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Rand previously had my company Britecorp on his list of recommended SEO’s.

After emailing him last year, I also became a contributor to the SEOblog.

However, just checked in today and not only am I removed from the recommended SEOs, I’m also no longer able to contribute to the SEOmoz blog – just YOUmoz.

On the one hand, my ego feels a little slapped, but I can’t say I blame Rand’s decisions.

I haven’t done any SEO work with Rand for some time – and after a short run of articles, I’ve also not contributed to the SEOmoz blog for a while.

To be honest, the previous recommended list brought very little interest – less than 10 enquiries, and maybe 3 clients.

Also, after I first posted an article about Google News I had my first rejected application to Google News and realised I may have been seen to give the wrong message – so followed up with another article emphasising the importance of developing a quality news syndication site.

Frankly, after I first posted at SEOmoz I realised that I’d gone above the radar and didn’t like that at all.

I’m not interested in becoming a minor SEO star – I have a job to do, a mortgage to pay, and I’m focusing on that. I’m much happier keeping my head down and just getting work done.

I’ve made little effort to network offline or online, save from commenting at Threadwatch. A big part is moving house twice in the past 2 years – renting in Central Scotland, then moving to the Highlands, meant that simply keeping up with work was challenge enough.

However, now that everything is settling down I like being overlooked and simply able to work without attracting unnecessary distractions.

I was tempted to write an article at SEOmoz to remind Rand I’m around – but I have a client moving servers tomorrow and I have to finalise the redirects from the old site are going to run fine. The client pays my bills, SEOmoz does not.

At the end of the day, it’s always nice to have the respect of people in the SEO industry, but the most important thing is getting client work done, developing new projects, and generally making sure I’m investing enough in my business to ensure clients are happy.


Delisted from SEOmoz
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