Demi Lovato Shores Selena Gomez After Bieber Arrest

    January 25, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Demi Lovato has spent time shoring up best friend Selena Gomez since Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach earlier this week. Lovato reports that Selena is a very strong young woman and will no doubt be just fine regardless of her affection for the As Long As You Love Me singer.

The two young women were spotted having dinner together in L.A. on Friday, with Demi sporting her new hot pink hairdo.

“We’re really, really close,” Lovato told Ryan Seacrest during an interview on his radio show. “And any advice I had for her, we talked last night and—you know—it’s between us. But I love her so much.”

The two girls actually lived together as children–along with their moms–when they were first getting their start in Hollywood. The families rented a shared apartment to keep costs down and afford the opportunities for their daughters to share their talents with the world.

“We have an incredible friendship,” Demi told Seacrest of her relationship with Selena Gomez. “Selena “is strong! She’s doing really well right now!”

Demi added that Selena is looking great despite the stress she is currently under.

“She’s doing really well right now and I’m really happy for her,” Demi said.

It’s six of one and a half dozen of the other as to whether Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are/were involved in a relationship when he was arrested earlier this week. Some sources say the two have been back together as boyfriend and girlfriend for months now, while others say they’re just really good friends. Who knows? (Well, Demi Lovato probably does.) Either way Selena doesn’t want to see Justin go any further down the path he’s traveling on because she genuinely cares about his well being.

Selena Gomez is blessed to have a friend like Demi Lovato, but it seems it definitely goes both ways with these two former Disney starlets. Selena is supportive of her friend who, as most everyone knows, battles many demons of her own, and often has to rely on the help of those around her to stay on a straight and sober path.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Motive

    Oh I feel so sorry for poor little Selena …. her life is horrible … I pity the girl. Please!!!! My God, is America this stupid?

    This is why no one takes a woman seriously. In a world full of serious problems, grown women will gravitate to the teenage angst of celebrities who have set lives. The funny thing is that none of these women are teenagers, yet they act like they are eight grade girls.

    News flash to people out there. Selena drinks, smokes, and screws like crazy. All of Hollywood does. Have you ever been to a Hollywood party? Please.

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for people worth 200 million dollars. It doesn't matter what they do. They will always be okay. If their lives are really that hard, they could literally quit and devote themselves to taking care of their lives. Imagine never having to work again. Ever. You could do anything you wanted to help yourself.

    Want to see people struggling. Go look at the people in prison who have nothing. America is so stupid that we think locking people up in hell is going to "help" them.

  • http://yahoo paul lachapelle

    give me a break with this poor selena bull. she's been with the guy for a few years. I find it hard to believe she hasn't done drugs with him. she certainly knows what an inconsiderate jerk he is so please don't give me the sympathy excuse for the little tramp.

    • Motive

      Paul, you and I both know it is bullshit. So, Selena was in love with this guy and spent months and weeks with him, but he never did stuff around her and she never did it?

      Please. We all know that she knew and probably did it too. Like I said above — behind closed doors she is doing everything too. She is just trying to preserve her image.

      Ever notice how women constantly complain but always go back to the guy? Why do they go back if it is so bad? It is because they are doing it all too.

  • k

    whats the big deal bieber is doing time lol for something he did why would you feel sorry for his gf shes with the dip **** shes no better im suprised demi lovato would wanna be seen with such a weak minded person

  • Selena is Fake

    I loved it when Selena got caught smoking. I don't know too many singers that smoke. Your voice is everything. The only reason why Selena is popular is that she is hot and looks good. In 2014, talent does not matter. Looks matter. They were pushing Selena's looks back when she was 13. Look at every young girls TV show and magazine. Girls never looked like that when I was that age. Please. Girls still climbed trees when I was growing up. Now they are pimped out, screwing, and driving 100,000 cars.

    Here is the worst thing. Everyone knows this but they turn a blind eye. Remember all those adults that loved Hannah Montana? They saw Miley Cyrus posing nude at 15 and still believed the Hannah Montana bullshit. Then finally they wake up and wonder —- how does this happen. It happens because you let it happen!!! How many times have we seen a young cute Disney starlet morph into a sex symbol? It is a pattern. You ever watch the channel? Six grade girls look like high school seniors.

    Selena Gomez is no different. You wait. In about two years, she will end up nude somewhere. It is the pattern. It will always be the pattern. It has been going on for decades.

  • Samy

    American women have to be the dumbest in the world. Have to be. The only person more stupid was the cameraman that asked Selena if Beiber asked her for bail money. Beiber is worth well over 200 million dollars. Bail money will not be a problem.

    But really, how dumb are American women. Do they really believe Selena was dating Beiber and did not know about all this? Really? She was doing it with him probably. There are tons of good looking and nice guys out there. Yet, she choose to be with Beiber. She knew.

  • Bimbo Country

    When I watch American TV, I realize it is a country of Bimbos. Like right now, I am watching a weather girl. The only reason why she has this job is that she is good looking. Go to any station and watch news or sports shows. All the women are pretty much hot and dumb. Selena is no different. Ask yourself, if Selena was fat, would we even hear about her? Probably not. It is sad but true.