Delicious Shows Off New Search Features

    August 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

This week Delicious launched a new redesign along with some new search features. They have now elaborated on what all is new when it comes to search.

Time Filters

One new feature is the time filter. This lets the user limit the time frame of a search so they can narrow down results on time-sensitive subjects. "For example, a search for the term tour de france will bring up bookmarks about the race in general," explains Delicious. "By limiting these results to the last month, you will display more results related to the 2009 tour, and by limiting the results to just one day you’ll find the most up-to-date news in our system."

The feature can be used by opening the panel beneath the search box on results pages and choosing "bookmarks saved From".

Delicious Timeline Filter (Tour De France)

Trends Graph

The trends graph shows you when bookmarks in your results were saved.

Delicious Timeline Filter (The Police)

Tag Filters

This simply lets you filter results by specifying only bookmarks that have been saved with or without specific tags. This can be used by opening the panel beneath the search box on a results page, and clicking a tag filter once to limit results to those bookmarks saved with that tag. You can also click it twice to limit the results to bookmarks saved without the tag.

Delicious Tag Filter (Jaguar)

Enhanced Results

Delicious now uses Yahoo’s SearchMonkey to display some enhanced thumbnails (playable for video) for Wikipedia, YouTube, Yelp, Yahoo Local, and CitySearch results.

Delicious Rich Results


With this feature, Delicious simply incorporates search suggestions just like Yahoo Search into the search box. Start typing a query, and you will get a drop down menu of suggested queries.

Delicious Search Suggestion (Jackson)

There are more new features to Delicious than just search. The biggest new factor is freshness. You can read more about new features of the homepage here.