Deion Sanders Jr. Backstage Visit an NCAA Violation?

    August 23, 2013
    Emily Greene
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Deion Sanders Jr., the son of former NFL star Deion Sanders (or “Neon Deion,” or even “Prime Time,” depends on what you prefer) might have just gotten himself into a bit of trouble.

Last week, Sanders Jr. and some teammates from Southern Methodist University (SMU) went to the Lil Wayne concert in Dallas, but unlike most concert-goers, the SMU players got to go backstage. This event may or may not be an NCAA violation.

While the elder Sanders was in Harlingen, Texas to watch a scrimmage, he received a phone call from his son telling him that he was being investigated because Sanders Sr. took him to the . Sanders Sr. then hung up and spoke with the media about the incident. Adam Lawson of the Valley Morning Star was in attendance and he tweeted out some of the information.

But it seems it isn’t the NCAA that is looking into Sanders Jr., it’s SMU.

Brad Sutton, an SMU official said, “It’s not the NCAA. It’s our compliance office. Just doing their due diligence. We don’t expect to find anything amiss, but it’s our responsibility to check stuff like this out.” SMU is checking to make sure the players got into the concert and backstage for reasons other than them being football players.

It also seems Lil Wayne is no stranger to the Sanders family.

SMU apparently didn’t make SMU football coach June Jones aware of the investigation, but he doesn’t see what the issue is with the incident. Coach Jones said, “If Deion wants to take his son somewhere, I think he can.”

If Lil Wayne really is one of Neon Deion’s “best friends,” wouldn’t it make sense that Sanders Jr. would also know Lil Wayne? Don’t most people know their parent’s friends? And is it a crime that Sanders Jr. happens to have a famous dad who knows famous people?

[Image via Deion Sanders Jr.’s Twitter]

  • http://flavorcandles.com kimberly reese

    This is crazy I go see if Deon Jr was selling drugs , or if he robbed or rape somebody, really he went to a rap concert . But if he was white and went to a strip club in Vegas he will be the man

    • Allen Alexander

      I totally agree its not like he did anything wrong.

    • Please

      It has nothing to do with color. Why do people like you make everything about race?? It is as if you want everything to be about race. You claim you want equality but at the drop of a hat, you make things that are not racial into things that are. It is stupid and does more to damage race relations than I think you know. It is essentially the boy that called wolf paradigm and in the end, that paradigm makes people not care anymore.

      This is all about the NCAA. If you ever dealt with them, this is what they do. Just ask the girl who violated NCAA rules when she got her car washed. The NCAA is just ridiculous and has no perspective about anything.

      In the end though, it is all hypocrisy. Really it is. If you have ever been around or involved in any major college sports program, you know that the athletes are getting passed in classes without doing work, getting paid by alumni, taking steroids, doing drugs, etc. It is quite obvious. The NCAA just picks and chooses what it wants to address. College sports is big business and it is big business because at the end of the day, the public doesn’t care about doing the right thing. They just want to be entertained. If the public wants to blame anyone about the craziness in sports, all they have to do is look in the mirror. We buy the products, watch the games, etc. Our nation is comprised of a bunch of hypocrites and the NCAA is no different.

      • John

        The person that created the NCAA is a racist. So, how could this not be about race?

  • Skye

    Please proof-read this crap before you post it; you sound illiterate. As for the actual story, it seems these kids are prisoners. They can’t do anything ‘typical’ these days without it being some sort of violation. Are they allowed to live in addition to playing ball?

  • John

    This is trash. The article. learn to proof-read PLEASE

  • http://twitter Gary Orr

    The NCAA cant even make a ruling on johnny football first I thought we were in america make the call on j.football we all know what you are going to rule in his favor to play shall i say double standard

    • Reality

      People should be allowed to profit of their own signature. The double standard exists in the fact most people are hypocrites. If I was a student on scholarship at a university and I wrote a best selling book, I could profit from it. I wouldn’t have to turn down the money.

      The US is full of hypocrites. In one state, you can get a misdemeanor for a crime and in another, you can get a felony for the very same exact crime. People swear our punishments fit the crimes but so few people even understand the punishments. When people fight against us after we enter their country, they are labeled as terrorists. If another country invaded us, we would label ourselves freedom fighters. I could go on and on.

      Face it. America is just one big hypocrisy and the ultimate double standard.

      • John

        @ reality…go live in Siberia then…

        • @John

          You must be one of those “if you don’t like it then leave type of people”. You must think the government should be able to do whatever it wants.

          Those are the same people that will be saying “how did this happen” when everything falls apart. Well, it happens when people like you stick your head in the sand and whenever people say something you don’t like — well then your answer is to tell them to leave.

          Can’t see the forrest for the trees. Geez.

    • Hmm…

      The biggest double standard is that Alabama is never investigated for wrong doing. Their whole team looks like a steroid induced pro-football team and most of their athletes never go to class. Heck, half couldn’t even get into a major university due to academics. How is it that every other university in the country gets investigated but not them.

      Heck, Oregon came out of no where to become a consistent national contender. This happened after Phil Knight started pumping money into the program. Do you really think athletes want to go to the dismal state of Oregon because of the student life, academics, or weather. They are going there for the money.

      I could go on and on about the NCAA and double standards.

      • Oregon Jones

        Dismal he says….dreary maybe, but evidence has shown you don’t like growth. What.. Are you stagnant? in a rut? You’d blow your load by the scenery here.

        • @Oregon

          Huh? What evidence and who are you talking to? What growth? I lost you.

          Oregon is pretty dismal and dreary compared to other places. Reminds me a lot of England.

  • Oregon Jones

    If weezy is like 5’2″ What is he standing on? Or is Prime time Jr. closer to being the kicking tee?

  • http://yahoo Darin beltran

    They dont call him lil wayne for nothing!!!!

  • OH YEAH!

    so if it was a Justin Bieber or a Mily Cyrus concert,will he still get in trouble??

  • Tom

    I’ll have to agree, I’m African American and I can’t see why the race card was pulled on this one @ Kimberly Reese. I also understand that African Americans do have reasons past and present to feel the way that they do. To be Caucasian and rant and rave when African Americans have lapses in judgment intentionally or unintentionally is ludicrous. Discrimination and racism still exits mainly within the Caucasian communities. Bottom line, spare us playing the victims and crying reverse racism and all that B.S., how about stop being douches and lose your arrogance and heir of self entitlement, African Americans are tired of it and so is the rest of the world.

    • Hmm….

      I agree with most of what you said, however, don’t delude yourself — the African American community is very racist. Also, many people are tired of hearing African Americans crying racism.

      If a white person attacks a black person the world goes crazy. However, every day there are hundreds of cases of blacks attacking whites or blacks attacking blacks. Yet, we here nothing about it and no one is outraged.

      Also, I wouldn’t be so quick to fly to the term African American. Most American blacks are not accepted very well in Africa. Most of the blacks in america claiming this title have never even been to Africa to know this.

      • arvin

        So what should we call ourselves? Slave decendants?

  • http://N/A Mr. KJ

    The SAD apart this whole situation is the NCAA is the modern day Slave Master. They can make all the money from the players jerseys, the school as well from the players assisting them with WINS and million dollar TV contracts, but they DONT WANT the athletes to have any money, car or entertainment PERIOD. That is so foul. The players, while in college need to establish their Foundations or LLc Corps, so when they do go to the next level, they will control their BRAND and can make their 10% donations back to their own Foundation, instead of choosing their choice for your donation.

    • Hmm….

      Hmm…. the vast majority of kids coming out of college have student loans that they will not be able to pay off until they are in their 30’s and 40’s. If a college athlete studies, they will leave with a degree and no loans. That alone is worth at least $150,000.

      I hardly think that is slavery.

      Also, remember, only a few college sports make money. Football pretty much carries everyone except basketball, so when you talk about creating “brands” — only a few college players would be able to do that. Also, there are only about 5,000 professional athletes in the entire world that earn enough to make a living. Not many people are going to the next level. That degree is valuable.