Diane Kruger Says She Hurt Men Over Daddy Issues


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Diane Kruger is on the cover of Marie Claire UK this month, and in the magazine's interview, the actress is quoted as calling herself an idiot, speaking out about therapy, and being remorseful for the way she treated men.

The 36-year-old star told the magazine that she was "and idiot" around the time she turned 30, and that she "didn't know shit about anything." She turned to therapy to get help with her issues - something she stated has helped her deal better with her life. Kruger even complimented the U.S., and the L.A. area in particular, for its forward-thinking outlook on therapy, saying, "I really like that about America."

According to Kruger, one major outcome of therapy has been improved relationships. She stated that she had dated men older that she believe she should have, and that she "punished many men for my lack of father figure."

The therapy seems to have paid off. Kruger has been in a long relationship with actor Joshua Jackson since 2006. Though the couple may never get married (Kruger was married to Guillaume Canet from 2001 until 2006 and has since stated she doesn't believe in marriage), the actress has stated the pair have made a commitment to each other.

(Image courtesy Georges Biard under Creative Commons license)

(via Marie Claire)