Developing Effective Managers

    May 15, 2006

Effective managers are people who possess great skills. In todays work environment managing a team requires more than just telling others what to do and how to do it.

A great manager possesses the skills to motivate, evaluate, problem solve, resolve conflict and produce extraordinary results.

To become a leader in the workplace takes time, effort and on the job experience, there is no simple way around it.

Do you want to become an effective manager and leader in your workplace? Take the time to learn and improve the following skills and your success will be virtually guaranteed.

Effective managers are knowledgeable. They understand the goals and objectives of the company. They fully understand their responsibilities, duties and expectations. An effective manager also possesses the knowledge to answer any questions or concerns from those who report to them.

Effective managers understand and appreciate the value of their team. They understand that the success of the business rests on the quality and productivity of their team. Without a well produced product the business stands little chance of success.

Effective managers are consistent in every way, Whether it is coaching, mentoring, giving direction or discipline, it is performed the same way for everyone no exceptions ever. An effective manager talks the talk and walks the walk.

Effective managers dress the part. They wear clean and pressed clothing, shine their shoes and practice proper hygiene. To be successful you need to look successful.

Effective managers are human. They understand that their team are human beings and not robots and they treat them as such.An effective manager can tell a good story or joke, be empathetic to someone’s needs and everything in between.

Effective managers are great motivators. They take the time to get to know each member of their team and learn what motivates them. In most cases an effective manager knows his people better than they know themselves.

Effective managers possess excellent listening skills. Listening to ideas, feedback or concerns and taking the time to paraphrase and think things through before providing an answer. This one skill alone will build trust and respect from your team very quickly.

Effective managers are great communicators. They are able to adapt their communication style to those they are speaking to. There are those who want an answer that is straight to the point – no fluff no filler. On the other side of the coin there are those who like to banter for awhile and get to the subject eventually. It is important to know your audience and adapt your communication style to theirs, not theirs to yours.

Effective managers lead by example. A great manager will never direct someone to do something that they wouldn’t do themselves. They are never afraid to jump right in and get their hands dirty.

Effective managers take responsibility for their decisions and actions. They will hold themselves accountable for everything they do. There are no excuses or blaming others.

Effective managers know how to manage their time. They learn to use their time efficiently and pass those skills to their team. Some managers give rewards to members of their team who find a way to produce their product in less time while maintaining quality.

Take your management skills to the next level, invest in yourself and watch your team and company reap the rewards.

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