Demi Moore Seen Making Out With 27-Year Old

    January 13, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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If you had any doubt about Demi Moore’s rumored relationship with 27-year old rocker Sean Friday, you shouldn’t have any doubt now because according to People magazine, the two were all over each other in a Los Angeles dance club this past weekend, and apparently they had no interest in hiding their mutual affection for each other.

“They danced and made out all night,” said a source for People magazine. Moore and Friday were also seen hanging out with florist-of-the-stars Eric Buterbaugh, who owns a popular floral studio in the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

If you recall, Moore and Friday were spotted earlier this month in Mexico taking romantic strolls on the beach, and before Mexico, she was seen hanging out with him after after his shows. Friday is the drummer for the rock band Dead Sara.

Friday with his Dead Sara band mates on their way to the U.K.

But if you’re surprised that Moore is dating a younger man you shouldn’t be, because the 51-year old has built a reputation of sorts for partnering with guys several years her junior. Here’s a list of the younger men that Moore has been associated with over the years:

Owen Wilson, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, L.A. based karate instructor Oliver Whitcomb and of course her husband of eight years Ashton Kutcher. And since Kutcher and Moore split in 2013 she’s been having a bit of a tough time. First, she had a meltdown of some sort that eventually went public, then she went to rehab, then she had a falling out with her children.

But as most people know, life is nothing but peaks and valleys and currently it looks like Moore is heading for the peak, because according to the source she’s was looking quite blissful this past weekend. “Demi was chatty and smiley all night,” said the source. “She looked flawless.”

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  • Grow Up America

    Demi Moore has been losing it for years. She just can’t deal with getting old.

    The only thing weirder than Demi Moore is the fact I am supposed to believe that on 9/11, two passports from terrorists fell out of their pockets, the passports survived the plane’s explosion that destroyed the titanium encased black boxes, the passports then fell to the earth, they were then covered by rubble, and were then found by FBI agents. So the jet fuel was hot enough to burn and melt steel and disintegrate, yet a paper passport is indestructible.

  • Casey

    What the HELL does anything you’ve written have to do with Demi Moore???

    Knock that conspiracy shit off for 5 freakin’ minutes, will you? It’s annoying to have to read your delusions in every single article!