Device Kickstarter Campaign Gets Funded in 12 Hours

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A crowdfunding campaign launched last week on, met its funding goal after being live on the website for only 12 hours. The campaign collected $118,000 in its first 24 hours, totaling 1,638 pre-orders of the device.

Plug is a new data storage solution launched by Cloud Guys Corporation, a US/French startup. It's a small adaptor made to be kept at your home, connected to Internet. It transforms external USB drives provided by the user into a central, fast and private storage solution for all his/her devices.

Once Plug is installed, it unifies the memory of all the users' devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs), removes their limits of size, and introduces a technology for instant file sending.

As opposed to other storage solutions such as DropBox or Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, Plug has the capacity to replace the entire filesystem of the computers it is installed on. All the files of the user are managed by Plug, and are shared transparently by all his/her devices.

Severin Marcombes, the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Guys, Corp., explains the device this way:

"Today, each one of our devices has its own memory, with its own content. This makes it extremely difficult for normal users to apprehend where their data is. So much that we are forced to manually move our data to the Cloud to keep our laptops synchronized with our iPhones. I sincerely appreciate the efforts made by companies like Apple or DropBox to synchronize the content of our devices. However, I think that creating yet another memory to store our content, like the Cloud, is not a sufficient solution. Storage has to be re-thought from the ground up, to make our devices truly work together. The industry needs new storage solutions that make the very idea of synchronization obsolete. Plug brings one of them."

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