Decode the Hidden Messages on Business Cards

    June 11, 2003

Every business card creates an impression that reveals a lot more than you’d expect about a business. It exposes more than the printed words, disclosing its health and priorities. Cards can often say unflattering things, rather than the messages you intended. It can function as your silent ambassador or as a spiteful gossip. So make sure yours expresses precisely what you want people to remember.

The condition of the business is often reflected by the card, very much like the health of a patient is revealed by an analysis of their blood sample. Once you start to decode more of the everpresent messages on business cards, you’ll avoid many self-defeating blunders.

You’ll also more accurately assess any company’s personality as it is displayed on their other promotional materials. You’ll understand the value of including emotional cues, which are faster and more reliable than words, but they can lead to greater trust and long-term relationships.

Ways to think about your card-

  • Your business card is the smallest package your business comes in.
  • Ask yourself—if you knew nothing about your business except what shows on the card, would you do business with you?
  • A positive perception in the first few seconds provides a 93% chance of making a sale; a negative perception gives less than a 1% chance. Avoid a negative perception at all costs.
  • Your business card is a sample of your business and a sample of you—revealing who you are, what you offer, what your priorities are, and the quality of services you provide.
  • If you are unclear about the goals and unique features of your business, how can your card possibly send a clear message? And how can potential customer be expected to figure it out? (Hint, they won’t bother)
  • You have to give the customer a reason to care about doing business with you—that means creating an emotional connection.
  • Developing your professional image and your business card are part of an ongoing process and evolves as the business does.
  • Although the business card is small it is very powerful in setting the tone of a business relationship.
  • Your card is a form of communication, but communication will not occur without making a personal connection with the other person, so there’s something for them to recollect later.
  • The life’s work of a business card is to make you memorable.
  • Never give your card—bestow it as you would a gift.

From The Business Card Book-What your business card reveals about you and how to fix it

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