Deputy Fatally Shot In Illinois

    December 21, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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A Cook County sheriff was shot and killed in Bellwood, IL while attempting to protect his daughter and her boyfriend during a robbery at gunpoint.

Sheriff Cuauhtemoc Estrada, a former Marine, stepped outside from a family Christmas party at the Bellwood Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, Friday evening around 7:30, to find his daughter and her boyfriend being robbed by two people in ski masks. The two robbers threatened the victims with a gun as they were carrying food from their car, according to authorities and relatives

Estrada pulled his weapon in an effort to intervene and was shot in the chest. He was then rushed to Loyola University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead just a half hour later, at 8:08 pm.

Sheriff Tom Dart said early this morning that investigators were following several leads but his office released no details. The criminals are still on the loose.

Estrada’s family of four children, three grandchildren and a neighborhood of others are devastated.

The daughter who Estrada made the valiant effort to rescue, Christina Estrada, 19, was in deep despair and crying when talking with reporters, holding onto a necklace her father had bought her, and friends say she never took off – a pendant in the shape of a miniature gold Cook County Sheriff’s badge with her father’s badge number.

Christina described her dad as a devoted father. “He was always there for us.”

“Now he’s not going to be able to see me walk across the stage when I graduate college.” said a distraught Christina. “It just seems so unreal.”

Estrada’s former sister-in-law, Patty Santamaria, said he dedicated his life to protecting people. “Not just his own family but his entire community,” she said. “He fought hard to clean up his own streets.”

When Estrada was shot, Santamaria was on her way to the party with his youngest daughter, who is 13.

“I had to tell her,” Santamaria said.

Ben Breit, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s office had this to say about Estrada:

“(Estrada) was an exceptional investigator, but an even better man who loved his family, his friends and his country. Quite simply, he made this world a better place and will be missed by all whose lives he touched.”

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  • Wee Willie Winkie

    They never gave a description of the shooter.
    Was it a white man. Black. Or Mexican?
    A Jew? A Jap? A Chinaman? What? Who should we look out for?

    • Wee Willie Winkie


    • Spikepine

      We send our soldiers to Iraq, Iran, Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Germany and who knows where else; yet our streets are some of the most dangerous in the world. When are we going to protect our citizens from the wars of our streets?

      • @Spike

        If we spent more money on our people instead of fighting those useless wars, there would be much less violence in this country.

        Those countries don’t ask for our help. They don’t want our help. They don’t want us there.

        Take that money and provide social services and create jobs here in America and crime will go down.

      • Andrew


        • caroline

          Andrew, Can’t you just give your condolences to the family and his fellow workmates and be done with it?

      • http://www.Remember1986.com Brandy

        Our government won’t even use our miitary to stop terrorists from coming across our borders so it will be a cold day in hell before they use our military to protect us in our streets.

        • Gene

          Brandy – we don’t allow military on the streets because Military are not police men. They are soldiers. Soldiers are not trained to be police officers. They are trained to kill over soldiers.

          I would prefer myself for it to be a cold day in hell before young kids with automatic firearms, grenades and rocket launchers – light infantry – are on America’s streets.

    • Just Me

      I think they had masks on.

    • @Willie

      We should look for you Willie. It is obvious you are racist as hell. People like you would like nothing more to shoot another person.

    • Joe Palmeiri

      They had masks on tardie

    • Ender

      I’ll give you three guesses, but you’ll only need one…statistically speaking. I have no inside info.

    • denis

      they were Black, or Mexican they suspect.

      • http://WorldProNews Monty

        No, white males are the ones always shooting
        people they don’t even know. “For the thrill
        of it”

        • Dennis

          Like those kids who shot the Australian baseball player?

    • http://n/a JJM

      What difference could that possibly make? I believe the bullets are the same, and will kill you just as dead; whether the gun is wielded by whites, blacks, latinos, or anyone else. The guns, which are so easily obtained is one of the major problems here. Just about any fool can buy a gun and bullets, and use them for crimes. Yes, these robbers are murderers now, and should be incarcerated until they die. This officer’s family doesn’t care what race the murderers are; why should you? They just want them found and prosecuted.

      • Dennis

        You have to pass a background check to get a handgun, so they’ve either never broke a law in their life or they got the weapon illegally. The gun didn’t force them to shoot, it’s not the guns fault.

    • Jessica Colby

      HHHHmmmmm… Let me guess. Robbing a Christmas Party….. Ski masks….. I would bet my ranch that the criminals in this case are Negros. They are animals. Most of the violent crimes are committed by Negros. Oh political left keep the welfare state alive so that 50 years from now things will be exactly as they are today. Jails filled to the brim with criminal Negros.

      • http://WorldProNews Monty

        What 19th century outhouse did you come out of??? NO ONE
        on the planet is more violent than WHITE MALES. Who are
        school shooters and mass murderers? Hum???? Oh yeah,
        WHITE MALES. Whenever I see a white male walking down
        the street I quickly cross over to the other side and
        keep my hand on the gun in my purse. You never know
        with one of them around what might happen!

    • George

      You know they were black. Just look at that poor lawer last week, or any of the knockout game victims. They were the stereotypical, father-left-me-now-I’m-pissed-oppressed-by-white-man-worthless-POS-BLACKS!!!

  • Gary

    I feel so sad for the family they lost a great husband and father my condolences and I hope they get the people ho did this.

  • raymond foster

    Only criminals have guns in Illinois, If the cops son had been armed, his dad could have been saved!

  • herbert weiner

    This is another example of the sacrifice of law enforcement officers. Sherrif Estrada was also a good Marine who protected the weak against the predators of our society. May his memory be a blessing.

  • Just Me

    Classic sign of dummying America. Don’t work for anything, just take it if you want it. We need to strengthen our existing laws and stop making new ones. People offend as there is little, if any consequences.

    • @Just Me

      Who are you kidding? American laws are the worst in the world and the harshest. The problem is that locking up people is not the answer and it will never be the answer. Locking up people just creates more offenders. It is freaking obvious that the way America deals with crime is fundamentally flawed. It is just big business. It doesn’t stop it or prevent it. In fact, like I said, it creates new criminals. What do you think is going to happen when you don’t let a criminal get a job because of a background check? They are going to rob to survive.

      It is freaking obvious that nothing America is doing is working. Other countries don’t have these problems and they don’t have as many laws and they don’t have as many prisoners.

      No one likes to look at the reality that we are all to blame for crime. All of us. There is a reason why America is the crime capital of the world even though we also lock up the most people in the world. If America spent more time helping its citizens and less money trying to control the world. Things would be a lot different in this country.

      • Ender

        Gonna have to disagree. If these guys were locked up, they wouldn’t have been robbing someone…you know, because they would be locked up.

      • Gene

        Many nations have worse laws and more violent crime than the US. They also have a sense of shame and do not flaunt their dysfunction for the rest of the world.

        The crime stats are often “cherry picked” to support a point of view. You have to dig into the facts to understand what is going on.

        People who do violence are to blame for violence. People who mind their own business, who do not rip off others or cheat them, are not to blame.

  • dwayne

    Again, I support the death penalty. In this case, by firing squad. It may not bring him back, but it will exterminate this scum.

  • denis

    If the deputy had not intervened, most likely they all would still be alive. Over food…..Sad, but just because your a cop or have a concealed weapon does not mean you just draw it at random…A man must know his limitations ..Sad, sounds like the deputy was a good guy….RIP !!

    • bob

      His daughter was the one getting robbed idiot. Try actually reading the story next time. Assuming you can read.

  • http://Yahoo Brett Naugher

    I do understand of the killing since I live in a mexican culture and the s%%t is handeled as it is from Mexico! I operate the NWO in Russia and I do admire any face shootings of the Sherriffs Deps: I handel the country of Russia and I do appreciate any exterminations of a county wide terrorist culture. The sherriffs depts were raised of a heathun religion and they would never be respectable.

  • john smith

    good lol, thats what he gets for being a cop, you would have to be a SOB to even want to be a cop. rest in pieces fag !!!!!

  • http://www.Remember1986.com Brandy

    This is a perfect example of how well strict gun laws work.

  • Abbott

    I don’t care if the shooter was white, black, hispanic, asian, green ,yellow or purple, I just wanna know ” how are those strict gun laws working out for ya Cook County Ill? My thoughts are with the family of the officer.

  • steve smith

    Maybe he deserved it.
    What comes around goes around.
    Bet he was a bad cop

  • MJMM

    But…but…it’s SO SAFE in Illinois. Obama and the anti-gun Democratic Machine says it’s a no-gun paradise. B*llsh*t of the political kind. I’ll take the Bill of Rights, thank you.

  • caroline

    My deepest condolences to the Estrada family and Deputy Estrada’s friends, neighbors and co-workers. I really hope they get these scum off the streets and give them the death penalty…even though there’s a moratorium on execution in Illinois.
    Such a terrible tragedy, especially at this time of year.
    May all those affected find peace and comfort in the goodness of and positive memories of Mr. Estrada.

  • http://yahoo Bill Beyer

    RIP Brother Semper Fi.

  • Gene

    His training let him down….

    He probably stood up, held his pistol out, and talked. While he was talking he was shot.

    He should have taken cover, then announced himself, and then when fired upon return fire.

    Too many police officers wear body armor and are trained to stand up tall and hold out their pistols. This leaves them vulnerable to being shot. Armor is a great tool. Armor also teaches you that you can take a shot which is a mistake.

  • NI66ERKillr

    Worthless…scum…that’s the definition of naggers!