Diahann Carroll Says, “We’re All Very Grateful”

    September 23, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Diahann Carroll was happy to be joined by Kerry Washington on stage during the Emmys. Both women are talented African-American actresses who have starred in television shows that at some point received Emmy nominations. Kerry Washington was a 2013 nomination for the lead in the drama, Scandal. While enthusiastic to share the stage with another talented individual, Diahann Carroll had other concerns about the selection for nominations.

“I feel we’re a little behind, we need to catch up. We’re all very grateful to the Emmys because they’ve been on our side. At the same time, we’d like it to be a little more with what’s going on in the world,” Diahann Carroll said.

Seventy-eight-year-old Diahann was recognized for her talents when she starred in Julia where her performance earned her a nomination back in 1969.

Diahann Carroll’s presence at the Emmys showed that she can still captivate an audience. Though Claire Danes won the Emmy for her involvement in the series Homeland, Kerry Washington was viewed as the winner for other reasons. Kerry Washington was not only envied for her nomination, but rather for being able just to stand near the legendary Diahann Carroll.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]

  • cindyd

    Why is it still about race and gender? If we left color and gender out of it…wouldn’t we all “catch up” a little faster?

    • MelyB

      Apparently it IS still about race & gender since Diahann has been the only Black woman to win the award for an actress in a dramatic series and NO Black man has ever won. You do the math.

      • Gabe

        No black man has ever won? What about Bill Cosby? He won three for I Spy!

      • Jer

        Diahann did not win an Emmy, she was nominated. No black actress has won an Emmy for a leading or supporting role in a drama serious. And yes, Bill Cosby did win for I Spy. However…how long has the Emmys been going on that there has been only one black male who has won an Emmy for a leading role in a drama series, which happened in the 60’s. In fact, no black person period has won an Emmy in the main categories since the 8o’s. Not to mention, there’s only been one black person that has won in each of the main categories, except lead actress drama,supporting acress drama, supporting actor comedy, and supporting actor drama, all of which no black person has won in. Isabelle Sanford won in the 70’s for lead actress in a comedy for the Jeffersons, Robert Guillaume in the 80’s for lead actor in a comedy for Benson, Jackee Harry in the 80’s for supporting actress in a comedy for 227, and Cosby won 3 times for lead actor in a drama for I Spy. That’s it…

        • Gabe

          You left out James Earl Jones, who won for Gabriel’s Fire, and Andre Braugher, who won for Homicide: Life on the Street.

          • Gabe

            You also left out Gail Fisher, who won for Mannix, Alfre Woodard for Hill Street Blues, Madge Sinclair for Gabriel’s Fire, and Mary Alice for I’ll Fly Away.

          • Gabe

            You also left out Gail Fisher, who won for Mannix, Alfre Woodard for Hill Street Blues, Madge Sinclair for Gabriel’s Fire, and Mary Alice for I’ll Fly Away.

        • Gabe

          You also left out supporting actresses Gail Fisher, who won for Mannix, Alfre Woodard for Hill Street Blues, Madge Sinclair for Gabriel’s Fire and Mary Alice for I’ll Fly Away. Also, Robert Guillaume won best supporting actor for Soap.

    • mIMI

      It will always be that way. Why no one can’t look and see American with different races and their are people of color, black, brown, red, yellow should get an award. Let’s be truthful and stop being in denial. Diann, you said it right? One day it would be a time to “catch up”!

      Are we looking at the same show and see who is getting all the awards?

    • jacob

      so, you really think that if you believe no evil there is no evil? If the wors were never spoken the truth would still be there. Only people who have never been affected by those things think they shouldn’t be spoken about.

  • Big T

    Diahann shouldn’t talk about her former co-star’s looks, she isn’t much to look at either and she should learn how to spell her name correctly too.

    • jacob

      Post your picture troll. Perhaps you should learn how she spells her name.

  • Baba Booey

    I TOTALLY agree with cindyd – that’s all I hear is race & gender. Everyone would be “caught up” if they stopped keeping score . . .

    • jacob

      If we were caught up race and gender would never have to be mentioned and a count wouldn’t be necessary. Denial is not a river.

  • Susan

    Diahann Carroll has been very angry about the treatment of black artists for a while. I saw her perform live and heard the same type of comments. She is very talented, but I disagree with her comments.I think there are many talented blacks like Phylica Rahsad and her daughter, Condola, Denzel Washington, Audra McDonald and Will Smith and his wife, Jada as well as others.

    • Jadde

      Your own post stated it was about the TREATMENT of blacks, Not how many are talented. It’s that kind of misunderstanding that keeps people apathetic.

  • Vanessa

    I do not watch the Emmy’s b/c I’m not interested in the shows that usually win. Just saw Diahann Carroll’s pix and checked out the article. Kerry Washington is Fab-u-lous in Scandal. Luv her.

  • Karen Schand

    Thanks Ladies for showing the world, how poised, beautiful, and classy we are. Kerry you were absoulutely beautiful and from my livingroom I felt how much of an honor it was for you to be presenting with and being complimented by the AMAZING Lady Diahann Carroll. So worth watching The Emmy for the two of you…