Delta’s Blog Caught in the We We Calculator

    October 9, 2007

Brian Eisenberg of took a well placed swipe at the Delta blog.  Brian ran the text of the post about how Delta gathers customer input through the customer focus ("We-we") calculator and found these results:

Your Customer Focus Rate: 17.39%
You have 4 instances of customer-focused words.

Your Self Focus Rate: 82.61%
You have 15 instances of self-focused words.
You have 4 instances of the Company Name.

You speak about yourself approximately 0,005 times as often as you speak about your customers.

Delta has an ad running on Yahoo! News that takes you to their blog.  The ad copy says change is about offering your two cents worth so Brian promptly gave his two cents to the author of this blog post:

1. The key to great customer insight and analysis is empathy. Don’t live by the surveys or the data; live with your customers. How often do you go through the process of booking and flying, just like the majority of your customer’s do? Want to improve the experience? Experience it like most people do. You’ll hate it. Really!

(I wholeheartedly agree.  I am also a Delta frequent flyer and the last two calls to Delta have been a severe pain in the rear.  In fact, just a month ago I opted to fly with AirTrans because it was cheaper to buy a new business class ticket with them than change the date on the economy class Delta ticket I already had!!!!).

2. Show us you really care about listening to OUR voices. I believe you have honorable intentions, but your words are all about Delta.

This next comment from Brian really made me chuckle

The Greeks use the symbol delta to represent change because "Διαφορ?" means "difference" in Greek. Will you really make a difference in customers’ lives, or will you be content putting lipstick on a pig?

putting lipstick on a pig