Department of Justice Site Down, Anonymous Takes Credit

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More analysis of the Department of Justice vs. Anonymous - Who's Tricking Who?

UPDATE 3: Down go the RIAA and the MPAA's sites as well.

The DOJ's website ( is currently down, and Anonymous (or at least some arm of it) is taking credit. Check out this tweet:

Oh noes! seems to be down 🙁 #Megaupload #SOPA #PIPA Expect more! #Anonymous 5 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

As you can see, they reference the DOJ / ICE takedown of popular filesharing site Megaupload, which happened earlier today.

Of course, this is all taking place just one day after the internet-wide SOPA / PIPA protest.

More to come...

UPDATE: 4:28 pm EST, is still down. Other anonymous Twitter accounts are tweeting about the outage: seems to be besieged by some pirate ships. Can't handle the pirates? Don't sail the proxeas! 1 minute ago via LulzTweeter · powered by @socialditto

UPDATE 2: Universal Music has also been hit by Anonymous, also in retribution for the MegaUpload takedown:

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