Democrat State Rep’s Son Target In Palin Email Hacking

    September 21, 2008

It looks like a young enthusiastic Democrat got carried away in the hunt for Sarah Palin dirt.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic party reportedly has lots of lawyers and others officially looking for dirt on Palin so its no wonder that David Kernell, the son of a Democrat politician thought he was duty bound to go the extra mile and break into Palin’s Yahoo account.

Kernell is a University of Tennessee student and son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis. According to news reports in Tennessee FBI agents served a federal search warrant at the  residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning just after midnight.

The Terry Frank blog has pictures of Kernell’s Facebook page and contains some intriguing speculation that connects David Kernell with the Obama campaign. David Kernell is a self described Obamacrat according to the blog. This connection of course is pure speculation at this point.

This whole episode is receiving very little attention from the mainstream media. Can you imagine the coverage if a McCain supporter who was the son of a Republican politician had hacked Biden’s email account?

WebProNews previously wrote on the email breach here.