Denzel Washington The New Lex Luthor?

By: Emily Greene - December 26, 2013

It just wouldn’t be Hollywood if there weren’t rumors abounding about which actor will be playing a coveted part. This time around it’s Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor in the upcoming “Man of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman.”

The rumors of Washington playing Superman’s arch-nemesis started in early December when a source revealed that they were already testing for the part of Lex Luthor. Washington was at the top of their list, but nothing has materialized just yet. Other’s on this list included Idris Elba and a certain reoccurring cast member from the CW series Arrow who also fits the description.

Elba would be a hard get, especially since he plays Hemdall in Marvel’s Thor films. It might also be quite difficult for the actor from Arrow to portray Lex Luthor if the DC world ever wanted to bring the characters of Arrow to the big screen. So that would leave Washington.

One thing’s for sure, Washington has proven that he can play the villain very well. His Oscar winning performance from Training Day anyone?

This newest rumor of Washington playing Lex Luthor comes off the heels of the rumor Joaquin Phoenix would be playing the role.

And before that the rumor mill was circulating that Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston might even be playing the part. Those rumors were quickly proved false by Cranston himself.

Don’t know if this guy approves of Washington as Lex Luthor, but at least he enjoys his work.

And if he does get the role there is at least one person who is certain to go see the movie.

While it isn’t clear yet whether or not the character of Lex Luthor will even be in the sequel to Man of Steel, casting choices we do know include Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

So internet, I guess it’s time to start ranting and/or raving about Washington as Lex Luthor.

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  • DarkLordSolus

    I don’t know if you guys have noticed and don’t take this the wrong way but this guy is black and Lex Luthor is not black. While we’re are at it, why don’t we throw in a gay love interest in the form of Jimmy Olsen and have Superman beat the crap out of Bruce Wayne and steal all of his money while smoking a cigarette and listening to One Direction? 😉
    Enjoy people, I can’t wait to see this movie, it’s gonna be epic!

  • mike

    So what? If they made Jimmy Olsen a girl and Perry White black then they can make Lex black. As long as it’s am actor that can do charmingly sinister as well as Denzel Washington.