‘Deer Trail’ Drones: Residents Want to Shoot Down

    December 11, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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It’s normal for hunters to consider shooting at deer and other forms of wildlife, but shooting at government drones is not something to cross the average mind. However, one community recently thought about this option. On Tuesday, the population of Deer Trail, Colorado, (598 residents) was set to vote on an ordinance deciding whether shooting federal drones would be permissible by law. The ordinance proposed specifications for the types of weapons and ammunition that would be deemed acceptable when aiming at the drones. Unfortunately, plans shifted when Mayor Frank Fields announced that the ordinance must first be considered by a district court to determine potential legalities for firing at such drones. Many in the community have felt that the presence of the drones violates citizen privacy guidelines.

Resident Phillip Steel is not happy with the drones hovering in the vicinity and offered a suggestion. “I am proposing to shoot it down.” He said before adding, “What has me fired up is it’s trespassing. It doesn’t belong there. Yes, it’s privacy. But that’s only one part of it. Who’s going to be flying these drones?”

Resident Robert Copely agreed with Steel, and said that if the need arose he would also want to shoot at a drone. “I would shoot a drone down if it’s peering in my window, scanning me, and it’s within elevation where I can nail it,” Copely said.

Not all residents consider the placement of the drones to be a violation. Daniel Domanoski does not agree with his fellow residents. “That’s a federal offense to destroy government property, and on top of that it’s a ridiculous thing and embarrassing the town,” he said.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, “The overall purpose of this test site program is to develop a body of data and operational experiences to inform integration and the safe operation of these aircraft in the National Airspace System.”

The FAA plans to place six similar drone sites; however, location details have not been made available to the public. The administration will allow the use of these drones within domestic areas until 2015.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]
  • Actually

    Actually, shooting down drones comes into a lot people’s minds. People in America realize what is going on. We are becoming a police state. Does anyone really think that drones are about terrorists? Honestly? There literally hasn’t been any terrorist activity in this country since 9/11. None. There are no terrorists in my town. There never has been. Terrorism has been overblown.

    At the end of the day, all we do is “trust” what the government tells us about things. On 9/11, no one really saw terrorists crash into the twin towers or the pentagon. They just saw planes. People have no clue who was piloting them. They just have to “trust”. Don’t tell me the pictures of the terrorists getting on planes is proof either. Because those pictures were of “terrorists” getting on connecting flights and not the actual flights. They also have anomalies in them that suggest they may not even be actual surveillance tape photos. Don’t give me the nonsense about the “magic passport” and how it survived the crash at the towers and was found and given to the FBI. Cars melted that day as a result of the crash. If cars melted, paper and plastic do too. Now either something else made those cars melt that is totally unrelated or it was related to the crash. If it is something else, then we have major problems. 1400 cars don’t just melt for no good reason.

    Keep in mind we spent twice as much money investigating Monica Lewinsky sucking a dick than we did on the worst terrorist attack in American history that caused 3,000 deaths and that was so bad people jumped off buildings and plummeted to their deaths. A blow job was a higher priority than 9/11. Why is that? It is because no one wanted to find out the truth. It is that simple.

    Believe what you want. I don’t care. All I know is I can’t trust my government. The Jessica Lynch story was a pure fabrication. The whole world saw that. If they will lie about that, they will lie about everything. Drones are meant for terrorists. They are meant for you.

    One day, many people will think about shooting them down.