‘Derek’ Season 2 Is In The Rehearsal Stage

    October 21, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Derek, the show created by and starring Ricky Gervais, which made its debut as a Netflix original last month, is now in the rehearsal stage for its second season:

The pilot premiered in April of last year on Channel 4 in the UK, then the series began to air in January of this year. 9 months later, it came to Netflix (with the “Netflix Original” title) everywhere else where the service is available.

We don’t know much about what will happen in season 2 so far, but Gervais did have this to say about the Kev character in a recent AMA (ask me anything) on reddit:

“Yes, Kev is one of my favourite characters, and I was so glad that the audience went from being uncomfortable around him to really rooting for him at the end. He has another dramatic journey in Series 2, but you’ll be pleased to know he is still a drunken, unhygienic pervert.”

I don’t think fans would have it any other way.

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  • http://msn bonnie huss

    Love,love,love this show!!!!!!

  • http://msn bonnie huss

    The best show ever!!! I want to see more!!!

  • Henrik

    Just finished season 1 on Netflix – excellent show!

  • Kylie

    One of the most wonderful TV shows Ive ever seen. Have seen all episodes in the first season at least times each. Bring on Season 2!!

  • susan

    What a refreshing change! I had pretty well given up on television/movies as entertainment.Half the time I’m bored silly and tired of the lack of creativity –always the same garbage spit out with a slightly different spin. Then came “Derek”—absolutely brilliant!! Thank you I can’t wait to see more!