Designing For The International Community

    June 30, 2003

This is a peer review of by Julian Tandy, webmaster: Nissan Rally Raid Team.

Oh dear! The Inf-Inet site failed my first and most critical site test – download time. The site may be fine for a US broadband audience but for us slow poke modem bound Europeans it is to slow to load.

I clicked on the link from WebProNews and waited…. After 15 seconds some text came up along with some image place holders. I skim read the text and waited…. My browser final came up “Done” after 1minute 28seconds.

It doesn’t matter how good or how bad the site design is, if it takes a minute and a half to load then these are not the people I want building me a site. If I was looking for site designers I would have abandoned the site about 30 seconds into the home page load. In the interest of the review I did click a few other links. “Web Hosting” took 1 minute 3 seconds to download and despite having some of the images in cache it still had 69 items to download. and it went on, with no page loading in under 45 seconds.

As for the site itself, it looked like 100’s of other “look what my new website creation software can do” sites. The 3 icons on the right are fine, but what a waste of space for the rest of the page when as much as 25% of each page is just grey on the right. The main body layout was nice, good use of just Burgundy and black for the text, but, the content itself was bland and really didn’t grab my attention. Your review request states you are striving to improve the “Support” area. I looked at the site about 5pm EST so all of America should have been at work, but your live support just said “Offline” not the type of thing that makes me think you will be there when I need you.

Julian Tandy

Webmaster: Nissan Rally Raid Team

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