Demi Moore Heading to Yoga Retreat When Ashton Kutcher Marries Mila Kunis

    April 22, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Demi Moore is heading to a yoga retreat so she won’t be around when ex-husband Ashton Kutcher marries Mila Kunis. A source says she wants to “get out of Dodge” while all the wedding festivities are taking place. She is reportedly still “reeling” from their divorce.

“Demi is tapped into Ashton and Mila’s wedding planning and she’s telling friends that she’s going to get out of town during the time frame of when the wedding and pre and post-wedding festivities will go down,” the source told RadarOnline.

“Demi knows she’ll have to endure hearing about the affair — which Ashton is telling mutual friends will be huge and full of A-list Hollywood and tech friends — and seeing pictures. But the wound is still fresh from their divorce and Demi doesn’t want anything to trigger a relapse.”

Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis is still very close to Ashton Kutcher. Demi is relying on Rumer to keep her apprised of when the wedding will take place so she can get away to her yoga retreat.

“When she gets word, either through mutual friends or Rumer, about the exact date, she’s booking a trip to the yogic spiritual center of India, Rishikesh, where she’ll submerge herself in days of waking at 4 a.m., chanting, meditation, yoga by the Ganges River, light eating of only meager portions of vegan foods and dressing in saffron colored robes,” the source explained.

“She’ll be cut off from all technology including phones, Internet and TV, so she’ll be able to avoid the whole thing.”

Demi won’t be leaving town solely for the nuptials either, but has plans to leave when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcome their baby into the world this coming fall. She initially said she felt a sense of closure when learning about the pregnancy, but has perhaps had second thoughts about that closure.

“She plans a similar, though less intense and far away retreat to coincide with the birth of their child in October,” the source added.

You can’t really blame Demi Moore for leaving town in light of all the joy Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will be experiencing in the near future. Ashton cheated on Demi which led to the demise of their marriage. She longed to have a baby with Ashton, but never became pregnant. Getting “out of Dodge” is probably the best thing for everyone involved–most especially for Demi Moore.

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  • James

    I think Demi is above the fray; I think Ashton has always been a B-list actor and he’s marrying a B-list actor; I wish them the best; but Demi is by far the incredible one of these three; and quite sexy.

    • Martha

      It’s not like you know any of these people. Things happen for a reason and you should wish everyone the best and not pretend you are in their clique.

      • Liberalism is Hedonism

        You do not know them either so why are you talking there Martha?

    • qwerty asdf

      Demi was A list 20 years ago. Unfortunately, she’s now past her prime. She could have handled her life post Ashton with dignity and grace and it’s sad that she chose to act like a teenager, do drugs, become estraged with her kids, hook-up with boys half her age and dragged on the divorce demanding money when she could have chosen a different route to handle things.

  • emmysmom

    She is pathetic. Their marriage was doomed from the beginning with the difference in their ages. Her boy toy grew up and she apparently can’t handle it. For Heaven’s sake, get a grip, Demi. The smartest thing you could do is assume a casual, congratulatory attitude toward the couple and get on with your life.

  • Healer

    It is natural to be hurting, and I congratulate Demi for refraining from being inundated by the media show of the expectant soon-to-be newlyweds. Going to India to practice peace and regenerate her spirit is endearing. Good for you Demi and good luck. May your ‘Greatest Love of All’ be in your future.

  • leelee

    If Demi REALLY wants to get over Kutcher, then stop giving interview & for HEAVEN’S SAKE, stop talking about it!
    Just get on with it, Demi – you dragged out the divorce – and Still carrying on….
    LIFE GOES ON…….with our without YOU

  • Jennifer Lakewood

    Wow, what a wuss! I knew she was immature for her age, but to run off when your ex-husband is getting re-married is very cowardly. I know I’m not famous, but when my ex-husband got re-married (to a woman 20 years younger than us), I didn’t even bat an eye. To take out so much energy to avoid something that she can’t face seem a bit overboard. The fact that she wants to do something similar when the baby comes shows even more immaturity. Good thing she’s healthy and doesn’t have any medical problems. It seems like she wouldn’t be able to handle real problems.

    • Brad P.

      Jennifer who cares. You hags are all the same. You don’t care huh but feel compelled to tell us your bs story. You were probably a lousy wife and cow. Get pet your cats and call them your baby.

    • fisfall

      “my ex-husband got re-married (to a woman 20 years younger than us), I didn’t even bat an eye”
      Well you didn’t have people shoving cameras and microphones in your face

    • eryche

      I imagine she simply doesn’t want to be in town during these “events” because the paparazzi will be in her face asking her how she feels about it all. I’d leave town, too, just for some peace and quiet.

    • Jaynmoore89

      I don’t blame her and she is not immature. I think she is making a very mature decision for herself. Remember, ” Unless you walk in someone elses
      shoes.” Ashton was dishonest with her and that is hurtful.

  • kell

    I feel bad for Demi. I had related to her and Ashton because I too was in a relationship with a guy 15 years younger than me. Didn’t work out for us either because he wanted a child and I couldn’t give him that. I wish her the best and healing for her heart.

  • Helen Santillan

    I met Demi Moore when she was a young actor in General Hospital Yes long ago but met at a Bus Boys concert and backstage she talked to me and wanted to know about my girls and said she wants to have 3 daughters some day. She did and it was odd even though we never talked again I was left for the babysitter and raised my girls alone soon after I met her. It is sad she is a great actor and it was sad about the break-ups but she is strong and this too will pass. Demi you will always shine and have a wonderful family so stay strong

  • fisfall

    It’s hard breaking up but to have it all played out in public with the paparazzi following you around snapping your picture and shoving microphones in your face just makes it harder

  • eryche

    It’s all well and good to date this young fella, just for fun, but if the time comes when she’s interested in a relationship that may last she really should find a man of at least her own age in order to have a partner with near the same maturity level. It’d probably be best if she actually found someone a bit older. It’s a well known fact that women mature earlier than men, and I don’t believe that maturity level changes as we age. Have fun, Demi, but for Pete’s sake don’t get serious with this kid. I’m afraid he’ll be another Kutcher.

  • Jetwoman

    She was naive or something else to have thought he would stay with her forever, given their age difference and that he is male. Obviously she gave too much of her heart away to him. I feel for her and wish her all the best. She’s a wonderful actor and hopefully she can get past the suffering she is experiencing and come out stronger for it.

  • Barbara Steffek

    So this article claims she’s not over that cheating twit of a guy yet?

  • Nikki Thomas

    Good for her. I hope she continues to heal. Then get back to making
    those box office hits that she was so good at doing. Keep living Demi!
    The best is yet to come!!

  • jackmeyhoffer

    Get over it, honey. You’re not the first person to have his/her heart broken. If you were a guy I would advise you to take two shots of whiskey and (j)erk-off. It helped me through a couple of difficult breakups.

  • mauipete

    Nobody cares. NEXT!

  • mayberry angel

    For some people there’s that one that truly broke your heart and soul that you will never get over. She is obviously trying to get over it to the extent that she can. If your soul is that connected to someone the ties are there forever.

  • Sun flower

    They were the best and high profile couple,but in life nothing comes in a guaranteed way.We have to face such problems.Either we run away or we shuold do something so that we can overcome from the problem.The same thing Demmi More do ,ans to my view she opted right choice,rather than hanging out in bar ,she went to yoga center to overcome from emotionally and hope she will be strong enough from inside now!!!

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