some people just don’t know how it feels to work that hard, especially when you get older.

  • edw_jr

    How about Trump?? Was he drunk?? Or was it just his usual stupidity showing its ugly head once again?? Did I say “Ugly head”? Yep, i guess I did. Oh well, his head is UGLY!!!!

  • mc

    LOL poor George..didn’t get a word in…I loved the way he stared all helpless into the camera.

  • barbie

    she was not drunk! Love her!

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