Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s Daughter in Rehab?

    August 16, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s youngest daughter, Tallulah Willis, is reportedly doing a stint in rehab for cocaine and alcohol issues. The 20-year-old was supposedly issued an ultimatum by her parents that prompted her to agree to go.

“Tallulah was pretty much given an ultimatum,” a source says. “Her parents were about to take away everything from her.”

A fashion blogger, Tallulah was probably the most affected of the three sisters by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s divorce back in 2000. She was also exceedingly pained by Demi Moore’s own rehab stint in 2012 following her split from Ashton Kutcher.

A rather cryptic tweet posted by Tallulah on July 23rd indicated she was likely on her way to rehab.

“When Demi was hospitalized, Tallulah didn’t show up to school for days because she was too embarrassed,” a former classmate told the media. “She was very open about Demi’s issues and would sort of imply, ‘Of course I have issues too, look at my mom.'”

Both Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are said to have made frequent visits to The Meadows treatment center in Wickenburg, Arizona, where Tallulah has reportedly been for a few weeks now. Sources say Bruce is far more stern about her recovery than Demi is.

“If Bruce suspected that Tallulah had any kind of substance abuse problem, he would have demanded for her to get help,” a source close to Demi Moore said. “Demi’s take is that Tallulah is still very young and trying to find herself.”

That’s the attitude that found Demi in trouble herself just a couple of short years ago. At the time, daughter Rumer Willis was even partying with her easy-going mom.

When Tallulah Willis was just thirteen she was diagnosed with body dysmorphia. Hopefully that is being addressed while she is in rehab, too, as old issues like that can reappear when drugs and alcohol are added to the mix.

It probably isn’t a huge surprise that one of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughters is said to be suffering from an alcohol and substance abuse problem. While their dad has gone on to live a respectable life–both personally and professionally–Demi married a much younger man–Ashton Kutcher–and then fell apart when he cheated on her with a woman closer to his own age. She took to drinking and was reportedly using drugs, and exhibiting some extremely bizarre behavior. Ashton is now engaged to Mila Kunis, and is expecting a baby in the very near future.

Hopefully Tallulah Willis stays in rehab as long as her caregivers and doctors deem necessary, and it would probably be best if Bruce Willis oversees her day-to-day activities for a while once she is released.

Do you think Demi Moore has what it takes to keep a responsible watch over Tallulah when she leaves rehab? Or is Demi still fighting too many demons of her own?

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  • Fantasy Maker

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree especially when you let your kids roam free and do whatever they want

  • sarah

    Too young to be such a train wreck. That’s hollywood for ya. Spoiled children raising themselves. Nothing good can come from it.

  • Purplelady Guevara

    i hope she stays with her father……

  • Redphilly

    She has had a hard life as far as parenting is concerned. Some children have a difficult time with divorce no matter how much money they are given. But she may need to go somewhere and help some people who are really suffering. Like with contaminated water, poor food supplies or disease. She needs to be taken outside herself and her own problems. Rehab doesn’t work all that well most times.

  • katsback

    i can see why with demi doing crazy stuff,and demi use to seem so health minded,

  • michael

    ever since she hooked up with that ass@#$%, she lost her attractiveness. just another cum receptacle now. wait for daughter’s porn vid

  • Bill

    Shure Mommy and daddy screwed you up. Poor thing, But its you up to unscrew yourself

  • alyce1213

    Talk about double standards: “While their dad has gone on to live a respectable life–both personally and professionally–Demi married a much younger man – Ashton Kutcher.”
    Bruce Willis married a MUCH younger woman — Emma something. The age difference between Demi and Ashton was about 15 years. The age difference between Bruce and Emma is 23 years! So Bruce is respectable and Demi is not?

    • i thought so

      Both of them have problems with their self esteem. Their kids are no different, especially this daughter. She looks terrible & I hope she gets help. Also, drop the blue hair ladies it’s makes you look dead.

    • http://arainofthought.blogspot.com/ Rain

      lol..i had to laugh at that…and a woman wrote this article….smh…pitiful.

  • Randy Peel

    Bruce has his life in order because he is a proud republican. Demy on the hand, has her life in shambles because she is a democrat. The 3 kids , including potato head, should look at their parents and follow the one with a brain.

  • Lori

    I read in another article that Tallulah blames her body image problem on the tabloids. Hopefully in rehab she will learn the real problem is her body obsessed/ always dating a younger man/ flake of a mother. Demi needs to grow up and both she and Bruce need to realize they gave those girls entirely too much freedom and no responsibility. I hope Bruce does a better job with his two young daughters.

  • miscast

    No doubt that her parents lifestyle and celebrity did add to all the kid’s difficulties. Its just hard enough to grow up, even more so when your parents are always in the news, etc. Having said that most kids of parents like Bruce for example learn early on that no excuse will be headed that doesn’t show some thought process. At least one parent is somewhat stable. You can’t be their friends, they need parents.. By the way didn’t the author sound like she didn’t put up with any crap from her kids either…? You do your kids no good by not having rules and sticking to them. Even if they aren’t considered strict rules, you still have to stand by them as if written in stone…My parents called it “earning responsibility”, a term they used with abandon when we broke the rules and PAID the price for doing so…

  • grandinettimichael

    Bruce is the best. Wish him and his family good things.

  • http://arainofthought.blogspot.com/ Rain

    lol @ the amount of shade thrown at Demi in this article. she was married to ashton for 8 years…what’s not respectable about that?

    Anyway, the best to Tallulah. She’s young and best to nip it in the bud now.

  • Sandra

    Hope she can get past this…..not easy to be young these days in the world we live in……and when you don’t have alot of direction….not sure that’s the deal but……

  • BJ777

    Sad….Demi has always had something to prove–look at all her obsessive behavior with her own body. It makes sense that all her daughters would be confused.

  • Bobby Savin

    A product of Hollywood and self absorbed parents, hope she makes something of her life instead of being the so very typicalbrain dead hedonistic child of Hollywood celebrities

  • taelpe

    Wah Wah Wah Mommy and Daddy got divorced. Wah Wah Wah the young stud Mommy was banging after she had 500k in plastic surgery done are divorcing. Wah Wah Wah Mommy’s doing drugs because her stud of a husband left her wah wah (Mommy was mostly likely doing drugs before her boytoy left). Parents get divorced everyday and not all the kids turn to drugs. This is the problem with RICH PEOPLE-they threaten to take everything away. Where as middle class and poor people stick their kids/loved ones in rehab and take everything away so their loved ones can’t be tempted. Rich people should take everything a way for a year or more make their spoiled brats (who are basically doing the same as Mummy and Daddy) live off what they can earn on their own you know like us regular people who eek out our living s on min wage or more. Rich people also should forbade their rich friends from hiring their brats at an unGodly rate. It woudl teach them a life lesson that may stick with the for life.

    • taelpe

      I was flagged us unappropriate for using the word bang&&g??? Wow