Dell To Disclose Documentation About Relationship with Intel

    September 9, 2005
    Chris Crum

Dell has agreed to provide access to documents involved with its relationship with Intel for the antitrust suit that AMD has brought against Intel.

Out of these documents, AMD is hoping that they can find some proof to back up their claims that Intel has been bullying computer makers to buy only from them.

Dell even agreed to provide access to personal emails between the leaders of the companies, Michael Dell and Kevin Rollins to be read by authorities. Tom Krazit of IDG News Service writes:

In separate interviews in 2004 and earlier this year, Dell CEO Rollins told IDG News Service that his company has avoided using AMD’s processors in part because its purchasing costs would rise by introducing AMD’s chips into its products. Although neither company will directly acknowledge it, many analysts and industry observers believe that Intel gives Dell significant discounts on processors and favorable distribution in exchange for remaining faithful to Intel.

Customer interest in AMD’s server chips has grown, in part based on benchmarks and third-party reviews that have given AMD’s dual-core Opteron processor high scores for the performance delivered by its integration memory controller and point-to-point buses. However, Dell has remained an Intel-only customer.

30 companies in all have recieved similar requests from AMD to disclose information about their partnerships with Dell, and so far only a handful have agreed.

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