Deion Sanders Fired From Prep Academy, Again

    December 4, 2013
    Emily Greene
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“Neon” Deion Sanders has been fired, again.

Sanders co-founded Prime Prep Academy in the Dallas-area in 2012, and for the second time this year, Prime Time himself has been fired. This time it has affected the students and players.

While Sanders was being told to leave by security, about 75 students and players walked out of class.

On Tuesday, while the Dallas County Deputy Constable kept Sanders at bay in the school’s parking lot, Sanders said, “I never dreamed this. I just dreamed of having the best academic and athletic institution in the country, and we are going to have it. We are going to have it…we just have to get this mess out.”

The mess Sanders is referring to is the bitter power struggle he and Prime Prep Board President T. Chris Lewis are facing against the administrators. The same administrators who fired Sanders.

Lewis told the Dallas Morning News, “I did not approve this dismissal nor would I have made that decision. I would imagine some of the board members would want to know the rationale for this firing.”

“This is nonsense. We are sick of it. The kids don’t deserve it. Over-paid, under-qualified administrators never worked in a school in their life. Total chaos. We have a formula to restore what the was the dream at Prime Prep,” said Sanders.

Right now the school is being run by Prime Prep’s general counsel, Dallas attorney Kimberly Carlisle, who took over after co-founder and former CEO and Executive Director D. L. Wallace resigned on November 21, 2013.

Wallace resigned just a day after WFAA-TV questioned him about using school operating funds to make some mystery rent payments.

Carlisle also seems to have a conflict of interest in running the school. According to Sanders, Carlisle’s mother is the cater for Prime Prep Academy.

A meeting will be held this Friday and Sanders hopes the Board of Directors will fire the current administrators. Sanders said, “Right now they are trying to overthrow the board and do everything that is not legal and lawful. It’s unbelievable.”

And like so many, Sanders took to his Twitter to make some cryptic and motivational comments about what is going on.

Sanders has found a new mantra apparently, which he has tweeted out at least four times today.

[Image via Sanders’ official Twitter.]

  • Really

    I will believe that Sandy Hook was real before I believe Prime Time is not about money and is just thinking of the kids. Everything he has ever done has been about money and profit.

    And yes, Sandy Hook is fake as hell. None of it makes any sense. Anyone who was alive when Columbine happened knows it is fake.

    With Columbine —- did they release security footage? Yes. With Sandy Hook? No.
    With Columbine —- did they demolish the school? No. With Sandy Hook? Yes.
    With Columbine —- did they release pictures of the crime scene? Yes. With Sandy Hook? No.
    With Columbine —- did victims line up and wait to be interviewed by the press? No. With Sandy Hook? Yes.
    With Columbine —- was there absolutely any doubt? No. With Sandy Hook? Yes.

    Sandy Hook was a joke and don’t tell me things are being told to us to cause less harm to the public. With Columbine, they showed everything. You also don’t demolish a school for 50 million dollars and make the demolition crew sign confidentiality agreements if you aren’t covering something up.

    The demolition is material destruction of the crime scene to thwart an investigation. The confidentiality agreement is meant to shut people up. The excessive 50 million is a payoff to ensure that people stay quiet. The average demolition in America costs around 1 million and that is being very generous and the average cost to build a school is $7.5 million dollars – ($7,393,000 to be exact), according to ReedConstructionData . com .

    So ask yourself why the extra 40 million? Who is getting paid to shut up?

    • Desmond Jimmar

      This is a story about Deion Sanders and his fake charter school, Prime Prep Academy… not Sandy Hook. However, I do agree with your initial statement; Deion is all about the 3 “M’s”, Money! Media! and Me!