Depressed Goat Reunited With Donkey, Ends Hunger Strike

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - May 27, 2014

A goat named Mr. G grew up on a hoarder’s farm and lived most of his life in a dirty pen full of other animals with little to no food or water. He was rescued by animal authorities and taken to a new home, but did not seem happy about his lifestyle change.

Mr. G’s new caretakers watched as the goat became depressed more and more each day and then went on a hunger strike. The goat laid in his pen for days at a time and refused to eat.

They soon realized that Mr. G may have been missing his friend donkey who had also belonged to the hoarder and shared a home with the goat. The donkey, Jellybean, had been sent to a different animal care facility than Mr. G, but the animal caretakers decided the two friends belonged together.

The employees at the Animal Place in Grass Valley where Mr. G was being kept, arranged to have Jellybean brought to the facility. It took three days for the donkey to arrive, but as soon as Jellybean and Mr. G locked eyes, they were happy.

The workers even caught the reunion on video and shared it on YouTube for the world to see.

Mr. G followed Jellybean around the enclosure for a long time and refused to leave his side again. He also seemed to come out of his depression and even started eating again.

“When Jellybean finally arrived, as he was being unloaded from the animal trailer, Mr. G heard him and immediately leapt to his hooves and ran to the door,” said one of the animal caretakers.

It looks like Jellybean will have a new home with Mr. G at Animal Place and the two friends will never have to worry about being separated again.

What do you think of the amazing friendship between Mr. G and Jellybean?

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