Dexter Manley Takes Jab At Troy Aikman, Issues Apology

    October 29, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Some things are just better left unsaid. This is the only statement that could apply to Dexter Manley’s loose lips this week. While the former Washington Redskins football player, and current NFL analyst is known for verbally pushing the envelop with his on-air smack talk, this time he may have pushed things a bit too far this time.

The “Secretary of Defense” recently came under fire for his verbal attack against former Dallas Cowboys’ star quarterback Troy Aikman. For those who are behind on the latest NFL happenings, Manley was a guest on Washington’s only all-news station, WTOP. Now, Manley normally guest stars on the show periodically, however, this particular stunt may have ruined his welcome.


Manley was on air Monday morning to talk football in a discuss about the Cowboys’ last-minute loss to the Detroit Lions’ in Sunday’s game. According to the Washington Post, everything as going just fine until a trick question put the ball in Manley’s court. One of the radio commentators asked if Manley thought the Cowboys loss was triggered by Aikman being on of the analyst for the game.

In a nutshell, they wondered if Manley felt the team was jinxed as a result of such an unorthodox loss. Manley responded with an offensive jab saying, “I think Troy as a queer.”

Although the WTOP anchors, Bruce Allen and Mike Moss, went into immediate action to have Manley retract the statement, the damage had already been done. However, he did apologize on air by simply saying, “I’m sorry about that. I take that back. … I apologize.”

Immediately following the segment the WTOP newsroom director, Jim Farley, issued a public statement regarding Manley’s action. “This morning in a live interview former Redskins player Dexter Manley made an offensive and derogatory comment. He was immediately challenged by WTOP news anchors Mike Moss and Bruce Alan. We were shocked and stunned and we apologize to our listeners that this happened on WTOP. WTOP has contacted a representative for Manley and informed her that he will not be returning.”

Manley also issued a formal apology following the events that occurred on the radio segment. His statement read, “In an interview with WTOP radio Monday, while intending to be funny, I used a slur to refer to Troy Aikman,” said Manley. “It was wrong and insensitive. Anyone that knows me knows that’s not who I am in my heart or mind. I want to apologize to Troy, but I mostly want to apologize to anyone else I offended. Like a lot of people in these times, I have to realize that what I thought was funny years ago doesn’t work now. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again and hope you will accept my apology.”


Image(s) via Twitter | Dexter Manley   Wikimedia Commons | Troy Aikman

  • JK from Kansas

    In America, there are four things you can not talk about freely: sex, gender, race or sexual orientation. You must also say the politically correct thing and you really can never say the truth.

    As far as sex goes, you can never say that people love it and do it all the time and in many freaky ways. You have to act prudish and not talk about it at all. You must always put on a modest false front. You can never talk about the reality of sex in America. It is taboo. As far as gender goes, men are bad and women are good. You can say whatever you want to about a man but women are off limits. Misandry is applauded and Misogyny is vilified. As far as race goes, all races are protected except whites. A person could type the world cracker on here a million times and nothing would happen. Try doing that with the n-word. Lastly, as far a sexual orientation goes, you can never speak badly against gays.

    These are the rules in America. We are the most politically correct country in the history of the world. Everything about us is phony because no one is allowed to speak their minds. Break the rules if you want, but you will get fired or ostracized. This is the reason why things never approve in this country. People say all the right things but inside, they don’t believe what they say and they are never given the opportunity to have constructive discussions about things.

  • @JK

    You are right. No one deals with reality in America. I once went to a party where a girl was purposely getting drunk and talking about how she wanted to get laid. She even picked out the guy. Well, you guessed it, she had sex and cried rape a couple of days later. That girl knew exactly what she was doing and planned everything in advance. I told the police that too but some people still wanted me to say that wasn’t the case because of “political correctness”. I told the truth. The reality was she purposely got drunk, targeted a guy, and had sex. The guy ended up not going to jail because other people witnessed the same things. But think about how many people do go to jail because of political correctness. Prison is no laughing matter. There are many people who go to prison because people “go along with the group” and they don’t speak their minds.

    In this case, Troy Aikmen can handle things. I bet to him it is not a big deal. He heard worse on the football field. Trust me on this. Most men just let things roll off their backs. The only people this bothers is really thin skinned people.

    • Normandy

      wrong guys-youre obviously straight, fat white guys right? try this-what if the black guy was called a N&^^er? would you say just get over it? its cool? we cant tolerate this craap in a civilized world-especially in a world where gays are still being beaten , killed, fired, denied housing EVERY day for being gay-make snese? look up the word empathy