Democrats PWN The Political Web

    November 7, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

For whatever larger reason, Democrats seem much better at utilizing the Internet, and e-marketing in general, than the Republicans to get their messages out. From YouTube, to Google bombs, to SEM and SEO, the Democrats own the Internet, inherited from its inventor, former Vice President Gore

The top three political websites sending visitors to YouTube were left-leaning Daily Kos, What Really Happened, and Democratic Underground, according to Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins, perhaps to watch President Bush flipping the bird on television.

But also, Democrat websites control traffic from YouTube, as visitors are directed most to JibJab, but then to Daily Kos and John

Compared to the first week of October, YouTube generated 63 percent more US traffic for political Websites in the first week of November. That spike is lifting user-generated content to a par alongside blogs, email, and search.

“This data shows how consumer generated media is growing in significance to several aspects of Internet use, from photo sharing and communication and now to political websites in advance of the mid-term elections,” said Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise.

“As we look to the future, consumer generated media and the participatory nature of sites like YouTube will be along side search and email as important marketing vehicles when it comes to political campaigns.”

Not that that fervor stretches all the way to Election Day. Just last week, half of the top ten linked-to viral videos were connected with US politics, Antony Mayfield reports. As of today, the Web-video viewing public has gone back watching two different versions of an animated gummy bear dance.

It’s not just blogs, activist websites and popular video sites, it’s a search game, too. Google alone sent nearly 19 percent of traffic to political sites, with search engines overall sending just over 28 percent.

The Democrat-planted Google bombs have been widely covered since the “miserable failure” search war in 2004. That was continued this election season as well with MyDD organizing a massive offensive against Republican candidates that included AdWords advertisements.

A search for George Allen brings a sponsored link to a YouTube video of the “macaca” incident. Search for Conrad Burns and you’ll be greeted with “Defeat Burns” and “Burns Earns and F.” Mike Dewine got the same grade.

While this year’s top political keywords have gone relatively unchanged since 2004, the Democrats have taken full advantage of buzzy keywords to drive home their damning points.

As also revealed by Hitwise, seven of the top ten keywords leading to liberal websites involve some variation of a Mark Foley. The rest involve other Republican scandals, like the controversy around country music singer Sarah Evans’ political husband and the naked pictures that surfaced of him.

Keywords leading to conservative websites are fairly standard vanilla – even self-centered perhaps – three variations of “republican,” the top is “gop,” and the rest seemed mostly concerned about illegal immigration, Katie Couric ratings, and how a death row inmate cheated the system by committing suicide.

Democrats are taking full advantage of the negative buzz , utilizing the greatest communication vehicle since the printing press, while Republicans seem barely aware of what, exactly, is traversing that series of tubes.


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