Demo of Google’s Powerpoint-like Tool

    April 18, 2007

Tonic Systems has a demo of their TonicPoint presentations software, the software Google has just purchased to become its presentations software. Enjoy!

TonicPoint Demo

Found via a post on Ajaxian from December.

If you can extract and download the movie, and send it to me, please do. I’m concerned Google overlooked this and left it online, and it will be yanked soon.

Also, turns out Google unveiled this at the Web 2.0 Expo. Google+treads+on+PowerPoint+turf/2100-1032_3-6176889.html”>Elinor Mills has more. A selection:

Schmidt gave a short presentation made using the new feature, which he said would be launched soon. He offered no specific timeframe.

“It’s a way of doing presentations,” he said in a keynote address. “Collaboration is a killer app for how communities work.”

Asked by author and blogger John Battelle if Google’s enhanced Docs & Spreadsheets would compete with Microsoft Office, Schmidt said, “We don’t think so. It doesn’t have all the functionality, nor is it intended to have the functionality of products like Microsoft Office.”

“Come on! It’s a competitor to Microsoft Office,” Battelle said, prompting a round of applause from a concurring audience. “This provides (people) with a free alternative, which has got to be considered a threat” to Microsoft.

Go John! Someone’s sick of Google’s PR doublespeak bullshit. To pretend you aren’t a competitor is just stupid.