Deus Ex: The Fall Out For iPhone, iPad


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Deus Ex: The Fall is officially out for iOS platforms. The game is an offshoot of the 2011 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's also one of the most ambitious mobile games yet released, attempting to bring the experience of a console stealth/shooter to the small screen.

Rather than follow Human Revolution protagonist Adam Jensen, the game follows a British mercenary named Ben Saxon as he investigates a global drug conspiracy. Though the controls for the game have been adapted for a touch screen, The Fall appears to be just the same as its PC and console predecessors.

The Fall sells for $6.99/£4.99/€5.99 in Apple's App Store. The game will run on iPhone 4S and newer iPhones, 3rd-generation iPads and newer iPads, and on the latest generation of iPod Touch devices.

As seen in the launch trailer below, the graphics in The Fall don't come near those of the good-looking Human Revolution. However, much of the gameplay Deus Ex fans love does seem to have made it into the mobile game.