Demand Media Acquires Pluck

    March 5, 2008

The company called Pluck has ties to well-known entities like Discovery Communications, USA Today, and Conde Nast.  And now Demand Media does, too; it has acquired Pluck for an undisclosed amount.

Demand Media Acquires Pluck
 Dave Panos – CEO

Pluck and Demand both slot themselves within the wide category of social media.  Dave Panos, the CEO of Pluck and new executive vice president of Demand, states, "The combined expertise of our two companies in platform technology development, content creation and community management is truly unmatched."

The Guardian Unlimited, Hearst Corporation, and Fox, in addition to the three giants named earlier, should be among the first to see if that’s the case.  Panos used the phrase "monetizable content," so they’re sure to be looking for more than aesthetic upgrades and smoother service.

Elsewhere on the money front, Rafat Ali reports that Pluck raised approximately $17 million during the course of its independent run.  Ali also puts its acquisition price in the neighborhood of $70 million ($67 million, to be exact), which is consistent with several other reports.

Finally, it appears as if neither Pluck nor Demand Media will be making any layoffs or corporate relocations due to the sale.