Decapitated Referee: Soccer Ref Beheaded in Brazil

    July 6, 2013
    David Powell
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A soccer match in Brazil has ended badly.

Long story short: A referee flags a player; player gets ticked off and fights the referee; the referee breaks out a knife and stabs the player in self-defense; the player dies; the fans storm the field, decapitate the referee, and stake his head at mid-field.

Short story long: In the Brazilian state of Maranhao, an unlucky football referee, Otavio da Silva, expelled otherwise well-behaved player Josenir Abreu. The two began to fight, and da Silva pulled out a knife (soccer refs pack knives in Brazil, I guess) and stabbed Abreu. Abreu died on his way to the hospital.

After the stabbing, fans stormed the field and stoned da Silva to death (again, because Brazilian soccer fields are littered with stones), then those fans removed da Silva’s head and staked it at midfield (once again, because they have stakes available for head-staking in Brazilian footie matches).

This occurrence is unwelcome publicity for a nation that is gearing up to host the next World Cup and the next summer Olympic Games.

Brazil is getting ready to host the 2014 World Cup for soccer and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Rio has already faced heavy criticism in light of its longstanding crime problems. While the country has made attempts to cope with the drug issues in its favelas, it has also had logistical problems with the construction of new facilities for the events, as well as maintenance of existing facilities. The country has faced substantial troubles in recent weeks as protesters have taken to the streets to oppose the expenditures related to the upcoming World Cup events.

Police have arrested a 27-year-old man in conjunction with the beheading and are investigating the incident further.

  • Erin

    Only one arrest??? Sounds like the Brazilian police are really committed to bringing these thugs to justice! Can’t wait to see how horrible the next World Cup will be in such a violent and dirty place!!!

  • ron

    And this is the country that is hosting the World Cup? I think this will thin out the foreign visitors.

  • Natalia

    Holy crap!! Wtf is wrong with people???

  • Kelli

    Props to this writer. Wow! It was humorous and he can even write. I don’t know that I’ve seen that before in a web-based sports article.

    As for Olympics…err, someone may want to re-think that. Can you imagine how many knives and stakes would be needed to keep it competitive?

  • Brett

    Sounds just like Chicago. Well written article, btw.

  • Some dude that saw this on yahoo trending

    Hahah I like how there was a “long story short” and “short story long” versions.. Much props to the writer.. I like your style, I wish more authors of articles like this did the same thing! Lol… Actually, if there are any upcoming writers who cover stories like this… Please follow David Powell’s example.. Have a great day my man!

  • David Bell

    This is no place for Olypincts to take place. Everyone on that field should be put to death. Who cast the first stone!!! If our country don’t get a grip we are heading to be the same. Signed USA American

  • Ailotrit

    So… What I want to know is did anybody help the player who got stabbed immediately? Or did they all just go after the referee while the player bled?…

  • amy

    macho male imbeciles

  • Bob

    Pipe the shit down everyone! This story is confirmed fake! Nice fable though! Beware! Not everything “published” is truth.

  • e g boone

    and I thought the Italians were passionate about their football, but this is total insanity. it’s a game fellows, a game, not a death match.

  • BL

    R U SERIOUS DUDE?!!! OMG this is horrible…people need to take a chill pill in general and respect Human life, even if they are pissed about something. ANYONE involved with this horrific crime should be punished to the full extent of the Law…but no matter what, it won’t bring back either of those men, who are now being missed/grieved over by friends and family.

  • janet

    The referee was wrong for stabbing someone to death. But what they did to him is even more horrifying. How can anyone do such a thing to another human being?? I’ll let God be the judge. The world just keeps getting worse and worse. I don’t find humor in all this at all. It makes me sad that human life is a joke to so many.

    • http://webpronews.com j

      Well if you knife someone to death, and you die via beheading, would it be better if you just got a knife in the heart? Dead is dead. Having said that, Brazil does not deserve anything and move the Olympics to a place where refs don’t kill and get killed.

  • http://yahoo will

    This shit is fake!!! I just watched the “so called”video and its a man still alive with his head still on his body and STILL alive while at the hospital

    • http://yahoo will

      And YES the man in the video had severed limbs!!!

    • NoeooeR

      If you watched the video, you say a dismembered corpse. If you think he was alive; you need to go back to school…..biology? perhaps?

    • NoelleR

      C’mon…….in the first few seconds they move the head to the center of the shoulders……….it was severed.

  • eggy

    I just went poo poo in my diaper !! change me !!

  • tom jones

    You people have no sense of what is real, this intenet is the biggest load of crap, writers can write anything. wake up fokes I haven’t heard sqwate for any radio or TV news carrying this. BS just like the internet.

    • Devan

      Tom Jones, if you’re going to insult a group of people or any person for that matter, you might want to learn how to spell and use proper grammar first. Otherwise you just make yourself look like a clown and in turn nobody gives a shit what you have to say. You think the news you get off TV or radio is any more truthful than reputable internet news sites and you say everyone else needs to wake up? It’s 2013, the internet exists, get over it. You just have to learn how to separate the truth from the b/s by learning what sites to get your information from. For every legit website there are 500 bad sites. Just like for every legit TV news channel there are about 15 b/s ones. Seeing as there are tens of thousands of websites with information and only about 10-15 news channels that report nationwide it’s really not much different. Saying that writers can write anything but not acknowledging that reporters can report anything just the same is pretty one sided and hypocritical.

    • Romeo

      U r a dick can’t even spell right

      • Bryan

        *You *are a dick *that can’t even spell *correctly*.

        You’re welcome.

    • Romeo

      U r a dick can’t even spell right

    • Jack

      Your on the internet idiot.

    • Jons

      tom jones is probably Portuguese speaker. Portugal. like Spain is one of the early European nations that colonized Latin America and left behind legacy of lawlessness and disorganization. Modern Brazil now belongs to an economics grouping that is made up of Brazil, Russian, China and India. Grouping’s notorieties include rampant corruption, lawlessness and boorish populace.

    • Reid

      No one is reporting on it probably because who the hell cares what a bunch of Brazilians do ?? As long as they stay in Brazil so what ?

  • tobey james

    Soccer fans take this stupid game seriously!

    • Natalia

      It’s better than your American shitty sports. You Americans take that (and McDonalds) seriously. It looks like all of your American football coaches or whatever are pedophiles, too.

  • Renee


  • Nat Rydberg

    Ahhhh, life in 3rd world countries………..

    They have imbeciles by the tens of millions … and they are murderous.

    • http://yahoo Inga

      Yep, they do that to Americans too in the Philippines. The
      Abu Sayaff terrorist beheads their kidnapped Americans & put
      their head on fences for everyone to see.
      Also, I just read in their news that this guy who was the
      friendliest & generous guy gone crazy & in broad daylight
      started shooting anyone on the street. He shot 3 kids because
      their dad wasn’t home when he knocked on their door. He killed
      21 people & the cops killed him. No one got a clue why he did it.



  • http://yahoo marinella

    Yes, Grass hopper it is true it did happen. The Latino men when drunk act in a Monster act. As a latin women I seen this and they cannot be stopped that how stupid some of them are. They have the MOB MENTALITY, That even the police is useless and they are useless they run and hide.

  • henry

    Third World behavior. Keep it there…

  • Aneriucho

    The reporting on this incident has been across-the-board irresponsible due to ignorance. That’s because no one who is writing about this understands what he or she is talking about. The stories leave the impression that this occurred in a major league soccer game and represents that sport in Brasil. This occurred in a small village in the state of Maranhão…it wasn’t a professional game, and the player who was killed was a postman. Suggesting all Brasilians are savages due to this incident would be like saying all Americans are savages because of a murder here. Grisly? Yes. But the referee who was killed knifed this player and the player’s loved ones took revenge. This wasn’t about soccer. I have attended not only professional soccer games in Brasil but also club events. I have never witnessed violence in a stadium or on the streets after a game.

    • henry

      Does NOT matter! You do not behave like an uncivilized thing in 2013. EVOLVE!

      • Irmtraud

        It does not matter if it is in a small village or big city. This is outrageous and we should not have the World Cup in that country.

    • Mikey O’

      Dude, they put the mailman/referee’s HEAD on an effing Stake in the middle of the field. This is like roman gladatorial or medievel times in a tiny village. What are you NOT seeing that the rest of us are?

    • mar

      You must understand, this is reality. Not one thing is interpreted the same way in other places. Since the beginning of time, people love and hate, care and killing of lives, peace and war, all these take place in homes, in communities, countries, and all over. We strive to have a peaceful planet, yes that’s all we can do strive. Nothing can stop killing. It is sad to realize.

    • nrh0155

      Yes this is more of exaggeration Brazil is a Christian country where human life is respected

    • john smith

      I don’t give a flying rat’s @zz what town this happened in. it’s 2013 “AD”, not “BC”… these morons need to start behaving like evolved human. not cavemen. all these fvcktards do is dress like sluts, play soccer, and riot over every little 6od d@mned thing. oh yeah, and did I forget to mention, dress like bimbos?

      • Arthur Brown

        You sound civilized.

    • mindyourbusiness

      What’s your point, Aneriucho? You sound as if you are from that same little town. What’s justifiable in this incident?

    • Jamal

      I guess you’re forgetting the part where he stabbed a player to death…

    • karen

      then you’re either at the wrong games or just not looking, cuz I’ve seen it and I’ve never even been close to a European game!

  • Aneriucho

    This story is a very poor job, as Mr. Powell doesn’t understand anything about Brasilian soccer, with all due respect. This occurred in a small village in the state of Maranhão and was not a professional game. The player who was knifed by the referee was a 31-year-old postal worker. Trying to imply that Brasil has issues for the World Cup due to this happening would be like saying the Superbowl is in danger due to an incident at a nearby men’s semi-pro softball game. I am an American who has been to many professional games in Brasil, and I’ve even participated in a professional club’s events. I’ve never seen any violence inside the team’s stadium or on the streets after.

    If you can read Portuguese – and you should be able to if you are going to get a balanced view of this story – read this from Globo:

  • megh

    There is absolutely no excuse for what they did to this man!! SAVAGES and BARBARIANS with mob mentality .Pathetic how some human beings are still neanderthals .Will not be spending my money in this country

  • Mike

    The North will remember!

    • Jrdanny

      Game of thrones reference?

  • IfYouSeeKay

    Seems like a waste… I mean once they decapitated the Ref, it should have been a free kick with his head no?

    • bandit_55757

      They should have put it on the penalty spot and scored.

      • Sylvia

        I cant believe you would joke about this. You’re disgusting…not one bit better that those demons in Brazil.

    • your worst nightmare

      what has this world come too, how dare you fkin joke about that, inconsiderate piece of sht
      one day your going to eat your words my friend;]

  • jeff

    Aloisious got it right ” all this over a sport that sucks” watch a game for 2 hours for between 1 and, wait for it.
    maybe 3 points, maybe 1 to nothing, maybe a tie game how exciting to watch a bunch of monkey`s in girls knee socks on a field that looks (2) twice the size of a football field. would`nt it be more fun if say it were played on a field, say twice the size of a hockey rink.
    what a whoosy sport.

    • AnnMarie

      Oh the soccer players turned monkeys…you racist piece of %#^€!

      • Mark

        How is monkey racist? If soccer players and monkeys somehow hits a nerve in you, well I’d be careful when calling someone else a racist.

  • joe

    I would like to participate on the next beaheading

    • Bryan

      Since you did not mention which end of the beheading you’d like to be on…sure, your choice I guess…

  • http://webpronews.com jl

    ref kills with a knife. Gets killed with a knife. Lost his head too. Maybe Olympics should be held in a place where neither event happens. Or, just keep them out.


    ……..I still feel guilty for stealing some Jolly Ranchers at a 7-11 a year ago but,……….I…..I don’t know man…..that’s a conscious that has cease to be .

  • john smith

    I sincerely hope the next Al Qaeda “attack” is in brazil. fvck those losers! sorry a/s/s piecese of sh!t. what the fvck is wrong with those worthless Brazilians? get a life. stop acting like such trash.you inhuman loathesome creatures! I really wish there was a vengeful god (or any any god for that matter), just so he/she/it would annihilate soccer players and their pathetic fans!

  • surfcitysocal

    Good God Almighty. All this over a sport. There’s something wrong here, people. Something more than just overzealous fans. Brazil, you just put your country’s reputation and the sport of soccer in the crapper.

  • ron

    Well is it really any different than NFL players getting death threats for mistakes in important games? I have never seen a crowd storm a football field for a bad call or seen anything like what happened in Brazil but I wonder about the people who make death threats against a player who does not make that important play. I have a friend who broke a chair apart when a player on his fav football team failed to catch a pass. I told him to take a tranquiler and to calm down. Some people just get too emotional about games. I get emotional too but usually just yell at the tv set.

  • Brady Carson

    Lots of comments about Brazilians. Like it never happens in the u.s. 25 years ago I was chased at knife point into a consession stand by a mob of parents after up holding a rule ( not a judgement call) for the second time ending a “T” ball game. We need a cataclismic world wide event that would kill 2/3rds of us and start over.

  • Sylvia

    Unbelievable…what’s happened to humanity?

  • james baker

    Sounds as though they take football seriously.

    • karen

      if you’re going to say anything smart, shut up

  • mindyourbusiness

    Holly God! There are more barbaric nations in this 21st century than are barbaric tribes in Africa. Are you kidding me??? I would never send a team to the next World Cup in Brazil; this country should be evaluated for conduct and comportment before naming it the next World Cup site , no matter how much they invest/engage in this sport. This is abhorring!

  • What…the…F**k!!

    No, Seriously…WTF!! This some BS… Once again third world countries ESPECIALLY Brazil has proved to the world they are insane.

    First: Ref stabbing a player… or in general carrying a knife at all is downright stupid.

    Second: Beheading said Ref for his injustice act in a low league game is downright horrifying.

    Lastly: ALL that over a game that sucks all sorts of ass…. I swear soccer and its fans are a bunch of Sparkling Gay Barbaric Vampires.
    Note*** Barbaric and Sparkling are completely optional but Gay Vampires is not!!!***

  • karen

    I cannot believe it, I am in shock. These are GAMES people, just games. Of course everyone likes to win, but to kill and maim and act like animals is just outrageous. There should be no entry allowed into the Olympics from countries that have behavior like this, or any other kind of human rights attrocities. They are not part of the civilized world.
    Games were invented to see who is best, not bring out the worst! A serious competition, not a deadly one!

    • Natalia

      In Ancient Rome the Colosseum was used for games where people killed other people to see who was the best. It was a serious, deadly competition. Your argument is invalid.

      • MsDeMeanor

        This isn’t ancient Rome. Your argument is invalid

  • karen


  • King Joe

    this sounds JUST like OBAMA culture: lies, spies, drones, promotion of baby murders, a wife who hates America, savage animal behavior: giving Mexico guns to MURDER AMERICANS & ORDERING the deaths of OUR military, Hitler mentality, no soul, no values, no morals,gay & illegal, no decent upbringing! Yep-head staking will fit nicely into his resume above!!

    • King Joe is a Moron

      You…and all people like you….with your Faux News mentality, who find a way to twist every damn #@$%&*^ story into something about Obama…are sick. Truly disturbed and sick. If this country is screwed up, it’s because of people like you. Not because of whose in office.

      • Mark

        Oh my. Faux News! How original. King Joe is no different than the MSNBC mentality crowd who used to do the same thing with Bush and news stories that had nothing to do with him. No difference whatsoever.

    • Moses

      You are mentally retarded.

    • sam

      That has got to be one of the most unbelievably stupid things I have ever read. This is not even remotely related to president Obama. It happened in Brazil. Being this stupid should be a crime

      • http://yahoo Inga

        @King Joe, you’re a nut.

      • http://yahoo Inga

        @King Joe, you’re a nut.

    • Tim

      you are a f… idiot. you are either a stupid republican or a tea party ingrate. people like you should leave this country if you don’t like it so much.

      • tony

        Go kill an infant you liberal moron.

        • spookym

          Yay! Infant killing!

      • Chellee

        Yes Joe makes no sense whatsoever; however, please refrain from calling Republican’s stupid. I am Republican and I do think our President sucks; however, not because he is Democrat. I do not believe in murder (of any sort, which Democrats do believe in killing an innocent child….which is stupid). Soooooo…..call Joe an idiot and stupid all you want, but not all Republican’s are stupid. I don’t agree with either party on all issues….being Demo or Rep doesn’t make a person who they are! As for this whole article….all the ones in Brazil that participated in either of the killings….shame on them. They are horrible people! The ref was wrong to stab the player; however, the crowd had no right to do such a horrible inhumane thing to the ref….should’ve been up to a judge or jury! All around though…very sad story!

        • Jimmy Radwell

          Was the ref wrong for stabbing someone who attacked him? He doesn’t have a right to protect himself?
          Coming from a self confessed Republican in the US where huge numbers of people carry pistols for self protection, I find that a little odd.

          I suppose he should have just let the guy kick the crap out of him?

          I do agree that not all Republicans are stupid. But there are an awful lot of stupid Republicans.

          • Mark

            Yeah, all democrats are brilliant.

    • Jonathan Dow

      How bad do you need the attention that your going to Obama troll a story about a Brazilian soccer game?

    • Gonzo

      What the *%$K are you talking about? Obama has nothing to do with this story. I’d call you an idiot, but that would be an insult to idiots. I don’t think they have made up a word that would accurately describe you.

    • Paul

      Seems to me King Joe, that you haven’t looked in the mirror lately. THis kind of act has little to do with the prez. It has more to do with haters like you. Better go look in the mirror. You just might look hard enuf to realize you look a lot like avguy named HITLER.

      What a twewisted dork you are. Is your real name KARL ROVE?

    • MsDeMeanor

      Why don’t you go troll your ignorant zealousness elsewhere

    • Aaron

      Get a grip Mr shittypants. You sound like a child.

    • Harry

      That is one of the most pathetic posts I have ever seen. we are talking about an inhumane act by some barbaric people. They should be compared to Hitler, maybe. JERK times 1million

    • AnnMarie

      @King Joe, WTF! You had to put the President in this? How about you pick a history book ,an elementary level will do in your case, and read that there is NO connection between this President and Hilter! Stop letting other people think for you, you lemming!

      • Mark

        And to all the comparisons of President Bush to Hitler, you say…?

    • King Joe licks Obama’s wankus

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • tim stevens

    this behavior is exactly why Chicago didn’t get the games and now look

  • Anne

    Yes, this was an inhumane atrocity, but I am shocked by some of the callous remarks being made in these posts! The bottom line is two people are dead, and several lost their humanity on that field that day. However, I do not know if cancelling future events we are to take part in is the answer. Do you punishing the many for the acts of a few? If that is the case, the after the massacre in the movie theater in Colorado, we should closed down all the theaters. And sadly, schools would have been shut down years ago!

    • Lynette Henrikson

      You can’t compare apples to oranges. In the case of the theater and school shootings, there was one person with psychological problems acting alone. Simply not the case at this soccer game.

  • Nick

    How does one prepare themselves to go a sporting event with the
    attitude, that is the Officiating is something less then good. They
    are going to loop of his head, Put it on a Stake, and throw rocks
    at it. I mean after all he did was kill a player.

    Remind me should I ever go that part of the world. Play chess and
    do not take in a soccer game.

  • rick

    Who the F beheads someone?? Did they use his knife? What kind of animal takes the time to cut off someone’s head with a knife? One post said these people lost their humanity that day. I don’t think they had it at all! I mean really, who cuts off a guy’s head with a knife? He stabbed a player, that is bad enough and makes him a vicious criminal, but what kind of people do this? Sorry, but this country is barbaric and shouldn’t be allowed to host a tea party, nevermind The World Cup!! Where did they get the pike they put his head on? What about the rocks? Do these people actually plan this crap and bring this stuff with them? One more reason I love America. Say what you want about us, we have our problems, but it’s not a barbaric country like most. This would never happen here. A riot maybe, but a beheading?? Not likely!

    • Cory

      ‘Cause we Americans are too squeamish.

      • Anne

        Corence, it has nothing to do with squeamishness. People who lose control behave even lower than animals.
        It has little to do with football and more to do with a culture that promotes violence and crime.

    • http://eumaiseu jose nogueira

      well why don’t you guys think about going into a secluded area of a poor neighborhood where that are plenty people around and hurt one of them or kill one of them and stick around then your friends can tell what happened to you the days after

    • eby

      Brazilians should dispense justice in a more civilized manner…Predator Drone

    • http://yahoo zukka

      man, do you have a lot to learn about American history–(to Rick)

    • deluxxe

      Wow really Rick? Americans don’t behead, they just shoot holes in innocent people in high schools and movie theaters. There are barbaric people in all Countries, including America, but that doesn’t make the entire Country evil does it? You need to learn a bit more about your Country’s history! Wow.

      • Anne

        The theatre shooting is not a common happening in the US.
        Shootings in schools are not a common happening either. The media as usual seeks sensationalism. Every nation has it’s violent incidences. Would it be fair to say that Brazil is the kidnapping capitol of the world? Or that Central America is full of bad people?

    • Daphne

      Brazil is now off my bucket list!

    • Elizabeth

      “A barbaric country like most”? I am from the United States and proud to be an American; I love my country. However, to generally state that most other countries are barbaric isn’t fair. Many countries around the world are just as “free” as the United States, with justice systems, passionate people, laws to protect its citizens, etc. I lived abroad for over 2 years, and have been a witness to this. Countries have their positives and negatives, and to say (most) other countries are barbaric is an ignorant statement. In my opinion, the ridiculous number of school shootings in the states is not only tremendously sad, but just as horrible as some of the things you hear about “those other countries” and then proceed to assume the whole country as evil or “below” the United States. Should we assume the whole of America shoots innocent children? School shootings have happened far more times (to my knowledge!) than beheading at a soccer match. I am not trying deem beheadings or school shootings as less evil or more evil than the other; they are separate, horrible occurrences: my point is that it is unfair and ignorant to think the United States is the best at everything and everyone else sucks.

  • Bill

    Soccer brings out the worst in people – it should be banned. Mostly because soccer is boring.

    • Cory

      But they wear such cute little outfits..!

    • judy

      Baseball and pushing and shoving football is BOOOORING!!!!

      • Natalia

        Aw look at the few mad Americans disliking that. xD

    • Natalia

      You can’t just “ban” a sport. Let’s take away your little American “football.” All sports can bring out a person’s team spirit or whatever. Let’s just ban all sports then. No. All American sports are boring, so if any sports get banned, it better be your “sports.”

    • LA

      Dear Bill:

      I have been a soccer coach all my life (i’m 54), I was born in Argentina and lived in Italy as a child. I can tell you two things: Soccer is not boring whatsoever. Believe me I’ve lived in Boston for over 25 years. Also, we don’t believe in violence any more or less than hockey and football fans. When you’re evil and ignorant, you do a lot of crazy things.

    • Anne

      Do yourself a favour and don’t watch if you don’t like it.

  • Terry

    That’s one hell of a half time show….

  • http://hughjohn62@yahoo.com johnny whiteboy

    how could a country with such beautiful women be full of such idiots ??? you suck brazil..plus it’s soccer..sissy football

    • Anne

      You call it Soccer but it is the original football and it is far from being sissy. In ”soccer” No one wears shoulder pads or helmets.

      • Kris

        Anne, seriously?? When was the last time you saw a 6’3″, 240 pound “soccer” player run as fast as he can and tackle another “soccer” player??? IT’S NOT ALLOWED…NO COMPARISON!! Soccer is gay!!

        • Guest

          I am soccer player and it is not a sissy sport. American Football is a great sport and it really brings America together in a good way but in no way is soccer a sissy sport. I have seen a player have his face literally broken from another player trying to get to the ball first. It was a 2 year injury and the player will never play again. There wasn’t even a foul on the play because its allowed in soccer as long as both players are running at each other. Football is a more aggressive sport but you have pads we don’t. Next time you want to judge soccer players go to a local game and not just your TV to watch the pros who pretend they are hurt every play.

  • Rich Yags

    Ok lets look at this once more. Are You F**ki*g kidding me. WTF . Its a sports event, its suppose to be fun. Not Amityville, Horror. Soccer is now off my list.

  • forus

    Let’s not condemn an entire country for the horrific behavior of some soccer game idiots. Anyone remotely involved in this mess should be prosecuted. Let’s judge Brazil on the way that it handles seeking justice against the lynch mob murders.

    • forus

      …end should read “lynch mob murderers”

  • Reggie

    They really take they’re soccer seriously in Brazil, dont they?

    • spookym

      Actually, I would take this as a sign that these particular fans DON’T take soccer seriously; there are more self-serving, violent concerns involved that have nothing to do with soccer.

  • http://yahoo D haupt

    Brazil, FIFA will need to pay officials $20000 US dollars a match to come to the world cup next year and the olympics the following year. No official in his/her right mind would now travel to this inbreeding gone amuck country. Tickets for FIFA world cup have just gone from $500per match to $1.50.

  • Danny

    The U. S. A. needs to cancel having the Olympics there and not ever go there.

    • bryan

      we don’t control where the olympics take place the IOC decides on everything to do with the olympics, and USA is just a country that participates in the games

      • Marty

        Without the USA in the Olympics, there would be very little TV money. So not participating would definitely cause a stir.

        • kos1985

          yeah..usa is the whole world..we will be mourning without usa

      • http://Yahoo Lois

        No Olymics or 2 men killed over sports?S\
        Surely we know the difference.
        Sports have gone way to far…is it a game anymore???

    • Fufu

      Danny, all I can say is you’re the biggest idiot I’ve come across all month, which is a great accomplishment since idiots are by the truckload everywhere you look.

  • Jill


  • JOHN

    Load em up and send them to Florida for trial

  • JOHN Walls

    Load him up and send him to Florida for trial

  • bobby blacksheep

    Maybe the player who was stabbed was a relative of the people who hacked up the ref. Doesn’t make it right but I could see me doing that to someone who killed my brother

    • cll

      They were his family. If it was someone in yours what would you do? maybe nothing, maybe something and maybe something you just can’t remember doing.

  • kevin

    That the ref prepared for the game (in which he did indeed eventually lose his life) by packing a knife says everything. The guy knew beforehand that laying down the law put him in danger. Maybe more law enforcement types, clearly lacking by the time we get to the head on a spike stage of the game, are necessary. And the families of the victims? Families of soldiers, police and firefighters expect hazard, but soccer players? “Honey, I’m going to work now …”

  • Craig Eliot

    Sports morons.

  • Andrew

    annnnnnnnnnd this is why soccer sucks. Stupid fans.

  • Judy

    Isn’t this one of the countries Edward Snowden would like to go. Maybe not.

  • http://google tom

    You made a comment that the USA needs to cancel going to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics. I disagree, what I think they need to do is change the venue. The IOC needs to step in and take a stand against the potential danger that all of the athletes face when they compete in Rio in 2016. These athletes work so hard to get to compete in the Olympic games. To take the opportunity away from these athletes would not be right or fair to them.

    • Sean Gustafson

      Of course the athletes deserve their day in the sun after all that is their only contribution to society; entertaining the rest of us that actually keep the world moving forward; with their sporting expeditions. But with that said the nations from around the world who are going to be competing should put their heads together and their foots down and not tolerate this type of inhumanity and find a new location. It is not difficult and could be easily handled.

  • http://WebProNews Jason

    Is this an alternative to the American version of a high school musical by getting your-head-in-the-game?

  • http://webpro Jay Mathewson

    When I was reading the article the mixture of wit and sarcasm seemed familiar. Then half way through I looked back to check the author; my old friend David. I miss our old “pizza an’beer”time. You’re as entertaining in print as in person! Could be your nitch! Any subject!
    Looks like next season the Hogs and Tigers won’t meet in the regular season.Maybe in the championship (wishful thinking). We’ll meet up!
    Say hi to you know who!

  • slocum

    If we keep letting them enter our country uncontrolled, yes, it will be happening here.

    • Sean Gustafson

      It already is in my state. I live in Florida and there are a lot of murders here caused by people from South America.

  • Sean Gustafson

    We are living in a world where every nation is trying to remove the death penalty saying that killing no matter what is not the way road to travel. Prove it nations around the world. Pull out of the World Cup and the Olympics and show the world that you can back up the words you say by not tolerating senseless death. Nations around the world do not rest on your laurels put them to work.

  • http://yahoo Poppyjoe

    It’s not weather you win or lose but how you you kill the ref!?!

    • http://Yahoo.com Robert

      Also “whether” you spell correctly.

  • Marilyn

    First of all I think we need to ask if this is the norm for the ref to be attacked by players because they kick them out and so the refs feel like they have to protect themselves, even going to the extreme of stabbing the player to save himself. I have seen players and fans go bizerk (sorry about the spelling) when they don’t like a play (or call”. It is most definitely mob mentality and for the barbaric way that they handled this event they should not be allowed to have the World Cup in their country, and they need to know that because of their actions they may also lose the Olympics. They have no one else to blame but themselves.

  • Bob Besemer

    There are some American Football and baseball refs and umps that I’ve been very angry with but I settle for a stern look.

    • http://Yahoo.com Robert


  • Terminator

    One quote from the Article reads: ‘The Referee was stoned to death because the soccer fields in Brazil are littered with stones’!!!…Why are American Journalists so self-righteous and ethno-centric…It seem as if for them to make a point they always have to be PUTTING DOWN another Country or some foreign culture…Brazil is a BIG and DIVERSE Country…I am sure they have many fine stadiums with varying terrain and geology – thus the soil is not all rocky…It’s like visiting the Everglades and saying AMERICA is a SWAMPY and GATOR RIDDEN Country!!!

    • dave

      perhaps America has become a swamp? full of predetory leaders. feeding on the stupidity of the fools they created in their dumbed down brainwash factories called public schools

  • Carl rascoe

    I used to love soccer. Not now. Not ever again. It shouldn’t be that serious. Its a game.???!!!! I seen this on my blog today & had to respond. I normally don’t. Our world has deteriorated to a world of savages, cannibals & monsters. Soccer isn’t safe no more? I used to think Brazil was a world tourist spot? Now look? I wonder what GOD is thinking? I know HE is not going to a soccer game in BRAZIL? Referees? run for your lives! Especially if you live in Brazil!!!!!!

  • cll

    The people that killed the referee were his family. Seeing someone stab the life out of your family member may stir some instant emotions especially if it were your child or someone else close to you. Either way the place is too violent to even visit.

    • Sophie

      My big question is how come a referee is allowed to carry a knife during the game? Scary!

  • dave

    when games are commercialized for the profit of the priviledged and politicians, where does all the money go? when the societies become jaded because of all the corruption in governments how can the citizens be expected to maintain civility?
    And when the citizenery acts out like this? What happens? The leaders just make the walls higher and stronger rsther than fixing what is wrong. It seems there can be no good leaders found anymore. All potential leaders hve learned how to gain and hold power and live in luxury while ignoring the people. It is like a script is available to them. No new ideas, no decency, no true love of country or humanity, just greed and lust for power. Fear for the children of the future.

  • Sophie

    I don’t think Brazil is ready for World Cup and Olympics! It seems like people in Brazil are so angry and ready for violence! I would never travel there!

  • phxron

    The Brazilians are nothing but a bunch of third world animals. Why does the world continue to award sporting events to these pieces of trash?

    • http://Yahoo.com Robert

      That’s right – not a single Brazilian is a good person, we should write them off like all Jews, Black, Hispanics and Muslims.
      That’s the answer.

  • Haymaker

    Apparently, they not only beheaded him, they stoned and QUARTERED him as well.

  • http://yahoo mike

    wtf is a ref doing with a knife on the field to begin with

  • Robert Stroleny

    I cannot imagine a single reason to hold an international sporting event, or to even travel to this hell hole. Add this barbaric act to the already long list of savage acts that have occurred in this “country” Q: Who is in control over there? A: No one!

  • weasel

    I can see this coming now. New sports wear for soccer players. Comfortable shorts, jock strap, cleated shoes, and 12″ bowie knife

  • Rob Blue

    Maranhao is a poor area in Brazil not even close to Rio. This is like saying if a referee’s head was cut off in in a small mountain town in Arkansas then the US show not hold world sporting events.

  • http://www.bowsbymaude.com maude

    What a pack of monsters….

  • Name

    Many comments here are saying the whole country of Brazil is barbaric because of this one death, yet, because of American actions in Iraq and Afghanistan there have been 200,000 civilians killed and millions displaced.

    Let’s not be hypocritical in our evaluation of countries. There are plenty of very decent people in Brazil and believe me, we have our own issues with violence here. Just look at Chicago.

    • http://Yahoo.com Robert

      One is a soccer game, and one was a war to stop a dictator who killed nearly a million of his own people, harbored terrorists who attacked the United States and killed innocent Americans, and whom we freed to have democratic elections and become one of the larger free nations in the Middle East.
      Do you believe that your comparison is valid?

      • Name

        Bob, stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

        I don’t see Brazil invading other countries or their actions resulting in 200,000 innocent people dying. You are also conveniently forgetting we put half the people over there in power and we armed half the people we are fighting against over there in the 80’s and 90’s.

  • Ted

    maybe I will start watching soccer now???

  • Rico

    I want to behead John Smith for making a stupid comment like that. And for all you dumb a$$ idiots who think soccer is gay… Retarded!!! Football players wear tights. NBA players are coming out the closet. But soccer is gay. yea right. And USA is not all that safe here. we cant even go to a movie theater anymore

  • http://Yahoo.com Robert

    … and that is how you win.

  • Robin

    No Olympics in Brazil, and we need to take a look at pulling out of the World Cup Series if it’s still held in Brazil. This kind of behavior is just as bad as anything happening in the Middle East, and I sure as heck wouldn’t go there for the Olympics or anything else. How barbaric. India condones the rape of their women and children, and Brazil condones the murder and beheading of their soccer refs. I do understand the concern of the community about the ref defending himself and killing a player who attacked him. I do not understand how a mob of murderers then attacked the ref and murdered him, and then proceeded to put his head on a stick. My God, I used to like to travel, but honestly, with this type of crap going on in the 3rd world countries, geez, I think I’ll stay home this year.

  • Rico

    They should do that to all the refs who the Ravens and the Heat win

  • Rico

    They should do that to all the refs who helped Baltimore Ravens and Miami Heat win

  • john

    “I normally don’t stab players, but when I do, I prefer Dos XX’s.”

    Great for the country, and sports image.

  • Mike

    WOW.. Look at all the americans, sitting on their lazyboys on top of the world with your oversized soft drinks and matching belly, passing judgment on another country.. What a surprise, a land basically ruled as sheep and too fat and lazy to get out of their own couch to do ANYTHING about ANYTHING passing judgment on something horrible that happened somewhere else. It must be good to be able to pass judgment without looking around at your own rot, a country where in 2012 you had over 278,000 reports of CHILD ABUSE AND MOLESTATION, with the 26th highest gun related homicide rate in the world,Detroit’s homicide rate is nearly as high as the entire country of El Salvador. A culture that breeds serial killers like they’re M&M’s, in the entire HISTORY OF BRAZIL there are 4 serial killers, the US has one of the highest rates of CRAZY MOTHER FS eating people and keeping them in their fridge, raping and torturing.

    A country with a judicial system that lets killers like Casey Anthony loose, in Brazil, her ass would be Fn DEAD as soon as she left that courthouse.

    Is what happened in that soccer field brutal? yes, barbaric? certainly, but NOT nearly as brutal as 12 year old girls getting kidnapped from Walmart, Raped and killed within minutes, snatched out of their homes at knifepoint and forced to be a sex slave for a homeless maniac for a decade

    Wake up america, look around you, while you eat yourselves to death and pass judgment on other countries, your kingdom is crumbling around you.

    • Name

      You have to remember that the age of consent in the US is 18 and in Brazil it is 14. Many Americans are charged with child molestation when in fact, the “victim” is a teenager that would be of legal age in most parts of the world. Heck, in the USA, you can get a child molestation charge from just meeting someone you are talking with online. Many consensual acts here are crimes and would not be in other parts of the world. So our numbers are a bit skewed. The number of true molestations are actually much much lower.

      But in general you are right, we are a hypocritical nation. The rest of the world knows this. This is why they hate us.

      However, I would not count us out just yet. We can do better and will. There is still many many good people in this country.

    • Aja

      Take those numbers in the US and compare the same numbers to those in Brazil and guess what you get mike……just like you they are still LOSERS!!!!! Now go crawl back under that third world country rock you climbed from under.

  • http://Yahoo Tigger Too

    Wow. The soccer hooligans in South America and Europe sure do take their football seriously. For a soccer referee to flag a player and then pull a knife and stab him to death, and afterward, for a mob of fans to storm the field, stone the referee to death, decapitate him and stick his head on a stake at midfield is taking things too far. In fact, it’s downright barbaric. If Brazil is holding the World Cup in 2014, and will then host the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, all civilized countries, including the USA, should protest by boycotting the games. Playing soccer is a dangerous sport indeed in Brazil, and the lives of players from other nations shouldn’t be risked by allowing them to play there. The Brazillian soccer fans must be a pack of nut jobs and heathens. (It’s too bad the player who was flagged and attacked with a knife wasn’t David Beckham. JUST KIDDING.)

  • DAVE


  • Tom McLaughlin

    How is it possible that this type of behavior is put on the back page, when if it happened in America it would be world news? To have such a DISGRACE of humanity and still host both the World Cup and Olympics is a show of careless behavior by both to care about the WORLD’S ATHLETES.

    • Mike

      If that was the case the US would never be able to host either with one of the highest crime rates and gun violence in the world, please stay up there on your pedestal talking about “disgrace of humanity” when i Jacksonville just last week a 9 year old girl was kidnapped from target, raped and killed, where daily the folks from Florida deal with one of the highest human trafficking for child pornography epidemics in the WORLD, and where Detroit has more gun violence then most countries. Please, tell us again what a “disgrace: it was in a rural, primitive area of the country, one barbaric incident happens and you are now branding an entire nation. I wonder if you get this outraged when looking in your own backyard.

  • al

    These Catholics seem to get excited. Can anyone find a successful Catholic nation on earth?

  • Aja

    …..and this is the country the powers that be chose to hold the next Olympics??? Poor Olympians…..do they make kevlar muscle shirts, biking shorts, leotards, speedos, and running shoes. If so Olympians here’s some good advice, PICK YOU UP SOME BEFORE YOU GO TO BRAZIL. Good luck with THOSE ticket sales. Let’s just say I won’t be crying about missing that particular Olympic year.

  • Sew2025

    10 thousand years of human evolution came to this kind of stupidity, wow.

  • Graham

    Wow! Asses in Brazil doing shit before they host the God Damn World Cup!! Who the hell brings a knife, a stake and rocks to a fucking soccer game! I sure as hell hope security is better for the World Cup and Olympics.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Patu2013

    I’m Brazilian and I never stabbed or beheaded anyone like many people in Brazil and now we are a bunch of bad people?!. You guys are ignorants! I believe Brazil should host the World Cup and the Olympics because like many countries we have earned our right. I bet most of you never left United States and you don’t know how other people live in other countries. The police there is very effective and they will bring these murderers to justice. Also this happened in a very poor area and small town where security isn’t great. However that doesn’t justify their acts. Brazil is a beautiful country and the people there are very generous and caring so please don’t blame the entire population for the act of a few.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Patu2013

    I’m Brazilian and I never stabbed or beheaded anyone like many people in Brazil and now we are a bunch of bad people?!. You guys are ignorants! I believe Brazil should host the World Cup and the Olympics because like many countries we have earned our right. I bet most of you never left United States and you don’t know how other people live in other countries. The police there is very effective and they will bring these murderers to justice. Also this happened in a very poor area and small town where security isn’t great. However that doesn’t justify their acts. Brazil is a beautiful country and the people there are very generous and caring so please don’t blame the entire population for the act of a few.

  • Pat

    I’m Brazilian and I never stabbed or beheaded anyone like many people in Brazil and now we are a bunch of bad people?!. You guys are ignorants! I believe Brazil should host the World Cup and the Olympics because like many countries we have earned our right. I bet most of you never left United States and you don’t know how other people live in other countries. The police there is very effective and they will bring these murderers to justice. Also this happened in a very poor area and small town where security isn’t great. However that doesn’t justify their acts. Brazil is a beautiful country and the people there are very generous and caring so please don’t blame the entire population for the act of a few.

  • http://eumaiseu eumaiseu

    jons why don’t you learn a little bit about the portugues(lawless)as you said,the former protectors of the high seas against the corsairs from England and abroad yeap go learn some it will do you good

  • Grant

    It’s not about what sports are “boring” or not, or which country you’re from, or even your views of foreigners. A man got killed because of fans regardless of nationality. Albeit he did kill a man himself, there still is no justice in this. People everywhere need to take sports a little less seriously.

  • Kenny Powers

    F*ck Brazil! You’re F*cking out!

  • Kenny Powers

    F*ck Brazil! You’re F*cking out!