Denise Richards is Slammed by Charlie Sheen

    December 16, 2013
    Erika Watts
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So, what do you do when you’re ticked off at your ex regarding holiday arrangements with the kids? Take the issue to Twitter, of course. According to gossip site TMZ, Charlie Sheen is furious with ex-wife Denise Richards for canceling a holiday trip with their two kids, which prompted him to destroy a wedding item with a knife and post a picture of it on Twitter.

Apparently Sheen won’t be spending time with the twins he had with Brooke Mueller, the Anger Management star’s most recent ex-wife, and the news that he wouldn’t get to see his daughters Sam and Lola sent him over the edge. Admittedly it doesn’t seem to take much to make Sheen lose his cool, but it’s certainly understandable why he would be upset. Posting a photo of the knife you used to destroy a wedding gift on Twitter, on the other hand, is a bit much.

Check out the post made to Sheen’s Twitter account below.

That’s one way to let someone know you’re upset. While some folks seemed to like Sheen’s hacked up bat photo (there’s always a select few), some people are calling him out on his antics:

Richards, who also has a Twitter account, has not responded. According to TMZ, sources close to the situation seem to think there was some miscommunication between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. The source said that Richards says she never told Sheen he couldn’t come along on the trip.

[Image via YouTube]

  • Yep

    Yep the guy can do no right and the woman no wrong. Denise is freaking crazy too. We all know it. There are tons of men who have to put up with ex-wives using the kids as weapons against them.

    At the end of the day guys, go pay for a hooker. It is cheaper in the long run and much less stress.

    Women aren’t worth marrying anymore. They are just using you for the money and to have kids. Then they want to raise them by themselves. No wonder our youth are so messed up today. Ever notice how society has gone straight to hell along with the rise of feminism. This isn’t coincidence.

    The only solution — give woman what they want —- a life without men. Then watch them self-destruct when they realize the very same feminists they believed in — lied to them about it all.