Define Business Transparency

    June 27, 2007

I was supposed to be a guest speaker at a meeting on the East Coast last Friday. I was invited by PodCamp founder John Havens, who set up a BlogTalk Radio connection.

The group waited for me, but I suffered a computer crash (the first—and still the only—since installing Vista). The dial-in number was on my computer, and by the time I got back up and running, nobody was looking for my call any longer. I sat on hold, but the meeting was well underway.

The topic was transparency and what it really means (as opposed to the inaccurate definitions that have been applied to it in various corners). To faciliate the discussion, I set up a page on The New PR, the communicators’ wiki so ably managed by Constantin Basturea.

Both John and I are anxious for strong collaborative input to a definition and elaboration of the real meaning of business transparency, and the role communicators play in helping organizatons be transparent.

Paul Argenti, who spoke at the IABC Research Foundation luncheon today , said that transparency is a requirement due to increased regulations and have become a key driver of new information and messaging for companies; he also said transparency is both a strategy and a condition. Clearly, there is a need to understand what it means (not what critics say it means), and integrate the concepts and lessons into our communication efforts.

Please join the discussion here.