DeskBrowse Available For Free

    July 3, 2006

It’s “lightweight and has a very responsive interface.” It’s “innovative,” and offers “blazing speed.” Maybe I watched too much racing yesterday, but this sounds like a sports car. But no – it’s DeskBrowse! And now it’s free. Mac users everywhere can rejoice.

A post by Dan Pourhardi on the Unofficial Apple Weblog describes it as a “quick, efficient browser that will appear and disappear at the press of a button.” Pourhardi notes that it “works as advertised . . . . Plus, it’s fast, free, and open source.”

The author of the DeskBrowse site writes that “we developed DeskBrowse with one thing in mind: a way to get information from the web quickly and easily in a nice user interface with the least hassle involved for the end user.” For those of you concerned with security, the writer describes it as “one of the most secure web browsers in the world.”

Would-be users should take note that the software “is completely free to use, distribute, sell, modify, or improve. The source code is readily available from this website, as is an SVN repository.”

One of the comments (posted by the oddly named “aaa”) on the Unofficial Apple Weblog describes DeskBrowse as “quite good looking.” “Alex P” took note of the program’s functionality, and wrote, “I think every application should work like that . . .”

“me” was the most talkative respondent of all. “This is great. I’ve been looking for a way to load up all my google services (mail, calendar, reader and personalized homepage). Been using Safari for that, but I would like the Google stuff to be separate so as to not interfere with my other web use. This is a great app to do this, especially with the sliding and webspose action!”

While I regret this didn’t involve auto racing (on something other than an oval track), it’s still a nice development for Mac users.


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