Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die

New Bosses Same As the Old Bosses

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Here was what was supposed to happen: With telco-friendly Republican Congress members swept out of the way, Democrats would usher in legislation enshrining Network Neutrality principles and give the FCC the power to enforce them.

Here’s what happened (is happening) instead: The most powerful Net Neutrality supporters (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) are kicked upstairs while cable-and-Hollywood-friendly Democrats are killing Network Neutrality legislation in committees.

Meanwhile, both telecom and cable companies are emboldened by the legislation’s quiet death, the deafening sound of non-action covered up nicely by the economic crisis, and both industries are soothed by interim FCC commissioner Michael Copps’ toothless proposal for a fifth unenforceable principle regarding network discrimination.

Joe Barton
Joe Barton

The Democrat rope-a-dope strategy of the last few years is coming back around to kill Net Neutrality. The initial plan was simply to let Republicans have enough rope to hang themselves. Congressional Democrats ignored calls for investigations and impeachment of members of the Bush Administration because doing so allowed them to drop all blame square on their opponents’ shoulders for everything without putting themselves under undue scrutiny. A few years of doing absolutely nothing was tantamount to lying low while Republicans destroyed themselves so Democrats could take over…and continue to do nothing.


Henry Waxman
Henry Waxman

It’s a genius plan until people start watching and learning about the new bosses and start understanding how much they look like the old bosses. The Internet Freedom and Preservation Act of 2006, 2007, 2008? All killed by assassins with supposedly opposing goals.

The Senate version is suspicously stuck in a committee of formerly staunch proponents. The House version is under the committee supervision of net neutrality opponent Joe Barton (R-TX) and Henry Waxman (D-CA), who represents West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


Dianne Feinstein
Dianne Feinstein

We’re not surprised by Barton, a Texas Republican funded by Comcast and AT&T—that’s historical par for the course. But Waxman’s a Democrat, and Democrats are supposedly pro-net neutrality. Meanwhile, we should also be surprised by Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) lame and failed attempt to sneak in “reasonable network management” provisions into the economic stimulus package as Waxman looked the other way.

So what’s going on with our supposed neutral net champions? The answer lies in the other industries opposed to net neutrality, namely the Entertainment industry, the principals of which happen to live in Waxman’s and Feinstein’s districts and donate heavily to their campaigns. Waxman gets lots of money from the cable industry, including TimeWarner and Disney. Feinstein’s donors include Time Warner and Disney as well, but also Qualcomm and GE (which owns NBC).

In the earlier days of the Net Neutrality debate, the argument centered on very technical issues lost on the general public and focused heavily on telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T, and some on Comcast. (Though Ted Stevens famously issued a net neutrality push poll asking constituents if they wanted more TV or less TV.)

As it progresses it becomes less about network issues (as if it ever really was about network issues) and more about Web video. Right now, very large, very wealthy, very powerful entities are battling for control of what will become the new TV (and radio and newspaper). It’s not about bandwidth or network operation. It’s about controlling Web media, especially video.

Recently we learned from the CEO of a cable company who says American cable providers won’t allow speeds they’re capable of delivering because they’re afraid people will cancel their cable TV subscriptions. TimeWarner, a maker of films and television content as well as a cable Internet and TV provider, is toeing the line with download caps limiting how much video consumers can download.

John Conyers
John Conyers

AT&T on the other side, quietly updated its terms of wireless service to prevent video transfers. AT&T, of course, is also getting into the video content delivery game with its U-Verse. Despite these most recent instances loudly protested, legislators have cited lack of complaints of abuse as the reason why they’ve backed off. Even former neutral net proponent John Conyers (D-MI) suddenly thinks it’s a non-issue. It’d be nice if we could look at his top donors and not see AT&T, TimeWarner, Sprint, and Cable, but sure enough, there they are, as predictable as the sunset.

You might have also noticed, like we have, that while anything the RIAA and the MPAA want goes right through Congress like crap through a goose, network neutrality legislation (wanted by the people who currently have no money) languishes and dies in committee.

With a setup like this, good luck getting net neutrality legislation passed this year or the next. Maybe in 2010 the country will suddenly favor independents and third parties so the do-nothing bums still remaining will be thrown out. But that may be overly optimistic—the people will likely still be broke by then, and its money that wins elections, and apparently what runs Congress.

Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die
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  • Guest

    Your final comment was that we should wait and hope for a third political party to solve this. The last successful third party was the Bull Moose party.

    Remember the Bull Moose Party?


    Surely with the millions of us on the ‘Net we can start some kind of grassroots effort that is more effective!

    • Glen Kemp

      Looks like another Congressional sellout of the American consumer. Corporate America is waging economic and political warfare against average working-class Americans who are unable or unwilling to take the fight to Congress and demand that Congress represent “We The People” instead of the not-so-almighty dollar (corporate interests).

    • http://www.2partymyth.com ryan2partymyth

      The issue has been out for years, people tend not to really scream unless:
      1) There is a well-funded foundation for the effort, or
      2) they’ve already lost something valuable.

    • heather




    • Guest

      The people in the existing two parties will always spend a lot of effort trying to tell everyone else that third parties are hopeless.

      We’ve seen the ‘one-party’ system go the way of the dodo bird in the communist countries. Now we need to see the equally restrictive ‘two-party’ system go away too. Especially when both parties are owned by the same corporate interests.

      Your vote is one of the last free things you got. And you are wasting it if you keep voting for these bought and paid for corporate shills from both the Democrats and the Republicans.

      By the way, Ross Perot got close to 20% of the vote in 92. So, don’t believe the lies that say you have to go back to Teddy Roosevelt’s day. That’s just more lying propaganda to try to keep the two corrupt parties in charge.

  • http://www.haseltine-photo.com Ian Haseltine

    I don’t think this should surprise anyone…these are the same Democrats Clinton ushered in…they driven by all of their lobbyists and corporate interests.

  • Guest

    If any change is going to happen during the Obama adm and a Dem controlled Congress it will come from political pressure. Old fashion community organizing. I expect that you have your organizing strategies and tactics in place for this issue. What action do you want those who care about net neutrality to take?

  • Jamie

    Is anything still safe from the clutches of Greed and Corruption?

    Although, it is really no surprise that those who stand in the midst of a transformation that leaves their old telecom business models shattered, and will fight for every dime and acre, I think there is something positive to note in the reality of the thing.

    It is inevitable that every time a restriction is placed on the free flow of info – even if it takes years or decades – eventually people will find a way to get what they want, making the restrictions useless, and thus companies will relax a bit. This pattern is as clear as day. Time brings on more access, overall, not less. Technology and the basic human need for information will prevail, that is, if history is a worthy judge.

    The dynamics are quite different in China, but there in an instructive parallel nonetheless. Their Great Firewall restricts a variety of content, like on Tienanmen Square. However, with a simple download, one can break through the wall. No doubt the gov will counter. But then so will the INEVITABLE WILL of the people to get the data they seek. This process has made more content accessible in China over the years. Progress may be quite slow, for most people, but it still represents forward motion.

    Unless we enter a Police State where the gov runs all media and we revoke the first amendment here in the US – info on the web will be the water, and legislative restrictions the rock.

    Despite the fact that human beings never fail to grossly disappoint me, in this phenomenon I find solace.

    • Guest

      I take solace in that thought also, thank you.

  • Matthew Herschler

    I don’t want to hear that the battles over, that we should lay down and play dead, that this is how it always goes. Corruption in Washington (and America) is fueled by our complacency. Especially with an Obama administration, this is our chance to run with it. Lets talk about what we can do about it, and the venues available to us for doing it. The old venues, emailing newspapers and our representatives, and generally spreading the word are good, but not seemingly enough. HOW ABOUT A WEB SITE that works to chronicle the B.S., to notify representatives constituents when they turn from our more collective welfare, and to explain legislation, and so expose it, so that a bills title will never disguise it again???
    we could work through sympathetic organizations to get a mailing list together, like Free Press and Move On…. anybody good at this sort of thing?

    • Tom Pa

      You can use the internet to organize of course. But, the politicians won’t listen to you until you show up outside their offices with pitchforks and torches … figuratively speaking of course.

      They’ll ignore talk, because they think money wins the next election. And the money says to screw us. You have to let them know we are mad, and that we won’t take it any more. That calls for more direct action to get lots of angry people in their faces.

      So, go start your website. I’m sure you can set one up yourself. But you’d better be using it to organize some sort of ACTION, otherwise its a waste of time.

      • Guest

        “show up outside their offices with pitchforks and torches … figuratively speaking of course”

        It might have to come to that for something to actually be done…majority wants out of war..still in war..expanding war…supposed to elect people that represent the public and the public isn’t being listened to.

        Why is America exempt from rebellion? Look at South/Latin America.

    • Guest

      PS … don’t count on Move On. They are joined at the hip with the corporate Democrats. They always do what the corporate Dems want. So, Move On will prove to be very, very silent when it comes to opposing the Dems on this.

  • Tom Payne

    People have to learn to stop voting for the politicians that are bought off in this way. When you see a politician on TV, you see a bought politician. Only the politicians with all the corporate money in their coffers can afford all those ads. Or, if you see a politician getting free coverage on corporate TV, you know that politician supports the corporate owners of that TV channel.

    What amazes me is how people line up to vote Democrat, even though all the Democrats are bought off by corporate America, then they expect the Democrats to provide ‘change’. What nonsense.

    The politicians that will represent us are the broke ones that can’t afford ads, that are laughed at by the corporate TV channels, and who need to catch a ride from their supporters to get to their next event. That’s the politician who isn’t bought off.

    We need to learn to laugh at and NEVER trust the politicians on TV. Those are all bought off, and they’ll never be on our side.

    2010, we get a chance to throw all these bums out. Don’t vote Democrat, and don’t vote Republican. Both are corporate servants. Elect somebody else!

    • Guest_lmt

      T Payne post: Well said. I totally agree. This is what has got to stop: government by the corporation for the corporation.

    • Chris

      I totally agree with you! Very well said.

  • Guest

    What the hell happened to Barack Obama?

    Did he lie to the millions of people who supported him and worked so hard for him and even gave him money they could not afford?

    Change You Can Believe In?
    Yes We Can?
    We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For?

    Today I feel sick for putting my trust in Obama.

  • http://www.alleghenyhealth.com Chiropractic Pittsburgh

    Wow, did not expect that to have happened… makes the game a bit more interesting, huh?

  • Guest

    Thanks God this stupid political-correctness-run-a muck concept is dead or dying. Perhaps once in power, calmer heads prevailed.

    Let’s keep fighting to keep government out of controlling what news we get.

  • http://www.sem-answers.com sem expert

    Don’t worry about it, as long as Google is in the video game, we will be able to get video online. Google has all the power needed to deliver us to their profits, whether it’s from lobbyists or becoming an ISP or whatever, they will keep the bottom line healthy.

  • http://www.DailyScoff.com J. Gravelle

    “Did Democrats support net neutrality merely because it was politically expedient and a way to differentiate themselves from Republicans?”

    Replace “net neutrality” in that question with ANY issue and the answer will ALWAYS be “YES”.

    GOP for the war? Then the Dems are against it.

    GOP for tax cuts? Then the Dems are against it.

    GOP for [ fill in the blank ] ? Then the Dems are against it.

    You people didn’t vote FOR Barack Obama, you voted AGAINST George Bush. Well, that’s what you have: a president who stood against some things, but in the end, stands FOR absolutely nothing…


  • Disgusted with Politicians

    It’s time to get the Democrat, Republican and Independent dinosaurs out of Congress. Blame the death of term limits on Newt Gingrich…he promised it…then backed down. I trust him as far as I can throw him…and I’m a Republican. Actually, I’m a moderate, and if Rush Limbaugh needs a definition of what a moderate is, I’d be happy to provide it. Yes, Rush, there really are moderates. And they way outnumber the Liberals and Conservatives in this country.

  • http://www.findmyhost.com Chris

    Yes, definately. It’s also time for term limits and to abolish lobbyists.

    The US has not had a government of the people by the people for a long long time. It’s all cash driven now and appears to be big business. Once a politician ‘retires’ their lobbyist buddies give them the hook up.

  • Guest

    Stop this madness! These Marxist-lite concepts will crush American dynamism. We do not want the government deciding who does what with what bandwidth. Telling companies what they can or can’t do with fiber that they bought and installed is so Chinese or USSR!

    Net neutrality is silly, what benefit does a internet provider have in alienating its customer base? How long would you stay with an ISP that doesn’t let you go or do what you want on the internet?

    Let the market do its work and let these nutty Marxist ideas die a quick painful death!

  • Average Joe

    In the article at MSNBC “Internet providers want to meter usage. Customers who like to stream movies, TV shows may get hit with extra fees”.. So this means all the people with a warcraft addiction will have to curb the habit? I noticed nothing about gamers but i would think that gaming would use more bandwidth than anyone else.

    Do we just take their word for how much traffic we use?

    Or is this just about the cable service offered is just too packed with commercials and Netflix and other services are more appealing than current cable services. Now the cable companies want a cut rather than offering a better product.

    Doesnt look like we get a choice as i dont know about you but you dont get a choice on what cable company you get to use. You either use the big dog that owns your area or one of the lackeys that resells for them. The other oprtion is dish.

    What can we do as it seems we are being held hostage?

    • Average Joe

      This just seems the first steps in the death of Net Neutrality

  • http://www.hawaiicomputerhelp.com Bob B.

    With the Obama administration having been stuffed with former big-time lobbyists, why is anyone surprised that they will bow to corporate interests? Change you can believe in…

  • Robin in Cody

    It is high time we eliminated political party affiliation and forced candidates to express in their own words what they believe and where they stand. The time for Party politics is OVER. If a candidate has no platform upon which to stand they should not get our vote. I am looking for a statesman not a party ditto head. I am very suspicious about the newest bill giving anyone, especially the president, the authority to “shut down” the access to the Worldwide Web.
    Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And unless you are willing to give ‘power’ to your worst enemy, you should not grant it to your best friend.

  • Guest

    yes they did, they are the you owe me generation and i want it now. what do you mean work for it ? not in this life time you have now i want it. Ill get it one way or the other. oh and dont bother telling the truth al gore does that for everyone

  • Guest

    well what did you think would happen the standard is to say what a group wants to hear without a single thought for anyone but themselves.

    YOU KNOW THEY WILL NEVER NEVER PASS A LAW THAT MAKES THE NET NEUTRAL!!! Too much money to be made! and I do not mean by you and me.

  • Han G Thesobs

    Dems GOT us the internet against Republican screaming.
    Dems used ti to win the Congress and Whitehouse BECAUSE of it’s “Net Neutrality”.

    But the story is now Video content and usage?

    Just the names themselves don’t mean the same thing.

    So there’s 2 problems.

    We should all write our congressmen and tell them we’re watching them BECAUSE they gave us net neutrality, and we threw OUT the Republicans BECAUSE of net Neutrality, and we’ll do the SAME to them if they try to take it away.

    Obama needs to (another fight) take this to the voters and tell them to let their representatives know- give a website that shows who’s for or against.

    The TRUTH needs to be unfettered.

    We could ALSO use an expansion of the “Truth-In-Advertising” law to include News and talk-Show hosts. Fines would PAY for it! (Probably help pay off the debt!)

  • Guest

    Yes, it’s time for a third party and has been since at least 1980.

    The Democrats in Congress and in the White House are at best slow walking every issue that relates to restoring civil liberties, or holding Bushco or any large corporation accountable for their crimes.



    • Liz

      We need a third party – or better yet, a second party since the two that we have are now one.

  • http://www.playingcardsandmore.com TK

    I always knew Obama supporters would be dissatisfied by how much differently he would govern from the way he campaigned, I just did not think it would happen so quickly!

  • Guest

    This issue, like so many others faced by our elected officals, is swayed by who has the most money to spend on buying our elected officials. When we stop soft-money and its draining effects on “We the people…”, then maybe we will get the government we actually elected rather than the one that corporate america lets us share.

  • Red

    I read the comments here and I am saddened. Yesterday thousands of Americans who really believe the same thing were out in force to express their feelings about the Government and overall corruption in General. It wasn’t about the Democrats, and it wasn’t about the Republicans. Had the news agencies shown the crowds, and their signs, most would know and understand.

    But News Agencies are so wrapped up in their support of “their” own parties, that it turns into being more a battle of words by the news anchors, and not what the substance of the subject was about.

    Most of the Cable News networks attacked the people for protesting, when really the one they were attacking was Fox News. They have done a huge disservice to the country and the people by not showing what the REAL message was about.

    People who didn’t take part or understand what this was about, have missed a huge opportunity to have the voice that is needed to change things the way you want them.

    People in general are angry that politicians are so corrupt with greed, and are being controlled by their own special interests.
    Yesterdays protests were about Bad Governing in general, it was about BOTH parties being corrupt. But that was missed by most, because they are fed a one sided view by the News Media.

    How very sad that so many people missed a good opportunity to stand up and be heard. Hundreds of thousands, were heard however. Good for them for standing up to those who are ruining this country.

    • Guest

      I think it’s great that teabaggers can get behind net neutrality. We don’t need a third party to get it. We just need to lobby better. http://www.google.com/help/netneutrality.html

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCkCWxv3kUE Guest

    Forget NEt Neutrality!


    Senate bills No. 773 and 778, introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who declared last month that the Government would all be better off if the internet was never invented.

  • Guest

    I don’t think the answer is a third party to solve this issue. I do think term limits for senators will go much further to solve it and a cap on donor gifts.

  • Guest

    I think we should have Highway Netrality. Simply put, if someone builds it, it should be allowed on the nation’s highways. Four-lane wide car? Sure, bring them on. 300 mile long semi’s? Hey, its their right. Why should highways be treated differently than the Internet?

    My point is the Internet is engineered for certain kinds of traffic and all works well as long as traffic obeys some simple rules. Net Neutrality make it impossible for network owners to enforce those rules opening the Internet up to total chaos. It is a very stupid, if politically attractive idea.

  • http://www.politicalchristian.org Larry Miller

    First of all, the Ds are slime, only interested in control as Sen Rockefeller’s comment shows. They may say they are on the side of the little guy, but they actually get more donations from fat cats than the Rs. The Rs are weak kneed and, like the Ds are too dependent on fat cat contributions.

    A third party sounds like a good idea, but is not practical because under the current system, there is very little chance of them actually being elected.

    In view of the favorable attitude of the current administration and congress toward what is laughingly called the “fairness doctrine”, I would not expect any manner of communication to be free of their control as they have this unsatiable desire to pick winners and losers, both for fun and profit.

  • http://www.disasterprepared.net Antone P. Braga

    There are many forces at work and as it is played out, so the picture will tell intent and extent. A good example of this is at www.disasterprepared.net/president.html

    The internet is a double-edged sword for transparency.

  • http://www.creditmoneyblog.com/ L. Banks

    We have got to email and phone our local leaders to keep this from happening while everyone else is turning their backs to it. If nothing is done about this it could bring up the costs once the Cable and Telcos try and make it back to a pay per byte or use service. It will also hurt small business.

  • Guest

    Not sure what will happen but it looks like Jason Lee Miller is going to explode any day now. Dude, lose weight! You’re going to have a stroke or heart attack!

  • Guest

    I think it is high time for a real change and a real party.

    I’m very proud of all of the folks that turned out for the tea party on tax day and I think that they are the very hope of this nation if it is going to survive.

    The idea of organizing a pitch fork party and Washington pitchfork parade excites me. I would love to see a million pitchfork wielding citizens marching down Pennsylvania Ave past the little white house on the hill and right into congress.

    And yes it is time for both the D’s and the R’s to go, it is time to regain our country back, it is time to regain our freedom back, it is time for us to regain our dignity, our sanity and respect back.

    Yes it is high time.

    • http://madeinusa.org John Beaman

      Another easy-way-out idea.

      What we need is to find out who is good and who is bad.
      There are both in both parties.

      But that requires doing some homework.

      “If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of
      civilization, it expects what never was and never will be…
      If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it
      is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”
      — Thomas Jefferson —

      Like ‘term-limits’, voting ‘none of the above’ or third party only gives the ignorant masses the control, and you can see what that got us last election.

      Sorry, but it is Congress that has hosed us, not the pres.

      Do your homework and vote the bums out, and reinstate those that represent the Founding Fathers vision of America.

      Oh, that’s too much work to save our country?

      Then please don’t vote at all, nor speak your opinion.

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility
      of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,
      go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your
      arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May
      your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget
      that ye were our countrymen.”
      – Samuel Adams

  • http://reelWebDesign.com Peter

    The internet will of course have to be regulated just like any other media platform. Can you imagine how bad it will get when terrorists start getting people to join their groups via the internet. There are too many people in this world with bad intentions to have an unregulated and totally free internet available. There has to be limits, payment for services, tracking methods, and massive regulations on the international level to prevent harm to the masses; especially children. If everything in the world becomes free then so can the internet until then it must be treated like any other business.
    For those that are curious I am an independent voter.

    Web Design and Search Marketing Firm in NYC

  • Guest

    I support term limits and a new party – or, let’s go back to the TRUE Republicans of the Reagan era – we keep going further and further left that the democrats are now socialists and the republicans are now democrats – it’s a bunch of bull.

    • Guest

      haha and you think by making republicans even more republican, and democrats half-republican, you’ll be going towards something better??

      you’d be moving the whole lot further to the right (even though it’s already more to the right than pretty much the whole occident), and you’d be getting even further from web neutrality!

      this idea sucks

      • http://MADEinUSA.org John Beaman

        We have to vote the bums out.
        Plane and simple.

        What we need is what our Constitution and Bill of Rights says.
        We gave that up when we all got lazy.

        Our last election was aimed at the wrong people. They were voting against Bush, and he wasn’t even running. That was too easy.

        Term limits violate the votes of the people.
        Ignorance makes people vote in the crooks.

        As long as the mass of ignorant voters have no clue to what our government is supposed to be and do, we will have crooks in Washington.

        Vote the bums out, or we are even more screwed.

    • George Stewart

      I support both term limits and a third party which will truly represent the people. Hopefully both of these will creat a sense of urgency to get someting accomplished and move things forward instead of milling around as we seem to be doing now. That is generating activity, but get nothing accomplished.

    • Guest

      yup…..you can’t win with either party. may be I will just vote independent next time. I don’t know what happened to change. I thought special interests were going to take a back seat. I hope the Internet does not get ruined by a handful of companies.

  • Philip

    Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die what make the Democratic stimulus legislation one of the most crooked pieces of legislation ever passed. Now we all know why Pelosi said don’t read it just approve it.


  • http://www.medlawplus.com jjray

    It just goes to show that lobbying money overpowers all politicians regardless of political party. Washington is broke.

    • http://MADEinUSA.org John Beaman

      The ‘change’ is a 10 fold increase of all that the people thought they were voting against. Little did they know, but it is Congress that makes the law, not the president. It sickens me that Obama ran against GWB and McCain was a no-show.

      I thought private/corporate money given to ‘representatives’ in government was bribes, graft and corruption. The Supreme Court really screwed us when it said that money given to our politicians was part of ‘free speech’.

      We have allowed our voice in our government to be bought by the highest bidders for the loyalty(?) of those who are supposed to be representing and protecting us.

      The ignorance of the people to what is really going on has allowed the crooks to become more interested in their own personal power grabs than what they are there for. The ‘touchy-freely’ people of the 60’s are now in power. The people of this once great country are no longer in power. They are impotent because of their ignorance, laziness, and cozy lives that all the hard work from our founding fathers thru the greatest generation that won WWII in our behalf.

      If Palosi’s approval rating was less than Congress, and that was even less than the approval rating of GWB, why is she still running the show with the also mean spirited Harry Reed? How can the people vote in all those that are so obviously screwing us, and have no intention to live up to their title of ‘representative’?

      OH, yeah, the ‘dumbing-down’ of the people has worked.

      It’s not specifically about the ‘representatives’ greed nor money, it’s about power. We have become so lazy that our government, ‘by the people, for the people’, is being controlled by mostly ignorant lazy people that have no clue to why they are voting for, nor the ramifications.

      Oh, I forgot, “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.”

      We are not in Kansas any more Dorthy, and the ‘majority’ don’t even realize how bad it is, nor what they can do about it.

      If people don’t get wise, and vote the bums out, we are seriously hosed beyond repair.

      Hey all you frogs… The water is boiling!

      It’s gonna take more than a million tea bags dumped in Washington to turn this boat around….

      • Katherine

        I agree on all points…. especially the comment about the success of the dumbing down of America. It baffles me how many people don’t see how clearly socialist the path is that our current administration is on. Hell, it was only 20 years ago that the USSR walls crumbled and we got to see on every news station the drab, sorry lifestyle that collectivism awarded to that population over two generations. But people here seem like they don’t know a thing about it. Like they have some sort Modern History World Events amnesia. Makes me wonder what the hell?!?

        • http://www.Madeinusa.org John Beaman

          What the hell?
          We have become lazy and ignorant.

          The dumbing down of America? Yup. ‘Tis true.

          If you compare the stats of those graduating 20 years ago, and how much Federal money was given our schools, compared against today, we could could raise our grade scores 10 fold by cutting the funding 10 fold.

          When you vote in people that talk good, without researching the specifics, you condemn yourselves, and all of us, to the whims of the great orators.

          Hitler was a great orator. Many of his individual ideas were good, but he sold the whole bad package to the ignorant people of his country.

          How is Obama different?

          How can people vote in someone ’cause he is better than Bush’, when Bush wasn’t running. Proof of the rampant ignorance, laziness and what our schools have done to us.

          Think this is bad, you should see what the current crop of ‘students’ believe. Example above is ‘US Democracy is dead’.

          If we are not ignorant, then explain how Nancy Palosi is still running the show? or how the people could fall for such a phony as Obama?

          Obama is a Marxist, Muslim.

          Muslims are executed if they convert to Christianity. (Read the papers) and yet Obama is still alive.

          He was not born in this country. He has spent millions covering up his true birthplace. How many people realize that this means all laws signed by him are void and invalid? How many realize that our military can be court marshaled if they follow his orders?

          All of his mobster cronies are now part of his cabinet.

          He has broken way too many of his campaign promises already.

          Etc, etc.

          Everyone was warned, but they don’t have amnesia,
          they are deaf and dumb.

          Welcome to the New Amerika where ‘Net Nutrality’ is percieved as ‘fair’, by the people, for the people, etc..

          • Guest

            You are obviously a lunatic. Join your Craiglist friend in prison you asshole. You can’t even spell you stupid fuck. I hope this nation is split up into NY/Cali as one nation and the rest of the nation just becomes a bunch of dumb racist bafoons that kill each other off. You’d soon see that the so called liberals are the people that make this nation economically powerful and with out us the GDP would be $2.13 each fiscal year.

  • http://www.explosivewebdesign.com/ Effective Web Design

    Come on guys you all must know and understand that the after 11/9/2001, the US democracy is dead, not only the NET’s

    • http://www.madeinusa.org John Beaman

      We are a Representitive Republic, not a democracy.
      Your ignorance in the subject is typical, don’t feel bad.

      Democracy is what the Democrats want. It’s also called mob rule.
      Like two wolves and a chicken deciding on what’s for dinner.

      Or a better definition, gang rape.

      We voted them in because of this kind of ignorance.

      If you don’t know that we are NOT a democracy,
      then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. (IMHO).

      Until the people learn the foundation of our country,
      we will all continue to give the power over to those that
      know how to screw us for their own agenda, not ours.

      Vote the bums out. NOW!

  • Mic

    The way all these slobs are slaves to the special interests its time for
    term limits…don’t let them hang around long enough to get so corrupted. I was once totally against it, but the voting masses are not educated enough to make real political decisions. Wave a free taxpayer paid for carrot in front of them and you have their vote. Congress was never meant to be a full time job anyway…these people are so out of touch its sickening.

    • http://MADEinUSA.org John Beaman

      No, that is the stupid lazy way out.
      What we need is a lot less ignorance.
      What happened to voting out those that brought this down on us?

      Oh, we are too lazy to vote against them?
      You get what you ask for, and then you want your vote to be automatically overridden by some new law?

      You need to grow up people.

  • http://www.Thirdpartyvote.com ThirdPartyVote

    Ummmm… yah.

    This country needs another party or two in power.

    Did anyone think that electing democrats vs. republicans would somehow make it all better? (We know they did think so… we talked to MANY of them prior to the election.)

    Dems and Reps are two sides of the same coin. (Oh, and the coin they’re on is being deflated every day by the spending they vote for.)

    But we’ve been saying that all along.


  • http://lightoutdoors.com Gary

    The dems and repubs will stay in power, someone posted previously that they (dems and repubs) were two sides to the same coin, they are actually the same side of one coin, just one is on top one day and the other on top the next day.
    A third party is what is needed since most of the people that like to vote a “straight Democrat”, or “straight republican” ticket are dying off.
    I agree with a previous poster, the things that should be outlawed are political parties.
    We already have term limits, its just that we the people fail to use them, they are called votes.
    Re-elect no one.

    • GrannyGeekEIEIO

      Remember this, unless you have a 30 day run off statute that ensures that we end up with a 50%+1 representative, you end up with the likes of Bill Clinton and Al Franken. Sometimes a 3rd party candidacy can take a bad situation and make it worse.

      Vigorous participation and thorough interviewing of candidates prior to elections is necessary.

      BTW-to presume that older voters are straight ticket voters for a single party is a bad premise. People with longer political memories know the foolishness of party politics more than you know.

      Admittedly, there are folks who would vote blindly to get a ‘green car with cup holders and DVD in the back seat’, but I think the real task is to get voters to do their freekin’ homework. Citizenship is NOT a free ride and healthcare you can believe in.

      Try looking at the 9-12 project and see if demanding values and principles from a candidate would be a better approach.

      EVEN though the msnbc fools took shots at the tea parties this week, there are far more informed voters in those groups than any politician has seen before. It’s not a tax whine, its ‘a government is accountable to me’ movement.

  • Guest

    This is the their modus operandi. Change we could believe in turns out to be tax increases and spending on overdrive. Why is it that we keep expecting the out of touch government (pick whichever party you want, they are both just as bad — entrenched elitists who know better than us what we need) to pull through with delivering whatever we hoped to receive? Are we nuts?

    • http://www.MADEinUSA.org John Beaman

      No, we are not nuts, we are ignorant and lazy.

      Why should we consider term-limits which would
      throw out the good with the bad?

      We need to do our homework as voters.
      We need to ‘vote the bums out’. Period.

      We need to do this now, as the point of no return will be
      determined by those we vote back in to Congress.

      The government is not out of touch, it is the voters.
      They ignorantly vote back in those that have no interest
      in living up to their job title of ‘representative’.

      Proof the voter is ignorant; they voted against George Bush on the last election. They voted for ‘change’ without definition. And that proved to Congress how ignorant most of us are as they, in turn, gave trillions of our money for bailouts, without definition.

      We proved to them we are too lazy to do our homework as voters are supposed to do. Remember: ‘A Government by the people, for the people’ ??? Well, the Government are idiots.

      As Pogo once said: “I have met the enemy, and it is us.”

      • Tim

        Change without definition; welcome to Obamaland.

        Stuck with it now guys.
        Of course, along with voter ignorance goes a lack of true sincere people running for office with hard set goals, views, and beliefs, and not just politicians.

  • http://www.1pagedesign.com.au Guest

    Rare I read an article with such interest – Thanks for the effort in giving us such detail. Appreciated – Sam.

  • http://freewordsearchpuzzlegames.blogspot.com/ Word Search Puzzle

    This political party, that political party. The more thing change the more things stay the same.

  • Cliff

    Dubbaya discredited the neocons and the right wing.

    Obama is doing the same for liberals and the left wing.

    Maybe what will be left to try is the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • http://www.productsforresale.com Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy

    Gee, politicians not adhering to their stated campaign promises or principles? “Pols” catering to their own self interests and that of their donors, while using an issue to gain political advantage over Republicans?

    I am shocked! Shocked I say! (LOL!)…

    Sorry folks, but now that some of you have come off of your “Obama High” and realize “change you can believe in” is nothing more then hype you fell for – are you beginning to see a pattern among the political class?

    Whether it is a “D” or an “R” at the helm of the government ship, most politicians accomplish very little and will change the course of their political “tact” whenever the winds can “sail” them toward a positive, self-serving, political, or financial outcome.

    Developing legislation and voting on bills based on pure principle and what they feel – or have expert knowledge of – that is best for those they serve is as rare as dinosaur eggs.

    Did anyone really think that a Congress run by Democrats and Republicans in which some powerful members of committees and sub-committees like finance and banking – that have been in power for 30 years – will all of sudden hold hands – change their “entrenched” way of doing business and sing Cumbia because Obama was President?

    Pa – leeeeese..

    Did you think Hilliary Clinton (who this article mentions is a supporter of net neutrality) was going to do anything based on principle? Remember her “sniper fire” story? Her “vast right wing conspiracy” theory?

    The woman is a congenital liar. I mean the Republicans are bad, but the Democrats have such a deep bullpen of bad players that are blatantly corrupt.

    Senator Dodd from Connecticut getting loans from Countrywide. He wrote legislation favorable to AIG getting bonuses. Barney Frank claiming that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were solvent. No oversight or deep investigation into the ARM loans that were given to people that could not afford them.

    Politicians pursue office to gain power and connections. Why would you spend millions of dollars on a political position that only paid you thousands? Simply put, power, money, and connections.

    Do you think office holders who have been part of either the Congress or the Senate for 10, or 20 years are there because they have the same sense of duty that Washington or Lincoln did?

    Not a chance. It’s all about them, not about you….

    And, of course, money. Money is the mothers milk of politics. If you want to get anything done in Washington – better start you own “dairy farm of dollars” in the form of a lobbying group.

    Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy…

    • Guest

      IGNORANCE is bliss Robert…..enjoy!

  • Guest

    Let this be the year that all 4th of July parades across America are joined by all of the hard working, honest and concerned citizens, who are fed up with the current state of affairs, by brandishing their pitchforks, real or mock, in their own community’s parade.

    No need for violence or insanity just a strong show of pitchfork packing concerned citizens.

    I challenge you all to see who can raise the largest army of pitchfork packers for this greatest event of the year. The forks do not need to be real but should at least be symbolic for the media.

    Come on and give the media something new to write and talk about and show the sleazy bastards who seized our freedom that we are indeed paying damn good attention to them.

    Start a pitchfork blog and start organizing now, time is short and we need you all, every last one of you. Stand up and make a difference this 4th of July. Become a US citizen again and be proud.

  • Stacey

    The democrats had to let it die, because they’re too busy trying to save face of their fearless leader. Obama is making a mockery of our nation. The democrats don’t have time for net neutrality, they’ve got bigger problems!

    • Guest

      Are you kidding me??! The democrats/liberals are so far left that they are no longer the party of JFK. They are the fascists and they are the ones that will be goosestepping down your street telling you how to live your life and how to report on your neighbors that are not “conforming” to their ways. WAKE UP AMERICA!

      If you are a Democrat, support the blue dog Dems, or Reagan Democrats…not these Socialists that are running our beloved country.

    • Lauren

      A mockery of our nation? You’re an idiot Stacey. Do you know what you’re talking about? I suppose you’re a Bush supporter. Great choice Stac! He damn near destroyed this nation. And you’re talking mockery? Gimme a break. I’m so sick of you people and your self righteous bullshit.

  • Marvin George

    I would like to bring out that net neutrality is a dead issue right now. The biggest ISP in the US doesn’t have any issued with net neutrality as it has no caps on the amount you can receive in a month. The content providers told them if you did packet sniffing,priority ir other things that they would cut off their customers. They only care about the service of one ISP in the US and others that don’t care about. It is neith cable or a telecoms. They handle more volume than any ISP in the US and most likely in the world on broadband. They also give true broadband as they give constant bandwidth for their customers. They watch by means of the Internet they can watch on TV with no stop and start as most of have the feeling. If the cable are in the area of this ISP there is a good chance they may lose a lot of their customers period. They must understand that they can anything that is thrown at them and they are putting in broadband as fast possible. You will understand how a simple ISP is giving what the people need in broadband and charges a reasonable rate. So your idea of net neutrality is dead as this ISP made it impossible for any cable or telecoms to do anything as they will tell them get lost. They don’t need their business and only from one ISP which is growing very fast and pushing the limits of the content providers to meet the demand of this one ISP. So get thru your head it is nothing about Congress doing nothing they were told bluntly if they did anything that they would cut them off. The ISPs couldn’t accept that as it mean going out of business so the only way is caps. In the case of this ISP there is no caps and therefore if they are in the area the cable group may lose all of Internet service period and go out of business. It doesn’t matter what Congress as nothing will be done.

  • Guest

    My memory is that ALL of the Republicians, if you still want to call them that, got us all into this mess … The Democrates, if you still choose to call them that, are simply picking up whatever pieces are left, and attempting to put it back together however, with the remaining pieces that are left, it most likely will not look the same as it did before, let us all hope that it really looks a whole lot better!

    • Guest

      When I stand back and look at this issue I see one item that is seldom discussed.

      In our future is a government that will control Internet content right down to the user level. Your “free speach” will not include what goes on the internet but must only involve those words wispered under your breath to yourself.

      Here it comes America. Your democrat leadership at work.

  • John

    The truth seems to be that politicians go to Washington to advance their careers and in most cases don’t even read the bills they sign! Democrat and Republican! Term limit your congressman and senator

    • GrannyGeekEIEIO

      Some states have limits to control term limits of their own offices, but to alter term limits at a federal level it is a constitutional amendment.

      If you want to shake things up, choose wisely by interviewing these folks early and demand quantifiable answers whenever possible.

      Be in contact with your Senators and Congressmen on a regular basis and BE SPECIFIC. with out well informed feedback, it’s just a blur to them. Be ready to drill through the talking points of both parties.

      It’s a mess, go to townhall meetings (take a cushion) and get to see the squirms and lies first hand. You’ll recognize the crap better than the sound bite attack pieces of the 527’s.

      Get involved and do your homework. Don’t expect the government to do anything better than you and the private sector can do for yourself.
      Free stuff via any politician is bait to the scene of the crime, you will get ripped off! It’s all fertilizer, wrapped up in campaign promises.

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