Despite Report, Yahoo, Microsoft Still Stuck

    April 23, 2008

Everyone hoping for a conclusive result – any conclusive result – following Yahoo’s earnings report should prepare for another period of rumors and waiting. 

Yahoo-Microsoft Deal
 Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang, for his part, appears to remain atop a fence.  "Our board and management team continue to be open to any and all alternatives, including a sale to Microsoft," he stated.  The CEO later continued, "Our board and management are committed to maximizing shareholder value and will not enter into any transaction that does not recognize the full value of this company."

Investors aren’t much help; although some show of support or protest might have the power to move things along, Yahoo’s only drifted 0.98 percent (downward) in off-hours trading.  Its stock price remains largely unchanged from February 1st; on that day, Yahoo closed at $28.38, and this morning, $28.26 or so appears set to be the opening price.

Meanwhile, popular opinion is split, as well.  Mashable started a poll yesterday, and 168 people have responded so far.  Exactly 80 of them believe it’s time for Yahoo to accept Microsoft’s offer, while 88 feel the company should continue (at least for the time being) to stand on its own.

Any person with the power to bring about a coin toss, arm wrestling contest, or some other means of resolving this matter is strongly urged to enter the scene.