Delicious Founder And Former Yahoo Goes To Google

    January 13, 2009

The shortest drivable route between the headquarters of Google and Yahoo is a little more than five miles long, taking people around a golf course, Moffett Federal Airfield, and Ames Research Center.  We’d like to recommend that Google build a direct tunnel to make the ongoing employee transfer easier.

Joshua Schachter
 Joshua Schachter

Yes, another Yahoo hand has made the trip to Google, although this one took a bit of a break between jobs.  Joshua Schachter, who founded Delicious and (after its acquisition) worked as a director of engineering at Yahoo, actually quit in June.  Then it wasn’t until December that he (quietly) moved to its chief competitor.  And only yesterday did Josh Kopelman, a partner at First Round Capital, spill the beans on Twitter.

So Schachter is now a "Member of Technical Staff" at Google, according to his LinkedIn profile.  Whatever he’s working on may well tie to all his experience with things like Digg and Memepool.  Google remains weak in the social field, after all.

Or, perhaps more interestingly, Schachter’s new position could connect to his time spent at Morgan Stanley, Banc of America Securities, or GeoURL.  Finance is a hot topic right now, after all, and Google loves its maps.

Regardless, this development counts as yet another loss for Yahoo, and a hat tip goes to Marshall Kirkpatrick.