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    August 17, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

There is “more shiny” on the Yahoo-owned social bookmaring site, Delicious, including thumbnail images of bookmarked websites on the home page, plus contextual search ads too.

A searcher will find a couple of types of search results now on Delicious. A query for Spiderman 2 returns, among other results, bookmarks of the Spiderman 2 Lego film on the left side of the page.

On the right side, a shaded block appears, with sponsored results delivered by Yahoo’s Overture. It’s not an unexpected development. Once Yahoo purchased Delicious, it was just a matter of time before Yahoo made an effort to monetize the investment.

The more obvious change came to the site’s homepage. Josh Schachter, creator of Delicious, posted about the thumbnails that now show up there:

Along with our usual round of backend upgrades, patches, and bugfixes, we’ve released a new frontpage design that incorporates feedback and ideas from our previous design. The main change is that we’ve added thumbnails for the top links on the hotlist. We’ve also started showing popular tags again, which we think is a great way to find interesting new links.

Thumbnails of websites seem to be popular now, and not just with Delicious. The Opera browser, the AOL Browser, and IE 7 all have this functionality built in, and show a thumbnail of a site displayed on a tab when the user place the mouse cursor over that tab.

They make for a nice visual cue when one has a lot of tabs in a window. The mouseover thumbnail makes it a little quicker than clicking on every tab to find a particular one. On Delicious, they just take up space on what had been a clean, minimalistic design.


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