Departing Execs Cause Tough Times At Yahoo

    December 5, 2006

The way things are going at Yahoo, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the company board up its doors and windows – not because it’s going out of business, but because it’s running out of executives and needs to cut off their escape routes.

Vishesh Kumar chronicled the exodus. “In November, Yahoo! saw two high-profile departures in its Publisher Network Group,” he wrote. “The company has also lost its vice president of shopping and vice president of developer network, among others, this year.”

More recently, “Yahoo! confirmed that David Katz, operating head of Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Studios, had left the company last week,” according to Kumar. And “the blog TechCrunch reported that Michael Marquez, Yahoo!’s director of corporate development, left the company on Friday to head up investments and acquisitions for CBS’ Interactive Digital Strategy division.”

Chris Castro, who was Yahoo’s communications chief, also seems to have moved on – Valleywag noted that she’s no longer listed among the rest of the Yahoo management team, although details have yet to surface.

But as even the most casual observer might surmise, these aren’t happy times at Yahoo. As Kumar puts it, “the company continues to flounder publicly in a year the stock has lost nearly a third of its value.”

In terms of public response, WebProNews staff writer David Utter recently noted how unpopular the latest changes to the Yahoo site’s TV section have been. Perhaps it’s also an indicator of the times that Yahoo’s latest press release relates to the arguably washed-up Britney Spears.

I don’t have a grand or even insightful conclusion to offer on the subject. But Yahoo will definitely bear watching as it – one of the leading search engine companies – goes through this rough patch.


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