Deion Sanders Jr. Backstage Visit an NCAA Violation?


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Deion Sanders Jr., the son of former NFL star Deion Sanders (or "Neon Deion," or even "Prime Time," depends on what you prefer) might have just gotten himself into a bit of trouble.

Last week, Sanders Jr. and some teammates from Southern Methodist University (SMU) went to the Lil Wayne concert in Dallas, but unlike most concert-goers, the SMU players got to go backstage. This event may or may not be an NCAA violation.

While the elder Sanders was in Harlingen, Texas to watch a scrimmage, he received a phone call from his son telling him that he was being investigated because Sanders Sr. took him to the . Sanders Sr. then hung up and spoke with the media about the incident. Adam Lawson of the Valley Morning Star was in attendance and he tweeted out some of the information.

But it seems it isn't the NCAA that is looking into Sanders Jr., it's SMU.

Brad Sutton, an SMU official said, “It’s not the NCAA. It’s our compliance office. Just doing their due diligence. We don’t expect to find anything amiss, but it’s our responsibility to check stuff like this out.” SMU is checking to make sure the players got into the concert and backstage for reasons other than them being football players.

It also seems Lil Wayne is no stranger to the Sanders family.

SMU apparently didn't make SMU football coach June Jones aware of the investigation, but he doesn't see what the issue is with the incident. Coach Jones said, “If Deion wants to take his son somewhere, I think he can."

If Lil Wayne really is one of Neon Deion's "best friends," wouldn't it make sense that Sanders Jr. would also know Lil Wayne? Don't most people know their parent's friends? And is it a crime that Sanders Jr. happens to have a famous dad who knows famous people?

[Image via Deion Sanders Jr.'s Twitter]